Need an easy and cheap Halloween craft idea even your kids can help you make? Check out these budget DIY projects!

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1. Make a DIY light-up Halloween totem from plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin pails.

You’ll need:

Begin by cutting two holes in the bottom of each pumpkin pail: One center hole that’s barely larger than the stake used to assemble them, and one 1 1/2-inch hole to pull the sting of lights through.

The 1 1/2-inch hole is necessary for the light plug to fit through. To make the bottom pumpkin sit flat, run the light cord out the back instead of the bottom.

Insert your stake into the ground, then string white lights through the largest holes. One at a time, lower the pumpkins onto the stake.

Finish off your totem by using wire to attach a witch’s hat to the top. Look for an inexpensive hat at the dollar store or Target’s Dollar Spot, Bullseye Playground.


2. Attach DIY paper bats to the inside of a lamp shade with double sided tape.


3. Use a trick-or-treat pumpkin pail to dress up an outdoor light.

Secure the pail in place with zip ties and ensure that no part of the light bulb touches the plastic.

If your outdoor light shade is large or hard to remove, try cutting a hole in the back of the pail, making it just large enough to slip onto the light.


4. Serve chilled creepy crawlies in drinks by freezing plastic spiders in an ice cube tray.



5. Tie craft pumpkins together to make a DIY fall bunting.

Find styrofoam pumpkins at the dollar store or in Target’s dollar spot.


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6. Make DIY Halloween craft monster pencils by gluing pom-poms and googly eyes onto eraser caps.

Glue a pom-pom ball to the top of a pencil eraser cap. Add googly eyes and pop the eraser cap onto a pencil.


7. Create the ultimate DIY Halloween teacher’s gift by turning a mason jar into a candy-filled pumpkin.

You’ll need:

  • Mason jars
  • Orange spray paint
  • Brown acrylic spray paint
  • Wood knobs
  • Green felt
  • Brown and green cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • A pencil for curling the paper
  • Glue

To make this easy Halloween craft, use orange spray paint to coat the outside of a mason jar. To ensure the paint sticks well, use a glass primer first. Try to avoid getting paint on the inside of the jar since you’ll be filling it with treats.

Paint the ring, cap and a wooden knob (found in the wood section at your local craft store) with brown paint.

Attach felt leaves and curled green and brown paper to the knob, and secure it to the top of the jar. Fill the jar with candy and gift it!


8. Feast on inside-out caramel apples by removing an apple core and filling it with caramel and candy.

After slicing an apple in half lengthwise and removing the core, fill it with caramel and candy. Let the caramel set in the fridge for a few hours.

To slice it for easy eating, heat up a knife first by running it under hot water.


9. Make this easy Halloween craft and DIY table lamp with a faux pumpkin and drill.

You’ll need:

Carefully drill holes all over your craft pumpkin. Create variation by using different size drill bits.

Using a 1-inch spade drill bit, cut a hole in the back of the pumpkin that’s large enough for the clip-in light.



10. Use spray paint to transform a trick-or-treat pumpkin pail into a DIY Halloween faux copper flower pot.

Spray the outside of a pumpkin pail with hammered copper spray paint. Once dry, pop in a fall plant and enjoy.

When Halloween is over, turn the jack-o-lantern face around to continue enjoying this easy Halloween craft through the fall season.


11. Cut and hang black trash bags over doorways for an easy DIY Halloween decoration.


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11 Easy & Cheap DIY Halloween Crafts Anyone Can Make