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12 Clever Ways to Get Your Tupperware Collection Under Control

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We all have one: a place where food storage containers are kept, a.k.a. the Tupperware storage cabinet. Now we know Tupperware is a brand name, but when we reference it, we’re just talking about those plastic containers that we store food and non-food items in. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are you even a household without more of them than you actually need? But it needs wrangling, and that’s where Tupperware organization comes into play.

If your Tupperware storage collection is like mine, then it’s a mashup of random plastic lids and containers that aren’t nested in the most space-saving way. Can you relate? If so, you may find these Tupperware organization ideas extremely helpful.

Figuring out how to organize your Tupperware is really up to you based on the size of your collection, space, and what your end goal is. Now is a good time to ditch your stained containers and lost lids and perhaps pick up new ones.

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1. Install a tension rod as a Tupperware organizer.

Keep plastic lids in place

Do you keep stuffing your Tupperware containers in a drawer? We can help you get organized. With the help of tension rods, you can neatly tuck your lids vertically and/or horizontally (depending on the depth of your drawer). Then you can stack your containers nearby.

Simply pull and twist the rods inside of your drawer and nestle your lids between the rods to keep them in place. On Amazon, a 6-pack of tension rods costs about $23.


2. Use a stackable drawer organizer to separate Tupperware storage containers.

a plastic drawer system with tupperware put inside the drawers.

If space is an issue — and it usually is in kitchens — try using stackable storage drawers as a Tupperware organizer. With this $16 option from Amazon, you can decide if you want to separate your lids and containers or sort the units by size. This method allows you to tuck some items in the drawer and stack other items on top.

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3. Hang Tupperware storage lids with file holders.

tupperware organized on door on wall file folders

Trying to figure out how to organize Tupperware is a chore in itself. Luckily, for about $23 for a three-pack, wall-mounted file holders can do the job and remain out of sight! You’ll want to measure the width of your cabinet before choosing the right size holders.

The plastic holders hang inside of your cabinet door on a heavy duty utility hook (like Command hooks) or suction cups with a hook. Fill the holders with your desired Tupperware storage lids and you’re done.

Command coupons are available so you can save a few bucks before your next project.


4. Repurpose magazine file holders as food container organizers.

a person screwing a plastic magazine holder to a cupboard door

As long as you’re game for making your own Tupperware organizer, why not repurpose a magazine file holder? You can opt for a mesh metal or plastic one (between $10-$15 each), but you’ll need a drill and a couple of screws to accomplish this project. Size up the file holder to ensure that the door can close. Carefully drill the holder into place and pat yourself on the back.


5. Bundle Tupperware storage sets in a DIY pegboard system.

Tupperware and lids organized in a drawer using pegboards

As a Tupperware lid organizer, a pegboard is pretty clever (and will only set you back about $20). You can customize it based on the sizes of your containers and lids. You’ll need a few dowels, a pegboard, wood glue, and a handsaw to get started. Again, be sure to measure your drawer before buying a pegboard so that you don’t waste your money and time.



6. Try drawer dividers as Tupperware organization ideas.

tupperware organized in drawer

When you think of drawer dividers, images of fuzzy socks or underwear may come to mind. But you can use this handy solution as a Tupperware organizer, too. After measuring your drawer (see the theme here?), simply adjust the fit and lock in place before arranging your items.

Many online retailers offer plastic or bamboo dividers, but if you’re feeling handy, you can easily make your own drawer divider with cardboard (find out how to reuse cardboard boxes). Or, just buy adjustable plastic ones for around $28 on Amazon.


7. Upcycle a cereal box as a Tupperware lid organizer.

 Repurpose cereal boxes to hold lids.

Still wondering how to organize Tupperware? This quick and easy tip should take you no time. Diagonally cut the top off of a cereal box (the bigger, the better) like a magazine file holder. Now, fill the box with your assortment of storage lids. For added flair, try decorating the box with fabric or stickers; or, glue and wrap twine or rope for a personal touch.


8. Use under-shelf baskets as Tupperware organization ideas.

tupperware organized in cabinet

This tip doesn’t require drills or screws and is still a clever space saver as a food container organizer. A 2-pack of under-shelf baskets runs about $20 on Amazon. Just slide the basket on the underside of your kitchen cabinet and decide whether you want to put your lids or containers there — or both.



9. Turn a big bin into a food container organizer.

kitchen tupperware containers nested inside one another in drawer

Using a larger bin as a temporary home for your Tupperware storage items is an inexpensive way to quickly solve your space dilemma. This is a handy way to store your lids in one place and stack your containers in a separate area. To liven up your space, you could also use a fabric basket or a small decorative cardboard box as the lid holder.


10. Set a cooling rack on top of a basket for a DIY Tupperware organizer.

tupperware organized with dish racks

Cooling racks aren’t just for cookies — now you can store (or dry) your Tupperware storage lids. With a dish rack on the bottom, place the cooling rack on top, then secure your lids.

You can now house this new Tupperware lid organizer on a countertop, in a cabinet, or wherever you have space.


11. Use a dish rack as a food storage container organizer.

tupperware organized with dish racks in cabinet

If you don’t have a cooling rack to make a DIY basket (see #10), here’s your chance to put your dish rack to good use — other than for dishes. A small dish drying rack can fit in your base cabinet and can hold a variety of lids. And, these racks are inexpensive and can often be found at your local dollar store. Otherwise, you may pay $10 – $25 at big-box stores.

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12. Use and label Dollar Tree bins for Tupperware storage ideas.

inside a tupperware cabinet with stacks of containers a 2 boxes

If you have a multi-shelf cabinet available, this tip may be your best method as a Tupperware organization idea. You could opt for clear Dollar Tree bins or label ones that aren’t clear. After picking your storage vessel, stack your containers vertically or horizontally, pair like items (i.e., lids together), or group plastic and glass containers together.

BONUS: Try collapsible solutions for space saving

Collapsible storage containers are a great way to help you stay organized, and they’re also creative space saving solutions. Most options are sold as fabric storage cubes with a cardboard base and two handles. They even come in an array of colors. Little, if any, assembly is needed, and they’re ideal for toys, crafts, linens, or even Tupperware.


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