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How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets: 20 Genius Ways to Declutter

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For many, especially those with families, having unlimited cabinet space is a faraway dream. But it doesn’t have to be. If you wan to organize your kitchen cabinets, it can take the form of repurposing what you already have (yay to upcycling!), upgrading what you don’t have, or starting fresh altogether. Organization projects like these often require some sorting and planning, so keep that in mind.

Here are 20 ways to maximize your space and find the right kitchen cabinet organizers that work best for storage dilemmas. We’ll help you sort your spices, pot lids, measuring cups, baking sheets, and so much more. Check out these storage deals to save on kitchen organization. Download the Krazy Coupon Lady app to receive alerts on the hottest deals.

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1. Make a spice cabinet organizer using a gliding rack.

Handing pulling out a gliding rack with seasonings

There are many spice cabinet organizers that involve tools and installation guides. Kitchen organization shouldn’t be that hard, so luckily there are spice organizers with layout options that can adjust to your collection (i.e. size and type, like plastic or glass).

Investing in a pull out spice rack organizer for cabinets lets you hang it from the underside of your cabinet shelf and allows you to see all of your spices for quick accessibility. A non-skid, tiered shelf organizer is also a great option.

Swing by the McCormick coupons page next time you run out of spices.

2. Use magazine file holders as kitchen shelf organizers.

Keep water bottles together in kitchen cabinets.

Magazine file holders are smart ideas for kitchen storage and organization because they’re inexpensive and space savers. If you turn the holders on their side, you can vertically stack water bottles and canned goods. As your new cabinet organizers, holders can come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes.

3. Install hooks for easy cabinet organizers.

Organize pot lids on Command hooks.

Aren’t pot lids annoying when they’re not in use? For small and medium lids, you can install Command hooks inside of your kitchen cabinet doors and then place the lid on the hooks. Be sure to measure your lid so that the hooks are evenly spaced.

Interested in more kitchen organization ideas? Here are a few cool ideas using Command hooks. While you’re at it, download Command coupons, too.

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4. Try stackable bins as kitchen cupboard organizers for bulk foods.

Someone packing foods into labeled containers to store them

Fancy canisters for kitchen staples like flour and rice are attractive, but most of them aren’t stackable. Keep kitchen storage and organization simple with plastic food storage containers or glass containers that you can label and see through. Websites like Etsy have lots of labeling options so that you can customize the look of your containers.

5. Use cork boards as cabinet organization ideas for recipes.

Someone pinning a recipe onto a cork board on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door

If you’re like me, you’re always writing notes on Post-Its about random things to do or recipe ideas for dinner. Instead of filling up your refrigerator with paper, attach a cork board to the interior of your kitchen cabinet with double-sided adhesive strips or mounting tape. This handy cabinet organizer idea is perfect for coupons, to-do lists, or perhaps love notes.


6. Chalkboard paint + hooks = kitchen cupboard organizers for cooks.

Someone hanging a measuring cup on a hook inside of a kitchen cabinet with chalkboard stickers showing the measurements and common equivalencies

When space is a challenge, but your creativity is high, make the best use of the inside of your kitchen cabinet for practical information. Use chalkboard paint and hooks for measuring cups and utensils. This type of paint doesn’t need the surface to be primed or sanded first, but you should wipe the surface clean first before taping off the exposed cabinet area. There are also chalkboard stickers that would work just as well here.

Write a short list of common kitchen measurements at the top of the cabinet, then use s- hooks or removable adhesive hooks below the text to hang measuring cups and spoons. Ideally, this kitchen organization idea would be perfect next to your spice cabinet. You could even use colored chalk for pizzazz.

7. Use a Lazy Susan cabinet organizer to store Tupperware.

Tupperware on a lazy susan in a cabinet

Talk about a space saver and a cool cabinet organization idea. Using a Lazy Susan cabinet organizer can really transform your kitchen space into a thing of beauty, and you can easily see all of the contents with a quick turn.

Of course, you could make your own, but buying one is your quickest bet. Most stores carry wooden Lazy Susans, but for a more modern take you could score a marble or slate one.

8. Add hanging baskets as an under kitchen sink organizer.

Hang baskets on the inside door of a cabinet with adhesive hooks.

Hanging wire baskets are great storage solutions for everywhere in your house, but they’re really useful hidden inside of your cabinet. Try them as under kitchen sink organizers supported by adhesive hooks. These storage gems are small enough to hold the kitchen sink essentials like dish soap, sponges, and rubber gloves.

9. Or, install a file holder as a kitchen cabinet organizer for plastic wrap.

Who knew magazine file holders could be so useful when it comes to under cabinet organizers? Installing them is easy, too, with a couple of screws or mounting tape. These holders are just the right size for plastic wrap, wax paper, and Reynolds aluminum foil.

