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There’s nothing that makes me happier than getting a box of baby wipes for a dollar or less with coupons and rebate apps like Ibotta. In my family, we go through wipes faster than toilet paper, and because their containers are bulky and take up more room in the trash, I started putting them aside with the intention of reusing them in some way. Recently I discovered that these stackable, sturdy plastic boxes are way more useful than I had originally thought. Repurposing them has made areas of my life so much easier! Check out these genius ideas below:

1. Reuse milk and juice lids to build an Alphabet Monster.

Via I Can Teach My Child

Kids are fascinated with colors and different-shaped objects. Use milk or juice lids, write different letters on the lids, and make a game out of feeding the alphabet monster. My youngest kids love this game so much, I have to set a timer so they’ll share it. Why should I buy a game at the store when I can make my own?!

2. Always be prepared with a homemade emergency kit.

wipe 1
Via tip junkie

We always seem to be on the road, so it’s essential that we have at least one emergency kit in our car at all times. Fill an empty wipes container with your family’s needs. Some ideas include an emergency snack box, a first aid kit, or an emergency backup kit with diapers and wipes for the baby.

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3. Keep crayons from being lost or breaking with easy crayon storage.

wipe 2
Via Modern Mommy

We have a standing rule for the kids about crayons: they have to be picked up and placed in the wipes container before they can get out any more toys. This keeps the crayons from marking up the floor and getting stepped on. A wipes container snaps shut and can be shaken, dropped, or even sat on without breaking. It’s the perfect storage solution, and I don’t have to keep replacing lost crayons.

4. Create a fabric game that your toddler will love.


wipe 4
Via A Spotted Pony

I’m a seamstress and love to make clothes for my kids. This results in lots of brightly colored fabric scraps. I simply stuff a baby wipes container with these scraps and it keeps my one-year-old occupied—she loves sticking her hand in the box and pulling out all the fabric pieces. This keeps her busy for at least 30 minutes at a time. It’s the perfect game for sitting in the car and it doesn’t cost me a dime.

5. Easily see all your nail polish colors.

wipe 6
Via Pinterest

Storing nail polish in a wipes container keeps any leaking contained, allows you to see all the colors at once, and keeps the nail polish away from curious little kids. Since I don’t need a fancy container for my nail polishes, I don’t mind sticking them in this box and saving my dollars for something else.

6. Quickly drop kids’ socks and underwear into these perfect drawer organizers.

wipe 7
Via Trusper

Since my kids go through clothes so quickly, organizing their clothes in drawers is a priority. I have a drawer for each child’s underwear and socks. I can quickly organize these drawers with wipe containers without even folding the items. I just drop underwear in one box, white socks in another, colored socks in another, and so forth.

7. Keep kids occupied during road trips with this genius LEGO storage method.

wipe 9
Via kv.barn

My older kids play with LEGO pieces for hours and love this idea! I’ve found that this storage method is great for car trips because you can hot-glue LEGO boards onto the inside and outside of a wipes container and then fill the container with LEGO bricks.

8. Increase shelf space and keep dryer sheets fresh longer.

wipe 14
Via As Jules Is Going

This is a great way to increase the amount of space in your laundry cabinets. Since you can fit 2-3 boxes of dryer sheets in a wipes box, you’ll free up some space—plus, your dryer sheets will stay fresh longer!



8 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Baby Wipes Containers