We all have one: a place where food storage containers are kept a.k.a. the Tupperware cabinet. If yours is like mine, then it’s a mess of plastic food storage lids and containers that aren’t nested in the most space-saving way. Can you relate? If so, you may find these kitchen storage ideas for your Tupperware collection extremely helpful.

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1. Keep food storage container lids in place with a tension rod across the front of a drawer.


2. Attach plastic wall file holders with adhesive hooks to store lids.


3. Or, attach a magazine file holder to your cabinet door.


4. Easily make your own pegboard organization system.

You’ll need a few dowels, a pegboard, wood glue, and a handsaw to get started.


5. Use a drawer organizer to separate big plastic food storage containers from small ones.



6. Use drawer dividers to keep plastic food storage containers in check.

You can easily make your own with cardboard (check this post for instructions) or buy adjustable plastic ones for around $11 on Amazon.


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7. Store lids in a CD rack.


8. Set a cooling rack on top of a basket for a makeshift lid organizer.


9. Or, use a dish rack.


10. Repurpose cereal boxes to hold lids.


11. Use under-shelf storage baskets to separate lids from containers.

One shelf runs about $7 on Amazon.


12. Keep lids separate in a big plastic container.


13. Use and label dollar store bins.



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13 Clever Ways to Get Your Tupperware Collection Under Control