After you’re done reading the news and grabbing coupons out of the newspaper, do you just pitch it? After you check these things you can do with old newspapers you’ll start hanging onto them. Repurposing is a great way to save money and the planet. You’ll never look at a newspaper the same way. You’re welcome.

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1. Dry wet boots quickly by stuffing them with newspaper.


2. Keep the shape of shoes and purses when they’re not in use.


3. Clean mirrors and windows without streaks.


4. Lay newspaper under a tablecloth to shield your wood table from spills and other damage.


5. Build the frame for a newspaper fort.

You only need newspapers, a stapler, and masking tape to build this fort frame. And yes, it’s totally sturdy enough to hold a light blanket or sheet draped over the top!


  • Newspapers
  • Stapler
  • Masking tape


  1. Using two layers of newspaper, roll diagonally from the bottom corner to the top and secure with a piece of tape.
  2. Make as many rolls as you want. I made about 35 rolls.
  3. With three rolls, staple the ends together to make a triangle (a great shape for creating stability in a structure).
  4. Lay your triangles out as pictured. Tape the corners together with masking tape (it may not look pretty, but use plenty of tape to get them secure) and create a triangle ladder.
  5. Save several rolls for the roof of your fort.
  6. Stand your triangle ladder up and create your design.
  7. The fort will be wobbly at first, but as you add the rolls for the roof, it will become secure. Your fort will be strong enough to cover with a light blanket or sheet.

Let the fun commence!



6. Soak up spills.


7. Ripen fruit fast by wrapping individual pieces in newspaper.

Ethylene gas is released from fruits and vegetables as they ripen. By wrapping them in paper, you’re trapping the ethylene gas and accelerating the ripening process.


8. Catch drips and absorb trash can odors.


9. Absorb leftover food smells in a plastic container.

Stuff a piece of balled up newspaper into a plastic container and seal. Leave the newspaper overnight to neutralize odors.


10. Block weeds from growing in your garden.

Via A Garden for the House

Lay down about five to seven sheets of newspaper over a weed-prone area and spray with water to keep the newspaper from flying away on windy days. Cover with mulch or fallen leaves. The newspaper prevents weeds from germinating and feeds the soil as it breaks down.



11. Prevent mud and dirt from staining the carpet in your car.


12. Protect your table during messy seafood meals or kids’ arts and crafts projects.


13. Wrap presents using the comics or business and money sections.


14. Absorb smells and leaks in your vegetable drawer.


15. Create nail art with strips of newspaper and rubbing alcohol.

You can easily create a unique manicure. Here’s what you need:

  • Polish (light pink or white)
  • Newspaper (tear into pieces that’ll fit over your nails)
  • Rubbing alcohol (pour into the bottle lid or small disposable bowl)


  1. Paint your nails with a clear basecoat or a light shade of nail polish and allow them to completely dry.
  2. When your nails are completely dry, dip each finger into rubbing alcohol.
  3. Evenly press a newspaper strip onto each nail, being careful not to shift the nail in order to avoid smudges. When you peel the newspaper strip off, you’ll see newsprint ink overlaid on your nail polish.

Paint over the newsprint with a clear coat and admire your clever manicure.




15 Genius Things You Can Do with Old Newspaper