1. Make a bag clip.

Slice a cork halfway up one end and slide it over a folded bag to keep it in place.


2. Keep earrings together when traveling.

Remove the backs of earrings (place in a small zip bag) and stick the earrings in the cork like push pins.


3. Soak natural corks in rubbing alcohol and use them as fire starters.

Fill a mason jar with wine corks and 90% rubbing alcohol and let the corks soak for at least a week before using. If you’re in need of fire starters ASAP, the alcohol-soaked corks should work after soaking for two days. Just make sure the corks you burn are made from all-natural cork. Synthetic corks won’t burn as easily.


4. Make bungee cords.

Use bungee cork ties to keep electrical cords neat and organized!

You’ll first need to mark directly on a wine cork and use a drill to create holes all the way through the cork. Then, measure out enough bungee to wrap around whatever cord needs containing, and add an extra two inches for the knots.

Thread the bungee through the cork’s holes and tie at each end. the end. Give your new decorative bungee a tug to secure it in place and get to organizing!


5. Turn a cork into an earbud holder.

Drill or poke a small hole in the top of a wine cork to place the jack, then use a knife to cut a slot along the other end to hold your earbud cord.


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6. Make herb and plant markers.

Push a skewer through a wine cork and use a permanent marker to label.



7. Protect floors from furniture scratches.

Slice through corks with a sharp knife and glue discs onto the legs of furniture to prevent floor scratches or to stabilize wobbly legs. You can also use them as cabinet door bumpers.



8. Use them as place-card holders.

Hold the wine cork lengthwise and slice a thin portion off the side so the cork sits flat on a table. (If your cork has text on it, pay attention to the direction of the print so the text is right-side up when placed on the table).

Slice a long slit on the opposite end of the cork for the place card and voila!


9. Slide one or a few wine corks under a pot lid handle to avoid being burned.


10. Prop open doors.

Cut a wine cork lengthwise at an angle (it’s easiest to start cutting near the center of the cork) and push under a door to keep it from closing.







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10 Wine Cork Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind