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We’re here to tell you all the ways to reuse baby wipes. Huh, you say? Hear us out — KCL is all about saving money, and finding a secondary purpose for products we buy is always at the top of our “save more, get more” list.

Let’s face it; the baby phase is brief (although it may not feel like it). We’re talking one minute you’re cradling a newborn, next minute you’re sending them off to school kind of time leap.

So what do you do if you’re still trying to go through your stockpile of baby wipes that you bought years ago before your baby’s arrival? We get it. We’ve had leftover diapers, unworn clothes, and a bunch of baby wipes, all because babies tend to be all over the place when it comes to size. Breezing through weight and length milestones in a blink or skipping altogether can leave you with unused baby items you were sure you’d have to buy forever.

What about that pack or two of opened baby wipes? Don’t worry; we’ve got 20 legit ways to reuse baby wipes that are so good you may grab a baby wipe coupon and run right out to stock up.

TIP: While we always tell you to buy something when it’s a really good deal, if you have a closet of unused diapers or clothing (or slightly used) just taking up space, we recommend donating them to local organizations, like a women’s shelter in your area. You regain space and make a difference for a baby in need.

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Reuse Baby Wipes for Your Beauty and Skincare Needs

In our book, when it comes to beauty and skincare, baby wipe uses are numerous. Baby wipes are gentle to the skin, cheap, and convenient. Sound like a win-win to us.


1. Remove makeup with baby wipes — and save money.

Woman removing makeup from her face with a baby wipe.

On average, makeup-removing wipes cost about $0.19 per wipe, according to our research of wipes sold on Amazon.

On the other hand, you only pay an average of $0.04 per baby wipe on Amazon.


2. Tame flyaway strands.

A person using a baby wipe to wet their little hairs on top of their head.

If you’re looking for baby wipe uses, search no more. Take one and tame flyaway strands without needing to apply expensive haircare products.


3. Wipe away excess nail polish with baby wipes.

A person using a baby wipe to wipe wet nail polish off their fingers.

Reuse baby wipes for a quick cleanup of excess nail polish from your manicure.


4. Clean makeup brushes.

A person using a baby wipe to clean a makeup brush.

Instead of completely soaking your brush in water to remove any makeup residue, simply rub it down on a baby wipe, and use your blow dryer to dry it off.

If it’s time for new makeup or brushes, we’ve got you covered with beauty hacks that’ll save you serious cash at Ulta.


5. Use baby wipes to soothe sunburned skin.

a woman using a baby wipe to wipe a wipe on a sunburn

Got yourself a bit too much sun but don’t have a bottle of Aloe Vera handy? No problem! If you’ve got baby wipes nearby, you can either lay a baby wipe on your sunburn or gently pat your sunburn with a baby wipe. It will bring temporary relief.

TIP: Storing baby wipes in the refrigerator before your outing will ensure they’re extra cool.



6. Clean minor cuts and scrapes.

a woman using a baby wipe to wipe up a cut on a child's leg

Use baby wipes to clean up minor cuts and scrapes if you don’t have a first aid kit available. Since baby wipes don’t contain alcohol, they won’t kill any germs, but they also won’t sting or damage the injured skin.


7. Make DIY hemorrhoid wipes.

A person dumping witch hazel into an open tub of baby wipes.

Be sure to use baby wipes that contain aloe — then pour witch hazel into the container to make cooling and comforting hemorrhoid wipes.


Baby Wipe Uses for Cleaning

We think you’ll be surprised at how useful baby wipes are around the house.


8. Wipe down baseboards.

A person wiping down a baseboard with a baby wipe.

Baseboards are the true dust collectors in a home, especially if you have pets, but a quick swipe with baby wipes will get them looking good — at least for a hot minute.


9. Substitute baby wipes for Swiffer pads.

A person standing behind a swiffer wet jet mop as if preparing to clean their floors.

If you’re out of Swiffer pads because you haven’t found any recent deals and refuse to pay full price for them, in a pinch, reach for a pack of baby wipes to use as backup Swiffer pads.


