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30 Halloween Front Porch Ideas for #FallPorchGoals On a Budget

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Whether you want to welcome guests with warm autumn decorations or spook trick-or-treaters, these Halloween front porch ideas will inspire you. It’s best to start making decoration plans months ahead of Halloween, but a lot of these ideas can be assembled on short notice.

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1. Hang skulls in bunches for a scary Halloween front porch idea.

A close up on a pile of decorative skulls.

Skulls can make for some pretty cheap Halloween decorations if you get them at Dollar Tree. Some of the plastic skulls come with holes in the back so that you can insert rope; otherwise, drilling a small hole is required to hang them vertically. Before you make the trip, make sure you read up on the things that you should always buy at Dollar Tree.


2. Create a scary face front door decoration.

A front door decorated to look like a mummy with Halloween decorations on the steps leading up the porch.

Halloween door decorations are some of my favorites. It’s easy enough to just buy a banner or decal (Home Depot has cool scary teeth decorations), but if you’re more of a DIYer, it’s super easy.

First, decide what type of image or scene you want. To add a pop of color, adhere a colorful plastic tablecloth to your front door, then drape white tissue paper or tulle fabric to give a mummy look.

Add eyes using cut-outs of paper plates (Hefty is a great heavy-duty option) to make a googly-eyed monster.

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3. Use fishing line and tea lights to hang glowing witches’ hats.

Black witch hats hanging from strings on a front porch.

This idea is great if you don’t have a traditional front porch — outdoor Halloween house decorations are fun, too. LED light sticks can also be used to illuminate the porch for the entire month of October.

You’ll need:

  • Witch hats
  • Long household needle
  • Fishing line (2 – 3 feet)
  • Safety pin
  • Flameless tea light


  1. Determine where you want to hang the hats and attach Command hooks to the ceiling of your porch.
  2. String pre-cut fishing line through the needle and feed it through the outside of the hat, working your way inside of the hat without pulling it all the way through. Discard the needle and tie a safety pin to the fishing line.
  3. Add the lights by attaching the safety pin to the fishing line.
  4. Create a loop at the end of the fishing line to hang on the hook.
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Price Summary
$0.25 each

4. Hang paper lanterns in multiple colors and sizes.

A close-up on some Halloween paper lanterns.

Paper lanterns can often be found at Dollar Tree, but you can likely buy them at other stores — like Target and Walmart — for your Halloween front porch decor. Specialty paper lantern stores may appeal to you and can be used year-round.

Use hooks to hang the lanterns and add decorative curtains and a door hanger to finish the look.


5. Make a decoration out of a styrofoam wreath, webbing, and plastic spiders.

A wreath if spider webs and plastic spiders on a wood surface.

You can easily find styrofoam wreaths at Michaels for under $5, making this idea a pretty cheap Halloween decoration. The plastic spiders and cobwebs are staples at dollar stores. Use foam glue for the items to stick securely.

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6. Hang a witch outfit on a clothesline.

A witch costume sitting on a porch, waiting to be put up for decor.

As far as Halloween front porch ideas go, this should be on your list every year because it’s so easy. This old-school laundry setup is simple with a clothesline and wooden clothesline clips.

If you need a new witch costume for the occasion, then read up on these Spirit Halloween tips to save you cash on costumes. Or you could create your own using a long black cloak and a simple witch mask — which can double as a costume for the future!

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7. Decorate your front gate with bloodied zombie hands.

Fake bloodied hands put up around some metal fencing for Halloween decor.

Halloween front porch ideas are best when they’re creepy and a little silly. If your Dollar Tree is out of zombie hands, skeleton hands will work just fine. Glow-in-the-dark skeleton hands are an awesome way to dress up those pots, too. You could even dip the fingertips in red paint for a gruesome presentation.


8. Attach black crows and LED string lights to porch rails.

Faux crows perched on a tree decoration with LED lights in the branches.

If space is limited, black crows make great Halloween porch decor for your apartment balcony. Removable glue dots do the trick to secure them in place on Halloween branches without the hassle of string or wire. You could even perch one on your window sill. Add mini waterproof string lights to make your space really glow.



9. Hang black tulle garland along with paper lanterns.

Orange Jack-O-Lantern Halloween paper lanterns strung up to decorate a front porch.

These Halloween front porch ideas are similar to the witch-hat display. Here, you’ll drape heavy-duty twine and alternate with orange paper lanterns, black tulle, and orange tulle. Measure your area first to determine the lengths of your materials.

Fold your tulle over lengthwise a few times so that you can easily cut it into 5-inch strips and have 20 – 30-inch lengths. You can always vary the lengths to fit your space.

