1. Use paper clips and clothespins to store chips.


2. Or, keep chip bags closed and out of the way with pants hangers.


3. Use under-shelf storage for bread.


Buy one of these babies for about $12 on Amazon.


4. Store canned foods in a magazine holder.


5. Or, recycle soda can boxes to store canned foods.



6. Mesh magazine holders are good for storing onions and potatoes.


7. Or, use mesh laundry bags to store potatoes and onions.

Get a pack of 3 for $8 on Amazon.


8. Get rid of bulky cereal boxes and use clothespins to label and close just the bags.


9. Magazine holders are also good for keeping spaghetti boxes organized.


10. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to store snacks.


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11. Store K-Cups in an egg carton.


12. Install spinning tables or lazy Susans.

A 14-inch lazy Susan will run you about $18 on Amazon.



13. Sort and store by food category.



14. Attach sink caddies to pantry walls.

Sink caddies like these are about $6 each on Amazon.


15. Pin zip and garbage bag boxes to the wall to save shelf space.


16. Use Dollar Tree containers.


17. Keep a snack station for kids’ lunches.


18. Use tiered shelving.

Amazon’s best-selling tiered shelf organizer is only $8.


19. Attach a grocery list and a weekly menu on the door.


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