Real talk. I haven’t had babies in forever. But one can almost always find a coupon for baby wipes.

So now I use them to make daily tasks easier, and boy, do they come in handy.

Look at all the ways I use baby wipes:


1. Remove makeup — and save money.

On average, makeup removing wipes cost about $0.32 per wipe.

When you use baby wipes instead (with a coupon, of course), you only pay $0.02 per wipe, on average.


2. Clean grocery cart handles.

Before touching a germ-covered grocery cart, give it a good wipe.


3. Wipe down car seat.


4. Tame flyaway strands.


5. Wipe down baseboards.

Easily clean the baseboards in your home with a quick swipe.



6. Clean dust off houseplants.


7. Wipe down your yoga mat.


8. Press down letters and stamps.

If you don’t like the taste of envelope glue or stamps (I don’t blame ya), use the end of a baby wipe to moisten the seal.


9. Wipe off your pet’s dirty paws.

Wipe down your fur baby’s paws before they come inside the house on rainy or snowy days.


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10. Keep the inside of heels and flats clean (and less stinky).


11. Make DIY hemorrhoid wipes.

Make sure to grab baby wipes that contain aloe — then pour witch hazel into the container. This alternative is much cheaper than specialty wipes.


12. Wipe away excess nail polish.


13. Wipe your kid’s nose when they’re sick.

Nothing is worse than blowing your nose so much that it becomes raw. When you or your kids get sick, use baby wipes instead of regular tissues, and forget about the pain!



14. Use in place of Swiffer pads.

In a pinch, use baby wipes to clean your floor instead of Swiffer pads.

15. Make tie-dye art.

You’ll need baby wipes, rubber bands, washable markers or liquid water colors and paper towels.

First, pinch the center of the baby wipe, hold it in your hand and twist. Attach rubber bands along the baby wipe, then let the kids color sections of the baby wipe with markers.

Once colored, remove the rubber bands and lay the wipe on top of two pieces of paper towels until it’s dried. Let the kids hang ’em up and enjoy their creations!


16. Clean makeup brushes.

Have you ever gone to put a light eye shadow on your eyes in the morning but realized the black smoky eye color you rocked the night before was still on your brush?

Instead of completely soaking your brush in water, simply rub it down on a baby wipe, and use your blow dryer to dry it off.



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