Have some extra rubbing alcohol under the sink, but no idea what else you can do with it?

Put it to good use with these 20 uses for rubbing alcohol you’ve never heard of.


1. Clean makeup brushes.

Sanitize and clean your makeup brushes by soaking them in rubbing alcohol for 30 minutes and then allowing them to air dry. Repeat each month.


2. Make an ice pack.

Mix one part rubbing alcohol with three parts water in a plastic zipper bag. Freeze for several hours. The rubbing alcohol helps prevent the water from freezing solid.


3. Get rid of windshield frost.

Grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol, screw on a spray top from another empty bottle, and spray on your windshield.


4. Use as a jewelry cleaner.

Let your jewelry soak in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes before wiping clean with a cloth.

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5. Clean blinds.

Wrap a flat tool in cloth, secure with a rubber band, and dip in alcohol to clean your blinds.

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6. Use as deodorant.

If you’re in a pinch, use rubbing alcohol mixed with 10-15 drops of essential oil instead of deodorant.


7. Air freshener for the home.

Mix one cup rubbing alcohol with 10-15 drops of an essential oil.

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8. Fix cracked pressed powder, bronzer, and eyeshadow with rubbing alcohol.

Use a spoon to crush the remaining cracked makeup into a powder, and add just enough alcohol to make a thick paste when stirred. Level out the paste and let it sit overnight. This will allow the alcohol to evaporate, leaving the powder solid and whole again.

Fill an empty spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, then spray your eyeshadow with the alcohol. Smooth out the mixture. You can use your finger, a spoon, or a wooden stick. Then wait a few hours for the shadow to harden completely, and it will be as good as new!


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9. DIY hand sanitizer.

Mix together three parts rubbing alcohol with one part aloe vera gel.


10. Repel bed bugs.

Spray rubbing alcohol over your bed or other furniture, let dry, and vacuum.


11. Make homemade Goo Gone.

Use rubbing alcohol mixed with orange-scented essential oil to remove store tags, sticker residue, Band-Aids or other sticky things around the house.


12. Make glass and mirror cleaner.

Mix two cups water, two tablespoons white vinegar, two tablespoons rubbing alcohol and five drops peppermint oil.

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13. Clean light switches and plates with rubbing alcohol.

Spray a cleaning cloth with regular household cleaner or rubbing alcohol, and wipe the surface of your light switches (don’t spray cleaning solution directly on the switch!). Get into the crevices with a Q-tip.


14. Dust light bulbs with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol.

By removing the layer of gray dust covering light bulbs, more light will shine through and make rooms brighter.

Less light bulbs needed to brighten a room = less electricity = money saved.


15. Dip a towel in rubbing alcohol to remove lipstick stains.

Avoid saturating the stain with the rubbing alcohol by applying it to a towel first. Then dab the lipstick away!


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16. Soak natural corks in rubbing alcohol, and use them as fire starters.

Fill a mason jar with wine corks and 90% rubbing alcohol, and let the corks soak for at least a week before using. If you’re in need of fire starters ASAP, the alcohol-soaked corks should work after soaking for two days. Just make sure the corks you burn are made from all-natural cork. Synthetic corks won’t burn as easily.

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17. Clean wiper blades with rubbing alcohol to prevent smears on your windshield.

Use a cotton ball or cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol to wipe your car’s blades.


18. Create nail art with strips of newspaper and rubbing alcohol.

Paint your nails with a clear base coat or a light shade of nail polish, and allow to completely dry. When your nails are completely dry, dip each finger into rubbing alcohol.

Then, evenly press a newspaper strip onto each nail, being careful not to shift the nail in order to avoid smudges. When you peel the newspaper strip off, you’ll see newsprint ink overlaid on your nail polish.

Paint over the newsprint with a clear coat, and admire your clever manicure!

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19. Clean computer keyboards.

Isopropyl alcohol is less harsh than ethyl, which can remove the letters and numbers from your keyboard. Lightly dampen a soft cloth to wipe germs and dirt off the surface of your keyboard (be careful not to use too much liquid!). Use a moistened cotton swab to clean in between keys.


20. Clean your smartphone.

There’s 10 times more bacteria on your smartphone than most toilet seats…gross.

To clean your phone, fill a small spray bottle — about 80% of it — with water. Use isopropyl alcohol for the remaining 20% and shake the bottle lightly to mix the two liquids.

Spray the solution onto a soft, microfiber cloth, and wipe away the germs. Use a Q-tip to clean the crevices.


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20 Uses for Rubbing Alcohol You've Never Thought Of