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If you’ve been patiently waiting for fall mums to appear, mid-September is the time you’ll start seeing them in stores. And although it’s technically still summer, Chrysanthemums — or mums as you’re probably most familiar with — are as autumn as pumpkin spice products.

In between all those free fall activities, you’re probably going to buy a mum or two. But how much are you going to spend on fall mums in 2022, when inflation has prices going up on basically everything? I did the research to find the cheapest place to buy mums this season.

When you’re trying to decide where to buy fall mums, there’s a lot of competition from grocery stores, home improvement stores, and even your local flower farm. And most of the stores carry different sizes; some are categorized in pot inches or in volumes (i.e., quarts and gallons). No matter what mums you want to decorate with, I looked at all the top retailers to see where you can find mums the cheapest in fall 2022.

Here’s the best mum guide from seven stores, ranked from the lowest price available (prices are as good as our last store visit).

Note: These prices were reported in September 2022 in the Chicago area. Prices will vary by location. Also check out our home and garden savings guide!


Walmart Fall Mums Prices: $1.48 – $13.97
Fall mum plants in the garden center at Walmart

Walmart’s mum selection was plentiful. Here’s what I found at Walmart:

Colors offered: yellow, purple, white, red


  • Garden mum (1 pint): $1.48
  • Garden mums (3 quart): $5.97
  • Garden mums (1 gallon): $8.97
  • Tricolor mum combination (1.5 gallons): $13.97

It’s worth noting that there are more creative options on the Walmart website that weren’t available in my local store. Give your local store a call to make sure yours has the options you want before you make the drive.


Home Depot Fall Mums Prices: $1.66 – $24.98

Fall hardy mums in a garden center at Home Depot.

Any visit to Home Depot sets high expectations — and they didn’t disappoint in the mums selection. They were on display near the garden entrance but also located along the front entrance.

Lots of choices, beautifully maintained, and an array of sizes and color combinations. When I visited, the small quart plants were 50% off.

Here’s what my local Home Depot had in stock:

Colors offered: yellow, orange, pink, purple, red


  • Garden mum (1 quart): $1.66 each (or 6/$10)
  • Mum basket (10 inches): $12.98
  • Garden mum (10 inches): $16.98
  • Garden mum (3.10 gallons): $24.98

Other mum varieties are available on the Home Depot website that aren’t always available at your local store. Your best bet is getting the quart-size mums that are on sale. Standard shipping at Home Depot is free for orders over $45 and $10 for express delivery.


Lowe’s Fall Mums Prices: $2.48 – $18.98

Fall Hardy mums for sale outside a store

If you’re looking for larger mums with decorative pots and combinations, head to Lowe’s. The prices are a bit higher on specific sizes (10% – 65%) than the other stores, but there was a six for $12 sale going on.

Here’s what we found at Lowe’s:

Colors offered: yellow, purple, white, red, orange


  • Garden mum (1 pint): $2.48
  • Garden mum (3 quarts): $6.98
  • Garden mum in red colored pot (3 quarts): $8.98
  • Garden mum with decorative fall pot (3 quarts): $9.98
  • Garden mum (1 gallon): $13.98
  • Garden mum (2 gallons): $18.98

Browsing the Lowe’s online mum inventory, there are lots of other sizes and styles.



Menards Fall Mums Prices: $3.49 – $21.99

Fall Hardy mums for sale outside a store

The Garden Center at Menards is a pretty impressive botanical oasis. There was a sea of colorful mums (rows and rows, in fact) in a bunch of sizes and prices. A lot of the plants had flowered, but there was still an impressive number that still had potential to last, given the massive, unbloomed buds.

Here’s what we found at Menards:

Colors offered: yellow, purple, white, red, orange, pink


  • Garden mum (5 inches): $3.49
  • Garden mum (8 inches): $5.94
  • Mum hanging basket (10 inches): $9.78
  • Fall mum (10 inches): $11.88
  • Mum in bushel (10 inches): $12.99
  • Spooktacular Mum Planter (12 inches): $18.99
  • Mum in bushel (14 inches): $21.99


Aldi Fall Mums Price: $3.99 each

Fall hardy mums on a rolling cart inside a store.

We love Aldi, but the mum selection was pretty disappointing. But at $3.99 each, I’ll deal with the few options that were there. The rolling rack of mums were right near the front of the store, near the checkout lane. Not many of the plants had bloomed yet, and overall, they looked good for the money.

Colors offered: yellow, purple, orange

  • Varieties: All of the 8-inch garden mums are the same price: $3.99 each


Meijer Fall Mums Prices: $4.99 – $29.99

Fall Hardy mums for sale outside a store

Meijer’s mums selection was pretty sad. There were some shelved outdoors near the pharmacy drive-up (perfect location), and the rest were inside of the store within their surprisingly large floral section. Who knew!

All of the mums were small and hard to price. However, they looked pretty healthy and vibrant.

Here’s what we found at Meijer:

Colors offered: yellow, pink, orange, white, red


  • Garden mum (6 inches): $4.99
  • Garden mum (8 inches): $5.99
  • Garden mum designer (4.5 inches): $8.99
  • Garden mum (1.34 quart) : $12.99
  • Garden mum (11 inches): $16.99
  • Garden mum (14 inches): $29.99


Jewel/Albertsons Fall Mums Prices: $5.99 – $21.99

Fall Hardy mums for sale outside a store

My local Albertsons store (Jewel-Osco in Indiana) had a quite impressive collection of mums at the front entrance. Not surprisingly, the prices were on the high end. Not too shabby for supermarket mums though if you can get past the cost.

Here’s what we found at an Albertsons store:

Colors offered: yellow, pink, white, red


  • Garden mums (8 inches): $5.99 each or 3/$15
  • Tri-color mum planter (10 inches): $16.99
  • Mum hanging basket (10 inches): $16.99
  • Super jumbo hardy mums (12 inches): $21.99



Final Findings

Buy the Cheapest Mums in Town:

For smaller varieties of fall mums, Walmart’s price for their smallest size — 1 pint — at $1.48 was by far the best value. For context, a pint pot size equates to a 4-inch pot. Meijer’s 4.5-inch pot was $8.99, while Lowes‘ was $2.48. That’s an increase of at least 68%.

The 8-inch, or gallon-sized, mums were common at most of the retailers. In this category, Aldi was the clear price leader. Theirs was $3.99 each, trailed by Menards ($5.94), which would cost you almost 50% more.


How to Avoid the Most Expensive Mums in Town:

Aside from the fancy pots and color combinations, Albertsons had the highest price tag across all categories. For example, the 10-inch (3-gallon) pots started at $16.99, compared to $9.78 at Menards and $12.98 at Home Depot. Stick to getting groceries, unless you like paying over 70% more for plants.

Looking to Buy Fall Mums? Here's Where to Find the Cheapest Prices