Whether you want to welcome guests with cute autumnal decorations or to spook trick-or-treaters, these Halloween porch decor ideas will inspire you! Want to find some great deals on all the products you’ll need? Check out these Hobby Lobby sales and hacks that’ll save you hundreds.


1. Hang skulls in bunches.

These skulls can be some pretty cheap Halloween decorations if you get them at Dollar Tree.

Before you make the trip, make sure you read up on the things that you should always buy at Dollar Tree.


2. Create a multi-eyed door monster with paper plates.

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Halloween door decorations are some of my favorites! All you need for this guy are some paper plates and construction paper. Just make sure to use coupons when you buy them!


3. Use fishing line and tea lights to hang glowing witches’ hats.

LED light sticks can also be used. These are also great if you don’t have a traditional front porch — outdoor Halloween house decorations are fun, too!


4. Hang paper lanterns.

Paper lanterns can often be found at Dollar Tree, but you can likely find them at other stores — like Target and Walmart — for your Halloween porch decor. Easy and cheap Halloween decorations are always fun!


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5. Make a wreath out of pipe insulation, webbing, and plastic spiders.

You can easily find pipe insulation at Home Depot for under $2, making these wreaths some pretty cheap Halloween decorations.

Check out Home Depot Hacks You’ll Regret Not Knowing before you make the trip.



6. Hang your witch outfit on a clothesline.

As far as Halloween porch decor goes, this is one of the easiest out there!

If you need a new witch costume for the occasion, then read up on these Spirit Halloween tips to save you cash on costumes.


7. Plant Dollar Tree zombie hands in pots.

Halloween porch decor is best when it’s creepy and a little silly.


8. Attach black crows to porch rails.

These crows make great Halloween porch decor if you have an apartment balcony!


9. Hang black tulle garland.

Add some paper lanterns or even fake bats for these fun Halloween house decorations!


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10. Cut black plastic sheets into strips to create a witch’s curtain.

Can’t find black plastic sheets? Try black tablecloths from Dollar Tree for some super easy and cheap Halloween decorations.



11. Set out a witch’s cauldron.

Stuff the cauldron with old newspapers and then top it off with some straw from Michaels. You’ll have some seriously unique Halloween porch decor.


12. Stack pumpkins in a planter to make an autumn topiary.

If you don’t want traditional Halloween porch decor, then keep it centered around your favorite harvest colors. You definitely won’t run the risk of frightening the trick-or-treaters away!


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13. Transform your entire porch into a monster.

If you can, consider attaching claws at the bottom, too, for some well-rounded Halloween porch decor.


14. Use cheesecloth to create spooky draperies.

Four yards of cheesecloth can be purchased at Hobby Lobby for around $3. But before you go, find out when every item at Hobby Lobby goes on sale. You’ll definitely score some cheap Halloween decorations!


15. Use ribbons to hang fall door decor.

Use an upside-down Command Hook on the inside of your door to hold ribbons in place.

Check out these other Extremely Cool Things You Can Do with Command Hooks!


16. Turn regular branches into spooky trees.

Free Halloween porch decor? I’m in.



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17. Tuck a bunch of rubber snakes under your doormat.

This is a Halloween house decoration that’ll creep out trick-or-treaters for sure!


18. Form a giant spider web with black tape.

Get a roll of black duct tape for about $5 on Amazon. Add some other cheap Halloween decorations, like Dollar Tree spiders, to complete the look.


19. Fill glass lanterns with pinecones and pumpkins.

Less scary, more autumnal. Either way, it’s cute Halloween porch decor.


20. Use plastic trick-or-treat pumpkins as planters.

If you want to make them creepy, just add some glow-in-the-dark spray paint! Get it on Amazon for around $11.


21. Make spiders with styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners.

Apply several coats of black spray paint to a few styrofoam balls, then stick eight pipe cleaners in for legs.


22. Turn a few pumpkins into black cats.

These are easier than regular jack o’ lanterns in some ways because you don’t need to hollow out the body portion! Just paint that sucker black.


23. Trace and cut out a colony of bats made of stiffened felt.

You can find stiffened felt on Amazon for about $0.45 a sheet. Or, just use black construction paper.


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