10. File holders make clever under cabinet organizers for baking sheets.

Some baking sheet pans and muffin tin organized with a small rack

Deciding how to organize kitchen cabinets takes ingenuity, so you’re in the right place. You know those metal file folders that are collecting dust on your desk? Create a new plan for them by storing your rectangular baking sheets, muffin pans, and small cutting boards there.

11. Turn tension rods into kitchen cabinet organizers.

Using tension rods as kitchen cabinet organizers is the ideal mix of practicality (you’re no longer stacking your items) and style. Adjust the rods vertically in pairs and slip in your favorite boards and trays. This is a good opportunity to decorate your space with colorful contact paper at the bottom of the cabinet or paint the rods with a rust spray paint like Rust-Oleum.


12. Install a lid holder rack as a pull out cabinet organizer solution.

hand pulling on a sliding rack holding pots and pans

You can find pull-out cabinet organizers for lids on Amazon costing around $40. These systems are not only useful for storing pot lids vertically, but it’s easy to access. You’ll want to measure your cabinet first to ensure that your big and small pot lids fit comfortably and that there’s clearance when you slide the shelf out. Depending on the number of lids, you could also squeeze in small baking sheets or cutting boards.

13. Create an under kitchen sink organizer for bulky paper towel or trash bag rolls.

A paper towel roll attached to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door

This under cabinet organizer idea frees up a lot of cabinet or drawer space, and it makes it easier to grab a bag or paper towels when you need them. All you need are some curtain rod brackets and a couple of dowels. Running out of bags? Find trash bag coupons here.

14. Use stackable shelves as kitchen shelf organizers.

Someone putting dishes onto a small shelf inside a kitchen cabinet

Small spaces need big ideas when you’re learning how to organize kitchen cabinets. Use shelves specifically made for kitchen cabinets or even stackable desk organizers. Keep in mind the height of the items so that it’s easier to grab on a daily basis.

15. Make an entryway cabinet organizer for everyday items.

There are lots of kitchen storage and organization tips that involve dishes and Tupperware, but misplacing your keys is a problem that needs an immediate solution.

To get started, attach hooks on the inside or back of a cabinet door nearest your entryway. This is a creative solution for you to remember your keys, umbrellas, bags, and anything else you need to get out the door.

16. Sink caddies can double as a kitchen cabinet organizer.

Someone putting snacks in a sink caddy on the wall of a pantry

Sink caddies can be repurposed as small kitchen organization ideas for seasoning packs, powder drink mixes, or random snacks. Most caddies come with suction cups attached, but you’re going to have a hard time adhering them to your pantry wall. Try velcro or adhesive strips to get the job done.

17. Use hooks for oven mitts and hot pads.

Store oven mitts and hot pads inside cabinets with adhesive hooks.

Adhesive hooks are a staple in any kitchen organization project, but they’re really handy when they can save you drawer space. I tend to stuff my kitchen towels and pot holders in a drawer, but hanging them inside of a cabinet on a hook can now free up that space. You can comfortably hang 1-2 items on each hook. Now you can plan a kitchen drawer organizer project!



18. Arrange items based on frequency as a kitchen shelf organizer idea.

Someone organizing the dishes in their kitchen cabinet

For this task, determine what goes where in your kitchen storage and organization plan based on how often you use the kitchenware. Put everyday dishes within easy reach with special-occasion pieces up above. You could even add a riser to maximize more space.


19. Tackle kitchen counter organization with a hidden dish-drying cabinet.

A dish drying rack inside a kitchen cabinet

I’m sure you’ve never thought of drying your dishes in a cabinet above your kitchen sink. For the space challenged, sometimes you have to think outside of the cabinet (inside, in this case) for your organization needs. Consider the location of your sink in proximity to this dish-draining cabinet.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so stay with me. There are dish drying rack systems for kitchen cabinets with installation kits that range from $25-$350. Some require tools, while others just slide in place. The more expensive ones resemble pull out cabinet organizers, only for dishes.

Here are alternative solutions:

  • DIY: Install tension rods and top with a wire or bamboo rack. You could either leave the bottom of the cabinet bare or place a drying mat or drip tray as a drainage system.
  • Other Options: Try a collapsible dish rack or wall-mounted dish-drying rack as a kitchen counter organizer.

20. Use hooks as kitchen organizer racks for KitchenAid accessories.

a person hanging up kitchenaid hooks on a cabinet door

I use my KitchenAid mixer a few times a year, and I don’t always put the accessories back with the mixing bowls. To solve this issue, use wire or plastic adhesive hooks and stick them inside of your cabinet to hang your paddle, whisk, and beater attachments.

How’s that for a kitchen organization tip that also gives your baking area a makeover? Looking for more accessories for your mixer? Visit the KCL KitchenAid deals page.


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