Don’t toss those empty cardboard boxes!

From DIY drawer dividers and craft projects, to kids playhouses, cardboard boxes have so many amazing new uses.

1. Make drawer dividers.

You’ll need some cardboard, a ruler, and a box cutter to make these easy drawer dividers.

First, measure your drawer and use the dimensions to create lines on a piece of cardboard. You’ll make two sets of divider pieces: one set for the width, and one set for the length of the drawer.

Then, measure about 4 inches down into each divider section to create slots. Before you cut out the entire divider section, cut out the thin slots — trust me, it’s easier this way.

Using the slots as a guide, connect each divider section, place in your drawer, and you’re done!


2. Donate to charity.

Fill up your old Amazon boxes with items you’d like to donate (no electronics), and go to to print a free shipping label. Then just drop your box off at any USPS or UPS location.

Amazon and other retailers have partnered with to pay for your shipping expenses. Get more details here.


3. Feed birds.

Your kids will love helping you make these and will be thrilled when they see birds enjoying their homemade feeders.

You’ll first want to cut pieces of cardboard into shapes and then create holes for some twine or string to loop through. Then spread peanut butter on the cut-outs and press on some birdseed.

Roll the peanut butter and cardboard in birdseed and hang on a branch. That’s it!


4. Make paint palettes.

This is much more fun than using a paper plate — plus you get to recycle an old box.


5. Make homemade coasters.

Cut cardboard into circles or squares and cover them with decorative duct tape.


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6. Protect the floor.

Use pieces of cardboard under furniture before moving to prevent scratches on your floor.



7. Prevent overspray.


8. Make a cat tent with an old shirt.

Pull an old t-shirt over a box so that the neck lines up with the box’s opening. Tuck the sleeves in against the box to make the sides look neater, then show your cat its new cozy cat cave.


9. Make a collapsible playhouse.

I don’t know about you, but my kids love to play in cardboard boxes. Make their cardboard playhouses collapsible for easy storage so the fun can last a little longer.

You’ll need two boxes, some tape, and a box cutter for this playhouse.

1. Prevent a big box’s flaps from folding in with tape (use tape on the inside and outside of the box). They’ll function as part of the playhouse’s floor.

2. Then, cut off one of the bigger sides of the box. This is where the roof will be. Keep the box piece you just removed — you’ll need it for the roof.

3. Pull out another box or large piece of cardboard. Using the piece of cardboard you just removed (see step 2) as a guide, measure out and cut a duplicate roof piece from the new box.

4. Tape the two roof pieces together and attach it to your playhouse’s frame (the first box).

5. To make the playhouse collapsible, cut straight down the back of the box, the bottom, and the bottom edge (see the dotted cut lines above).

6. Lay the box flat on the floor and securely tape just the vertical back and bottom cuts you just made. Don’t tape the horizontal, bottom edge, otherwise the box won’t collapse properly.

Open up the playhouse so it’s standing and secure the inside (back and bottom cuts only) with tape. You may need to add a few more pieces of tape to keep the playhouse together, but that’s it. Let their imaginations run wild!


10. Create a decorative wrapping-paper wastebasket.

Wrap a big cardboard box, and use it as a decorative wrapping-paper wastebasket on Christmas day, for birthday parties, or for baby showers.

11. Keep lights organized.

Wind Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard or a hanger for easy storage.


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11 Awesome Ways to Repurpose an Empty Cardboard Box