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Got a Beautyblender? Here's How to Clean It for Easy Use

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Whether you’re a makeup artist or just an everyday makeup enthusiast, you know that a Beautyblender is a crucial tool in your arsenal. But as with any tool, it needs proper care to stay in top shape. Just as you’d make sure to clean your makeup brushes (or at least you should be cleaning them), this tool also needs some of that tender loving care. And at $20 a pop, you want it to last. With that in mind, you need to learn how to clean a Beautyblender.

Fortunately, the process is super simple. You mainly just need to account for drying time. So perhaps keep an extra blender on hand if you need the tool while the other dries.

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First things first: know that your Beautyblender is made of a special foam.

a person holding a beauty blender in front of makeup on a counter

A Beautyblender is a teardrop-shaped sponge that’s used for applying makeup. It’s made of a special foam material that’s designed to absorb just the right amount of product, whether it’s foundation, concealer, or blush. The sponge is soft and bouncy, so users like the way it blends makeup (hence the name). Basically, it’s loved for its ability to apply makeup evenly without leaving streaks or lines. Plus, it’s easy to use and can be cleaned and reused multiple times.

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Now, here’s how to clean your Beautyblender.

The folks behind the makeup tool offer a specific Beautyblender cleanser for sale, but you could also use an unscented baby shampoo, liquid soap, or Dawn Dish Soap (a great degreaser if you use oil-based makeup). Here’s how to clean it:

Wet your Beautyblender.

a person holding a beauty blender under running water

Before you start cleaning your Beautyblender, wet it under running water. Make sure it’s thoroughly soaked and expanded. A damp Beautyblender will be easier to clean and won’t soak up as much water as a dry one.

Apply cleanser.

a person putting dish soap onto a dirty beauty blender

Squeeze a few drops of a gentle cleanser onto your Beautyblender. You can use a special Beautyblender cleanser or a mild soap, like baby shampoo. Be careful not to use anything too harsh, as it can damage the sponge.

Work the cleanser into the sponge.

a person squeezing a beauty blender under running water

Gently massage the cleanser into the Beautyblender, making sure to get every nook and cranny. Use your fingers to work the cleanser into the sponge, being careful not to tear it. You’ll see the makeup residue start to come out.

Let it sit in a soapy bath for three minutes.

a person placing a beauty blender into a bowl of water

After you’ve finished massaging in the soap, let the Beautyblender hang out in some soapy water. Three minutes should do the trick, then head to the next step: rinsing.

Make sure to rinse completely.

a person holding a beauty blender under running water

Rinse your Beautyblender thoroughly under running water, squeezing it gently to get all the soap out. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear and there are no more bubbles.

Give it time to dry on a clean towel.

a person placing a beauty blender on a towel to dry

Squeeze out the excess water from your Beautyblender, and then place it on a clean towel to air-dry. Avoid using a rough surface like a wire rack or the edge of a sink, as it can damage the sponge.


Clean your Beautyblender to avoid harmful bacteria on your skin.

It’s crucial to clean your Beautyblender to maintain its performance, but also because of hygiene. The sponge is designed to absorb and distribute your makeup evenly; however it can also absorb bacteria and other harmful substances if it’s not cleaned regularly. Using a dirty Beautyblender can cause breakouts, irritations, and other skin issues. Plus, a clean sponge will just work better.

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Avoid using bleach and other household cleaners on your blender.

Since this may or may not go without saying, we’re gonna say it. There are some products that you should never use to clean your Beautyblender. These include:

  • Bleach: This harsh chemical can damage your Beautyblender and is not safe for your skin.
  • Vinegar: While vinegar is a natural cleaner, it’s too harsh for your blender and can cause it to break down.
  • Rubbing alcohol: This may seem like a good option for disinfecting your sponge, but it’s too harsh and can cause the sponge to break down over time.



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