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How to Clean a Mattress and Remove Stains Like a Pro

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Mattresses aren’t cheap, but if you learn how to clean a mattress properly, you can extend its life. Not only that, it will smell good. When I say cleaning, I mean breaking out household items like baking soda and a vacuum to get the job done. No professional cleaning services (which typically cost $80 – $200) are needed here. Use what you have to save money, time, and get it over with.

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Mattresses last between seven and 10 years, so maintenance is necessary. Use our simple tips on how to clean a mattress to give it a refresh every six months or so. And be sure to change your sheets once a week to cut down on dust and dirt. Download The Krazy Coupon Lady app for the latest deals, money-saving tips, and coupons on things like mattresses and bedding.


How to Clean a Mattress in 5 Easy Steps

person with gloves spraying cleaning solution on mattress

Say it with me now, “I will become a pro at cleaning my mattress.” Take a full day and gather a vacuum, baking soda, peroxide, dry cloths, and dishwashing liquid (like Dawn). For the best results, leave treatments on overnight. This means you’ll need to sleep somewhere else for an evening, but it’s worth it. You’ll also want to apply these cleaning steps to both sides of your mattress, unless the manufacturer suggests otherwise. A mattress flip is recommended every six months.

Here’s what you need to do to clean your mattress:

1. Remove everything

Strip your bed of sheets, pillowcases, comforters, bed skirt, mattress pad, duvets, and throw blankets. You’ll want a fresh, blank canvas to start cleaning.

2. Vacuum to suck up dirt

Using the upholstery attachment, vacuum the entire surface of the mattress to remove dead skin, hair, crumbs, dust, dirt, and anything that shouldn’t be there. If you have a fabric headboard, vacuum that, too. Pay careful attention to the seams on all four corners, as well as any quilted areas.

3. Spot treat stains

If you have stains on your mattress, now is the time to remove them for good. For mild stains, dip a cloth in a combination of one cup of warm water and one teaspoon of dish soap. Older stains may need a peroxide solution (two parts cold water and one part peroxide). Let any treatments sit for 15 – 30 minutes, then blot with clean water and a towel. Get more details in the section below.

Tip: When you’re applying a spray or any water, don’t saturate the mattress, especially memory foams. The water can seep into the mattress, and if it doesn’t dry properly, bacteria and mold could grow.

4. Deodorize and vacuum again

Cover the entire mattress with baking soda, and leave it for several hours (eight to 10, ideally). Overnight is best, though. The baking soda will absorb any lingering odors and neutralize the surface. Now, vacuum up the baking soda. Replace your mattress with your clean bedding and enjoy your new, odor-free bed.


Eliminate Mattress Stains with 3 Ingredients You Already Have

person holding baking soda, dawn dish soap, and peroxide near mattress

If you have little ones in your house, I’m sure you’ve faced a stained mattress at one point or another. Since your mattress is where you spend many hours of your life, avoiding chemicals is a must. Tackle all the stains with just three simple, safe household ingredients.

You’ll need:

Mix these ingredients together and pour them into a spray bottle. You need to use the mixture right away — the cleaning properties work best after the ingredients are first mixed.

pouring cleaning solution into spray bottle with funnel near mattress

Mist the entire mattress. After 15 minutes, the stains on the mattress (along with any odors) should magically vanish. You may need to brush off any baking soda residue.

person using spray bottle to spray mattress with cleaning solution

That’s it — a fresh, clean mattress like nothing ever happened. For the future, a mattress pad may help to avoid stains on the mattress itself.

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