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We’ve shown you how to reuse baby wipes; now we’re here to tell you don’t throw away empty baby wipes containers just yet either because we’ve got some clever uses for baby wipes containers! While exact figures are hard to come by, it’s safe to say as a parent of one or many, you’ll most likely use hundreds, if not thousands, of wipes — along with their plastic containers.

Of course, pitching baby wipes containers is easy, but repurposing them into something new is way cool and somewhat addicting! Trust us; we’ve upcycled lots of stuff over the years, such as laundry detergent bottles, cardboard boxes, and baby wipes containers. So gather up any empties or bookmark this post until you have an empty container because we know you’ll love these uses for baby wipes container ideas!

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For these wipes container reuses, we’re specifically using a baby wipes container that measures about seven inches by nine inches.


1. Create a DIY emergency kit for your car.

a baby wipe container being reused as a first aid kit

A baby wipes container is an ideal size for an emergency kit for the car. Throw in sample-size items and you’re always prepared. The National Safety Council recommends including:


2. Use a baby wipes container as a yarn holder.

a baby wipe container being reused as a yarn holder with a woman croceting

The type of yarn (how large the skein is) you’re using will determine whether it will fit in a baby wipes container. However, you’ll be happy to know if your ball of yarn fits, it’ll be tangle free when you pull the yarn strand through the lid opening. All you have to do is pop open the inner lid, lay your yarn in the bottom of the container, and pull one end of the yarn through the lid opening. Close the inner lid.


3. Store plastic grocery bags.

a baby wipe container being reused as a grocery bag holder and a woman pulling a grocery bag out

Stacking plastic grocery bags in a baby wipes container can keep them handy and ready to pull out. The trick is, when you put in a new bag, loop it through the top bag in the container and pull the handle part of the new bag through the inner lid opening. When you pull out a bag, it’ll pull the next one partly out so it’s easy to grab.


4. Start seedlings in a baby wipes container.

a baby wipe container being reused as a plant starter holder with dirt and rocks

You can reuse a baby wipes container to start seedlings or a small herb garden. Make holes in the bottom of the container, add river rocks or beads for drainage, and fill with soil. Place seeds or plants a few inches apart. Place the container on a small tray to catch excess water.

TIP: Decorate your planter however you want — spray paint or decoupage before you fill it.


5. Create a crayon or pencil box.

a baby wipe container being reused as a marker holder on top of a coloring book

Baby wipes containers are just the right size for crayon or pencil boxes — label one for each child or based on what’s inside (pencils or crayons).

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6. Stack dryer sheets in a baby wipes container.

a baby wipe container being reused as a dryer sheet holder with a woman putting a sheet in the dryer

Stacking dryer sheets in a baby wipes container makes it easy to grab a few when needed. Easy-peasy!


7. Pack snacks for a road trip.

a baby wipe container being reused as a road snack holder and kids pulling out a snack

Here’s a way to prevent fights over snacks on long road trips: Fill an empty baby wipes container with snacks for each child. Close the lid and you’re good.


8. Store 4 x 6 photos in a baby wipes container.

a baby wipe container being reused as a photo holder and a woman putting photos in the container

Got a bunch of old photos lying around? Collect them up and store them in a plastic baby wipes container.


9. Create a sensory board with baby wipes container lids.

a little kid playing with a diy sensory board out of baby wipes container lids and pasta and a sponge

Remove the lids from several baby wipe containers. Affix them to a board, then attach textured materials inside the lid, like faux fur, felt, and sandpaper; you get the idea. Close the lids and let your child open and close the lids while exploring all the different textures.


10. Organize your nail polish, paints, or drawers with baby wipes containers

a baby wipe container being reused as a paint holder next to a painting and paint brushes

So you made the sensory board, and now you have a bunch of baby wipe containers with no lids. Use the containers to organize things like your fingernail polish, 2-ounce bottles of acrylic paints, or as drawer organizers for loose items.

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11. Turn a baby wipes container into a travel diaper-changing station.

someone holding diaper wipe container one with wipes coming out and one open with diapers in it

Place a baby wipe refill into the lid of your empty baby wipe container, then secure it with two rubber bands. Add a few diapers in the bottom along with a change of clothes and you’re ready to hit the road.

11 Clever Ways to Reuse Baby Wipes Containers