10. Dust off your artificial houseplants with baby wipes.

A person using a baby wipe to wipe dust off an artificial plant.

We don’t recommend using baby wipes to dust live plants because any infused oils in the baby wipes may be harmful to plants. However, silk or plastic plants, we say go for it.



11. Clean hard surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom.

a woman using a baby wipe to wipe up a makeup spill in sink

Got company coming, and you don’t have time for a deep cleaning? Or spill your makeup in a rush to get out the door? Grab some baby wipes and wipe down hard surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. Like houseplants, infused oils in baby wipes may harm wood surfaces, so we recommend sticking with appropriate wood-cleaning products.

When you do have time for deep cleaning, we’ve got some easy and ingenious ways to deep clean your kitchen.


12. Remove stains from upholstery, carpet, and clothing with baby wipes.

a woman using a baby wipe to wipe up a stain on carpet

Accidents happen! Before panicking over a stain on your favorite dress, rug, or chair, adding a bit of dishwashing liquid to a baby wipe makes a great stain remover for upholstery, carpet, and clothing. Gently rub the soapy baby wipe(s) over the stain until the stain is gone. Rinse the area with a clean baby wipe. For clothing, wash as directed.


13. Clean your keyboard.

a woman using a baby wipe to wipe up dust on keyboard

Keyboards get nasty! For a quick cleanup, turn off or unplug your keyboard, turn it upside down, and give it a few good shakes to remove any dust, food crumbs, etc. Wipe down the keyboard with a baby wipe to remove any stains or grease buildup.


14. Use baby wipes to remove underarm deodorant marks.

a woman using a baby wipe to wipe up a deodorant stains on shirt

To make underarm deodorant marks disappear, gently wipe down with a baby wipe. This only works on fresh stains, NOT deodorant stains that have gone through the washer and dryer.


Other Baby Wipe Uses

We’re not done yet! Here are a few more uses for those leftover wipes.


15. Seal envelopes and glue stamps.

A person using a baby wipe to moisten and envelope.

Nobody likes licking envelopes or stamps. Spare yourself and use extra baby wipes to seal envelopes and moisten stamps. Put the used wipe back into its container, and you can reuse it over and over again and never have to taste that glue or cut your tongue again.



16. Substitute baby wipes for toilet paper.

baby wipes next to a toilet

We’ve all been there; you haven’t had time to restock your toilet paper stash. We say, if it’s gentle enough for a baby’s bum, it’ll work on yours. Be sure to throw away the wipe in a garbage can, even those rated as flushable or septic safe.

Remember we said we love to recycle and reuse things? Yep, we even have hacks for repurposing toilet paper tubes.


17. Keep a container of baby wipes in the car for on-the-go needs.

a woman driving in a car with baby wipes in car


Store a container of baby wipes in your car, and you always have a handy cloth to clean off your hands, steering wheel, or dashboard.


18. Recycle dry wipes as dust clothes.

a woman using a baby wipe to wipe up dust on a lamp

Come across a container of baby wipes that have dried out? Don’t pitch them right away. You can use them as dusting cloths around the house. They make perfect dusters for in-the-corners-and-cracks (think window blinds) kind of cleaning.


19. Pack baby wipes in your camping gear for your next outing.

baby wipes at a campsite

Even if you have a container in your car, be sure to have some wipes on hand when camping to wipe down pots and pans or yourself if a real shower isn’t an option.

20. Make tie-dye art.

Reusing baby wipes isn’t all about cleaning something. Instead, create some tie-dye art with your extra wipes.

You’ll need:

First, pinch the center of the baby wipe, hold it in your hand, and twist. Attach rubber bands along the baby wipe, then let the kids color sections of the baby wipe with markers.

Once colored, remove the rubber bands and lay the wipe on top of two pieces of paper towels until it’s dried. Let the kids hang ’em up and enjoy their creations!

20 Ways to Reuse Baby Wipes and Make Life Easier