Not only will reducing the amount of stuff you throw away make you a champ in the eco-consciousness category, it'll also save you a bundle! The following is a list of the top ten items you should definitely be saving instead of tossing. I'm sure you have "must-saves" to add to this as well! (Tell us in the comments!)

1. Start seeds in old K-Cups.

The next time you make coffee in a Keurig, think twice about tossing out the used K-Cup. Reuse these tiny plastic cups by filling them with potting soil and seeds. When you water your seeds, the water will drip out through the hole in the bottom—it’s the perfect vessel!

2. Turn cereal boxes into plastic lid holders.

Searching for matching lids to plastic containers is a pain—they slide around in cabinets way too much! If you slice diagonally across a cereal box and remove the top portion (make it look like a magazine holder), you shouldn’t have any issues keeping all your lids in one easily accessible place.

3. Cut off the clips from clothing hangers and use them as chip clips.

4. Plastic ice cream tubs are perfect for storing pet treats and food.

I love using ice cream tubs to store pet treats, but they’re also amazing for packing food for a camping trip. Put an individual portion of ice in each one (or get really fancy and freeze a layer of ice on the bottom of each bucket) then add your food and stack in your cooler. They hold up and keep your food organized and cool to boot!

5. Store unused spaghetti in an empty Pringles can.

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6. Onions and garlic stay fresh longer when you store them in old popsicle bags.

Storing onions and garlic can get tricky. They need to stay dry and placed in a dark place that also has a decent amount of air flow. Not enough air flow may result in stinky, sprouting onions (onions are sensitive to ethylene gas, a plant hormone that causes cells to decay). Mesh popsicle bags are a fabulous (and cheap!) solution.

7. Contain pins in your sewing kit with a cork.

Not only are these little guys great for keeping pins in one place, they’re also fabulous for scouring dishes! Keep a bowl of them handy near the sink, and avoid the mess of using a dish cloth when you've got a particularly dirty dish to scour.

8. Use plastic deli meat containers to carry your lunch or your kids’ art supplies.

These make the best containers for leftovers! Mine have been through the dishwasher dozens of times and still seal tight. These containers can also be used to hold baby wipes for road trips, store and organize small toys, or store art supplies like crayons once the box gives out.

9. Create a scooper for anything out of an old milk carton.

Wash milk cartons with warm, soapy water and cut the top half off (right above the handle). Now you have an awesome (and decently durable!) scooper for just about anything (dirt, dog poop, you name it). My kids also have a blast using these as toys in the sand box or at the beach.

10. Double closet space by using a tab from a beverage can.

Pull the tab off of a beverage can, place it over one of your hangers, hang a second hanger from the tab, and voila! You’ve just created more room in your closet!

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10 Items You’re Throwing Away That You Should Be Reusing!