Are you a collector of random things you know will come in handy? Well, today’s the day. Don’t go on a cleaning spree and throw everything away before you take a look at 24 items you didn’t know you could reuse, and save money. Let’s get to it.

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1. Make fire starters with old dryer lint.

Place used dryer sheets and dryer lint inside of an old paper towel or toilet paper tube. Pinch each end to keep the materials inside, and use them to easily start a fire.


2. Create new crayons out of broken ones.

For this craft, you only need crayon pieces, a muffin tin, and cooking spray.

  1. Take off the paper from the crayons, and break them into ½-1 inch pieces.
  2. Spray the muffin tin with cooking spray, and add crayon pieces to each muffin cup.
  3. Put the muffin tin in the oven at 275 degrees, and bake for 7-8 minutes.


3. Use an old toothbrush for cleaning the house.


4. Grate unused soap for DIY laundry detergent.

Combine two parts grated soap, one part borax, and one part washing soda. Use two tablespoons per load.


5. Store loose change in an empty gum container.



6. DIY body scrubs with old coffee grounds.

Add grounds to facial or body scrubs, and enjoy smoother skin!


7. Use an old dryer sheet to clean the lint trap screen.


8. Use soda-can tabs to hang more clothing.


9. Scrub your lips with a clean mascara wand.

Put a little lip balm on first for extra smoothness.


10. Use old candle wax in a candle warmer.

Never — I repeat, never throw out your old candles.



11. Organize colored pencils and crayons in a fast-food drink carrier.

Via School Girl Style


12. Plant succulents in old candle jars (once you’ve used the old wax).


13. Use K-cups as mini popsicle molds.

First, plug the hole with a bit of tape or hot glue. The easiest way to make homemade popsicles is to freeze juice or yogurt, but you can use whatever recipe you’d like.

Fill clean, plugged K-Cups with the liquid of your choice, and place a craft stick in the cup (you may want to cut sticks in half so they aren’t so long), using tape to center the stick. Place filled cups on a baking sheet and freeze.


14. Reuse fake eyelashes up to five times.

Get the most use out of your fake eyelashes by cleaning and reusing them up to five times. Once you take them off, lay the lashes on a tissue and use a Q-Tip dipped in makeup remover to gently clean the lashes.

Do this until the mascara and glue have come off, and store in a dry place for the next use.


15. Separate the yolk from an egg white with a plastic bottle.

A water bottle with thicker plastic works perfectly.

  1. Crack an egg over a plate.
  2. Squeeze the empty water bottle slightly, and position it over the yoke.
  3. Slowly release your squeeze on the bottle to suck up the yolk.



16. Keep snacks in old coffee creamer containers.

Snacks like crackers and cereal stay fresh, and you’re less likely to spill.


17. Reuse plastic grocery bags to clean up after your dog.

Instead of wasting money each month by buying poop bags, reuse what you already have lying around.

I use plastic bags to pick up poop, flip it inside out, and tie it up. Simple, easy, and mess-free.


18. Remove sweater pills with an old disposable razor.

Via The Krazy Coupon Lady


19. Organize drawers with cardboard boxes.

You’ll need some cardboard, a ruler, and a box cutter to make these easy drawer dividers.

  1. First, measure your drawer and use the dimensions to create lines on a piece of cardboard. You’ll make two sets of divider pieces: one set for the width, and one set for the length of the drawer.
  2. Then, measure about four inches down into each divider section to create slots. Before you cut out the entire divider section, cut out the thin slots — trust me, it’s easier this way.
  3. Using the slots as a guide, connect each divider section, place it in your drawer, and you’re done!


20. Reuse a shower curtain liner as a custom playmat.



21. Wrap your shoes in a shower cap when you travel.

It will keep them from dirtying up the rest of your luggage.


22. Store extra diapers and a change of clothes in an old baby wipes container.

Attach a small wipes package to the top of the holder with rubber bands, and store extra diapers and a change of clothes in the bottom.


23. Soak natural wine corks in rubbing alcohol for fire starters.

Fill a mason jar with wine corks and 90% rubbing alcohol, and let the corks soak for at least a week before using. If you’re in need of fire starters ASAP, the alcohol-soaked corks should work after soaking for two days.

Just make sure the corks you burn are made from all-natural cork. Synthetic corks won’t burn as easily.


24. Get the most out of condiments by setting them upside down in an egg carton.

Via Pinterest

24 Things You Didn't Know You Could Reuse