Bundle the tops of six to seven strips and tie them with a scrap piece of tulle. Repeat for the remaining strips. This loop is needed for the twine to go through. Add some paper lanterns or even fake bats for these fun Halloween house decorations.


10. Cut black garbage bags into strips to create a witch’s curtain.

Create spooky decorations by hang cut trash bags over your front porch .

When you’re in a pinch for a quick front porch idea, a black trash bag can come in handy. With the bag lying flat, use sharp scissors to create a fringed look (1-inch wide strips). Be sure not to cut all the way through, and it’s okay if the lines aren’t straight. Tape or staple the fringed bag for a creepy doorway effect. Try black tablecloths from Dollar Tree for some super easy and cheap Halloween decorations.


11. Set out a witch’s cauldron with various Halloween-themed items.

Halloween decorations grouped together on a table including a cauldron, a skeleton, a crow, a black cat, some candles, and more.

A cauldron is a great and versatile decorating vessel that can hold up to the weather and whatever wacky ideas you have. You could just add candy for visitors. Or stuff it with old newspapers and then top it off with some loose straw (sometimes called nativity straw). Fill it with some unique Halloween porch decor like a black crow, a small witch’s broom, a skull, a glow-in-the-dark skeleton hand, pumpkins, or a pillar candle.


12. Stack pumpkins in a planter to make an autumn topiary.

Pumpkins stacked on top of each other on display.

If you don’t want traditional Halloween porch decor, then keep it centered around your favorite harvest colors. Start decorating at the end of September and add a few Halloween items a month later. Use the cheapest pumpkins you can find (never pay more than $0.40 per pound!) and use them to create a festive fall porch.

Stack different-sized pumpkins on top of your pot until they’re secure. Tuck leaves or straw in between to add to the theme. With neutral fall items, you definitely won’t run the risk of frightening the trick-or-treaters away.


13. Transform your entire front porch or garage into a monster.

A garage decorated to look like a monster for Halloween.

Talk about an entrance! You’ll definitely need a ladder to hang the eyes and teeth. For a DIY option, trace out the teeth and mouth on a 1-inch thick foam board and cut out using a handsaw. You can leave the board as-is or paint it with flat white paint.

You’ll need a steady hand to hand-paint the eyes and teeth with acrylic paint. Use long screws to hang the pieces. If you can, consider attaching claws at the bottom, too, for some well-rounded Halloween porch decor.



14. Create spooky draperies with cheesecloth fabric.

Cheesecloth drapery with faces cut into them to use as decor for halloween.

Cheesecloth fabric is affordable and easy to find. You can get it by the square yard and cut Halloween shapes (like a pumpkin face or spiderweb design) into it. Hang it from your porch using nails or Command hooks.


15. Use ribbons to hang fall door decor on your front door.

A Trick-or-Treat wreath hung on a front door near other Halloween decorations.

Use fall-themed ribbons to hang wreaths or door signs. You could also tie small wooden letters around the ribbons to spell out FALL or whatever you like. Paint the letters in seasonal colors for a blast of color.

Placing a Command hook on the inside of your front door not only holds Halloween ribbons in place but also they won’t be seen when draped over the top of the door.

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16. Turn regular branches into spooky trees.

Dead tree branches and sticks leaning up against a tree in a place with fallen leaves covering the ground.

Free Halloween porch decor? I’m in. Find a few tree limbs — already fallen, of course — and perch them against the corners of your porch. Add a few pumpkins and you’re all done!


17. Tuck a bunch of rubber snakes under your doormat.

Some different sized rubber snakes on a white background.

This is a Halloween house decoration that’ll creep out trick-or-treaters for sure. Fake rubber snakes are easy to find online, at your local dollar store, or party outlet. Maybe sprinkle a few fake spiders and bugs to add to the fright.



18. Prop a giant spider web in your yard.

Giant spiders on a giant spider web put up as decoration for Halloween.

Buying a huge outdoor spider web on Amazon is a speedy solution. To DIY, get a roll of white duct tape for about $5 on Amazon and create a spider web shape near the entry of your front door on top of a black drop cloth.

Add some other cheap Halloween decorations, like Dollar Tree spiders and pumpkins, to complete your Halloween front porch look. Trick or Treat banners and hanging ghosts would really tie it all together.


19. Fill glass lanterns with pinecones and pumpkins.

Small pumpkin gourds and pinecones gathered on a table.

Less scary, more autumnal. Either way, it’s a cute and easy Halloween front porch idea. Fill glass lanterns (plastic lanterns could work in a pinch) with items around your yard. Or stock up on wallet-friendly items from Dollar Tree, like leaves, pinecones, faux pumpkins, and spiders.


