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Linens & Hutch Reviews: Are Their Linens Worth the Price?

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Let’s talk about bedding. If you’re a frequent Krazy Coupon Lady reader, you know that you can get bedding sets super cheap during sales and clearance throughout the year. And while I do love to snap those up, they may not be the coziest or most durable. That’s why I get pretty excited when we spot Linens & Hutch deals. And why I decided to put their goods to the test for my own Linens and Hutch reviews.

I looked at a few of the brand’s most coveted items, like the Chunky Knit Throw Blanket and 100% cotton sheet sets. Then, I put them through the ringer. Why? Because I wanted to see how they would withstand daily life, like multiple laundry cycles and kid stains (so many kid stains). 

Join me on my Linens & Hutch reviews journey to see how their bedding stacks up. And text HACKS to 57299 for smart shopping tips sent straight to your phone.

Is Linens & Hutch legit?

Let’s get this clearly out of the way: Linens & Hutch is legit. They were founded in 2011 and have been selling bedding ever since. I’ll get into wear and tear in our Linens and Hutch reviews, but note that they do have a 101-night guarantee on their wares, with a 100% money back refund. 

Linens & Hutch Reviews: I slept, I washed, I repeated


Chunky Knit Throw Blanket & Decor Pillow Bundle

If there’s one Linens & Hutch product I was most excited to test out, it’s this throw blanket and matching pillow set ($75.60 with our code, see below). While I am always in the mood for a nap, this set screams, “Cuddle up with me on the couch.”

What I Love

The blanket is huge, so two people can easily curl up under it. The chunky knit-styling gives it a really nice texture. 

How It Washes

I was really worried about washing this incorrectly and shrinking it because it has become the blanket my kids fight over. I washed the blanket and pillow case in cold water on the normal cycle. Then, even though the instructions say it can be placed in the dryer using cool air, I opted to hang dry it to be safe. There was no noticeable shrinkage, the blanket and pillow case measured exactly as they had before I washed them.


If you have small children, one may poke a foot through the gaps in the knitting (this made my 5-year-old crack up). That said, as soon as we pulled her tiny foot back out it didn’t appear to have stretched out the knitting. Whew.

How to Save

At $269.99, the price of the Chunky Knit Throw Blanket & Decor Pillow Bundle might completely freak you out. But, our exclusive code KCL24 knocks 72% off that price, bringing it down to $75.60.

4-Piece Long Staple 100% Cotton Sheet Set, Queen Size


This particular set comes in six different solid colors and sizes from twin up to California King. So, in theory, you could outfit every bed in your house in these sheets.

What I Love

Let me just say I was shocked by how soft these sheets felt right out of the package. So much so that I looked up the product description and, yep, the sheets are washed for softness before they’re packaged and shipped out. 

How It Washes

So here’s the deal, 100% cotton is prone to shrinking by up to 20%. It’s just how the material rolls. But since these sheets have previously been washed for that aforementioned softness, I only noticed minor shrinking, like only about 1% (it was almost undetectable when I measured). 


None at all. These are soft, light, and breathable. 

How to Save

The 4-Piece Long Staple 100% Cotton Queen-Size Sheet Set is $199 at regular price. Fortunately, our code KCL24 provides 72% off on this set as well. Bringing the total down to $55.72.

Reversible Down-Alternative Comforter Set  


Admittedly I was a little skeptical of this comforter because it felt so light out of the package. I typically prefer something weightier. That being said, the comforter is just as soft as the cotton sheet set mentioned above in my Linens & Hutch reviews.

What I Love

This comforter, which comes with matching shams, is perfect for warmer weather; breathable and provides a nice lightweight layer. Also, apparently there's something called baffle box-stitching (yes, I learned something new today) and that's what helps keep the down-alternative fiber filling from moving out of place.

How it Washes

This was a literal dream to wash. Because it isn’t bulky like so many other comforters, it easily fit in my washing machine. I threw it in the dryer on ‘tumble dry low’ and it came out just as soft and cloud-like as before. Even better, a strawberry stain left by my 5-year-old lifted out easily. 


There really aren’t any notable quirks. If you prefer a little more weight to your bedding, this comforter is perfect for layering if you want to add a weighted blanket or throw.

How to Save

Again, it’s our code KCL24 to the rescue. The Reversible Down-Alternative Comforter Set in the Full/Queen size is $119.99 at regular price. Our code knocks 72% off that price so you’ll pay $33.59 instead.

3-Piece Essential Duvet Cover Set


Linens & Hutch offers this duvet set in 19 different colors and three sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, and King/Cal. King. The smallest size includes the duvet cover and just one pillow sham, while the two larger sizes include the duvet cover and two pillow shams (which is typical for most bedding sets).

We I Love

The feel of this set is just as soft as the sheets, but in a more velvety way. Unlike the sheets, the duvet covers and shams aren't pre-washed, but rather the fabric is double brushed. And, yes, I was today years old when I learned what "double brushing" means. Double brushed fabric is a finishing process in which each side of the sheet is mechanically brushed to bring about that soft feel.

I love that the cover has a zipper closure, so it's easy to slip on and off. No fussy buttons to line up.

How it Washes

Easy peasy. The care instructions are to wash it on cold, which is exactly what I did. I didn't notice any shrinking when I measured the duvet cover and shams prior to washing and after. This is likely thanks to its 100% 95 GSM Microfiber Polyester material. Generally speaking microfiber isn't as prone to shrinkage as other materials.


If you really feel strongly about that traditional button-closure on a duvet cover, that might be a quirk for you to have a zipper instead. But I dig it.

How to Save

Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but it's that KCL24 promo code to get 72% off your purchase that's going to get you big-time savings on the 3-Piece Essential Duvet Cover Set (reg. $99.99 for Queen size). Our code brings that down to $27.99.

Linens & Hutch Duvet Cover Set
As low as$26.60$94.99(72% off)
Shipping: Free with code

Pressed Flowers Reversible Down-Alternative Comforter Set

The pressed flowers pattern is only on one side of the comforter, the other side is striped so you really get two looks for the price of one.

What I Love

Linens & Hutch designed this comforter (and all of their comforters, actually) with "oversized dimensions — meaning larger than your standard size — for the purpose of fitting extra deep mattresses. As someone who owns an extra deep mattress, I so appreciate this.

And remember that box-stitching I mentioned in my other Linens & Hutch review above? This set includes that as well, keeping that filling evenly dispersed.

How it Washes

I've owned pastel bedding before that got easily stained, so I went into washing this comforter with a little concern. However, I machine-washed it on cold, and tumble dried low per the directions. In fact, I did this three separate times and each time it came out looking as good as when I first pulled it out of the packaging.


It's in the product title so, yes, this comforter is reversible and if you fold it over you will see the opposite pattern. The patterns complement each other well, but it's worth noting.

How to Save

At full price, the queen-size version of Pressed Flowers Reversible Down-Alternative Comforter Set is $139.99. Using the promo code KCL24, it comes down to $39.20.

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