1. Keep toothbrushes in a medicine cabinet with small hooks turned on their sides.


2. Hide cords behind tables.

Stick adhesive hooks to the back sides of a table to avoid showing messy-looking lamp or TV cords. Alternate hook direction to keep cords from slipping out of place.


3. Keep pot lids organized.


4. Hold trash bags up during long road trips.


5. Store oven mitts and hot pads.

When you don’t have enough storage space in your kitchen—especially in drawers—use cabinet doors and adhesive hooks.


6. Keep trash bags in place with upside down hooks.


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7. Make rolls of foil and plastic wrap easily accessible.

After measuring and sticking on hooks, one side of the box should easily slide onto a hook. You may have to pull the hook slightly to slide the second side in, but don’t worry: the hooks bend just enough to do this without them snapping off. Boxes without the built-in plastic holders on the sides work best.

Adapted from Ask Anna Moseley.



8. Hang styling tools on the inside of bathroom cabinets.


9. Stop kids from opening the fridge.

Baller bands work just as well as hair ties!


10. Hang baskets.

Great for organizing kids’ rooms, bathrooms, or the inside of cabinets!


11. Hang door wreaths with upside down hooks.

Place an adhesive hook upside down on the inside of a door, and use ribbon to hang the wreath.


12. Organize shower accessories.

Just make sure they aren’t hanging in the direct stream of the shower, or buy waterproof hooks.

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