20. Use trick-or-treat pails as planters.

A Halloween pumpkin pail being used as a planter with flowers potted in it.

Your jack-o’-lantern pails are more useful than just for candy than you thought. This idea could begin in September and last until Thanksgiving if you want. To make them creepy, add some copper spray paint or glow-in-the-dark spray paint. Get these pails at Target or Walmart for under $5 each. And it’s worth noting that Walmart typically has the best prices on fall mums.


21. Make spiders with styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners.

A crafted spider sitting on a table next to some treats and a little witch hat.

Apply several coats of black spray paint to a few styrofoam balls. Then stick eight pipe cleaners in for legs. Add googly eyes as an option. These will look adorable on your front steps along with an assortment of pumpkins.


22. Turn a few pumpkins into black cats.

Light-up black cat pumpkin decorations on a table.

Oriental Trading’s light-up black cats are beautiful as Halloween front porch ideas. There is a DIY craft that can be just as elegant looking — paint stacked pumpkins black and orange.

Look for pear-shaped or long pumpkins to configure the “cat.” These are easier than regular jack-o-lanterns in some ways because you don’t need to hollow out the body portion! Just paint that sucker black. Learn how to construct the cat-o’-lanterns here.


23. Trace and cut out a colony of bats made of stiffened felt.

A woman attaching black paper bats to a wall inside a home

You can find stiffened felt on Amazon for about $0.15 a sheet. Or just use black construction paper. Use a bat template (try the one from Made Everyday), lay the template over the felt/paper, and cut out the bat. Repeat for each one.


24. Build a Halloween fairy garden in a cauldron pot.

A woman putting faux moss stones into a Halloween fairy garden.

If you’re crafty (which you obviously are if you’re reading this), you can make this Halloween idea using a large terracotta pot, an apple crate, a witch’s cauldron, or even a mini teacup. Add rocks, moss, flowers, and miniatures to finish your theme. We have the step-by-step instructions for the Halloween fairy garden so it’s easier to assemble.


25. Turn your front door into Jack Skellington.

A front door decorated to look like Jack Skellington from A Nightmare before Christmas.

You could always buy a Jack Skellington front door decoration, but making one is so much fun. You’ll only need black construction paper and black electrical tape to pull off this large display. Using a Jack Skellington template for the eyes and nose makes this project easier. After cutting those out, use the electrical tape for the rounded mouth.


26. Add hanging and falling zombies to your porch and roof.

A zombie decoration hanging off the roof of a house.

There’s really not much to this front porch idea. Pick up a falling zombie on Amazon or a pack of posable skeletons and position them as you please. Use zip ties (get assorted sizes) and plastic light clips to secure them in place and protect them on windy days.


27. Place fake tombstones or make tombstones out of foam board.

Three fake gravestones decorating a front lawn.

Fake tombstones are pretty easy to find online, but wouldn’t it be funny to make your own with creepy messages? With a steady hand and paint, you can turn boring styrofoam sheets into festive tombstones for your front porch scene.

Two 2x12x36 floral styrofoam sheets will cover the making of two tombstones, along with:

Get all of the steps here.


28. Stuff leaves into Halloween trash bags.

3 orange pumpkin lawn bags

Consider this one of our Halloween front porch ideas as a dual-purpose craft — it gets rid of fall leaves and it’s an easy front porch decoration. Amazon’s Halloween lawn and leaf bags will look pretty cool around your porch.

You could also make your own by filling three to five 13-gallon white kitchen garbage bags with leaves (enlist help from your friends and family). Once tied shut, draw teardrop-shaped eyes and a mouth on the bags with a Sharpie. Ideally, you could draw the face before you stuff them, but the bag stretching may distort the face, which actually may be okay.


29. Turn milk or juice jugs into illuminated ghosts.

A person cutting a milk jug.

Start thinking about this front porch idea at least a month in advance to collect the gallon jugs. Or ask your friends and family to hand over theirs when they’re done. Take six clean (and empty) milk or juice gallon jugs and draw various spooky faces with a Sharpie.

Carefully use a knife to cut a half-dollar-sized hole in the lower back of the jug. Line the jugs up side by side and insert battery-operated string lights in each. Solar-powered lights and clear Christmas-style white lights work too, but you’ll need an electrical outlet nearby.


30. Halloween front porch ideas for a farmhouse theme.

A front porch decorated for Halloween.

Haven’t quite figured out your Halloween front porch plan? How about a mishmash of items for a fall and Halloween look? Use rocking chairs or any other household seats to store skeletons, pumpkins, scarecrows, flowers, spider webbing, or any of the above-mentioned items like black crows. Use different heights, colors, and styles to finish the theme.

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