For many, especially those with families, having unlimited cabinet space is a faraway dream. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are 20 ways to maximize your space and organize kitchen cabinets to get you on your way to storing more items than you can imagine.

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1. Organize kitchen cabinets with a pull-out spice rack.


Spicestor makes one that requires no tools to put together, and it comes in different sizes.


2. Turn magazine files into water bottle and canned food holders.


3. Organize pot lids with Command hooks.


4. Use stackable, clear containers to store bulk foods.

Fancy canisters for kitchen staples like flour and rice are attractive, but most of them aren’t stackable. Keep storage simple with plastic resealable containers.

5. Attach cork to the interior of cabinets for recipes.

Keep track of what you need to buy with to-do lists tacked to the cork boards as well.


6. Use chalkboard paint and hooks for measuring hints and utensils.


7. Use a lazy Susan to hold cooking essentials and Tupperware.



8. Hang baskets on the inside door of a cabinet with adhesive hooks.

9. Or, mount a file holder to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door.

10. Store baking sheets and cutting boards in metal file holders.


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11. Turn tension rods into kitchen cabinet organizers.


12. Or, use a rack to organize lids.

You can find roll-out lid racks like these on Amazon for around $40.


13. Hang up bulky trash bag rolls.

This not only frees up a lot of cabinet space, it makes it easier to grab a bag when you need one. All you need are some curtain rod racks and a couple of dowels. Follow these easy directions to get started.



14. Use stackable mesh shelves.

Use shelves specifically made for kitchen cabinets or even stackable desk organizers.


15. Attach hooks in the cabinets nearest an entryway.

Keep cabinets organized, and stay on top of keys, umbrellas, bags, and anything else you need to get out the door.


16. Secure sink caddies to empty spaces inside a cabinet.

17. Hang oven mitts and hot pads with adhesive hooks.


18. Store items based on how often you use them.

Determine what goes where in the organization order based on how often you use the kitchenware. Put everyday dishes within easy reach with special-occasion pieces up above.


19. Add a built-in dish-drying rack over the sink.


20. Hang KitchenAid accessories near other baking dishes.


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20 Genius Ways to Organize Kitchen Cabinets