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Does the idea of cleaning every inch of your home give you happy thoughts? If so, you’re going to love these deep cleaning house tips that will help you get the job done in cost-effective new ways.

What is deep cleaning, you ask? It’s just giving some extra love to those areas of your house (and car) that you frequent the most. We’ll cover some of the best tips and cleaning hacks to get your space shining again.

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And, to make your life easier, print this free deep cleaning house checklist!


1. How to deep clean tile floors

someone using Resolve carpet cleaner to clean the grout between tiles.

You’ve probably used Resolve as a deep carpet cleaning solution, but did you know that it can also be used on your floor’s dirty grout? Spray some of the Resolve carpet foam into the grout lines, use a scrub brush to lift the debris, and let it sit for about 10 minutes before wiping off. Then, just mop floors as usual.


2. How to do car deep cleaning — specifically for dirty cup holders.

someone using an old sock, Windex, and a travel cup to clean cup holders in their car.

This deep cleaning tip not only helps disinfect your car — which is like a home if you drive a lot — but you can finally put those lost socks to good use!

Put an old sock over the bottom of a travel cup, spray with Windex, and twist in the cup holders to remove dirt and grime. You’ll be surprised — and grossed out — by all of the junk that appears. For best results, plan a car deep cleaning project every few months.

someone putting a cup with a sock on it in a cup holder















3. How to deep clean range hood filters above your stove.

someone scrubbing range hood filter

Its entire job is to collect grease, so it’s no wonder range hoods get disgusting. After you realize how simple the process is, you’ll definitely want to add this to your biannual deep cleaning house checklist.

Carefully remove the hood and soak it in hot, soapy water with baking soda. Let it soak for about 30 minutes, then scrub with a dish brush. Rinse, let dry, then reattach.


4. How to deep clean window tracks.

someone pouring baking soda near a door and vinegar next to it

When was the last time your window tracks were clean? Were they ever?

For the best window cleaning solution — that also works for window tracks — baking soda is a cheap and effective deep cleaning choice. To disinfect your window tracks, sprinkle baking soda throughout, more heavily if you have a buildup of gunk. Spray vinegar over it, and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Wipe with a damp cloth.


5. How to deep clean ovens

someone pressing button on oven to preheat

When it’s time to tackle your oven, work smarter not harder. You probably won’t find baking soda and vinegar in your “how to clean a self-cleaning oven” manual. There are actually quite a lot of oven cleaning hacks that involve chemical sprays, but why not use what you already have around your house to get the job done.

Here are the steps:

  • Remove the oven racks and use a spatula (or rubber gloves) to scrape up and discard any loose food or burnt bits.
  • Liberally sprinkle baking soda onto the base of the oven; pour vinegar on top until it bubbles.
  • Let sit for 15 minutes (or longer depending on the level of grime) before scrubbing the sides and base with a scrub brush.
  • Wipe everything down with a wet towel until clean.

But wait — there are other oven cleaning tips, including one with a lemon!

  • In a bowl, mix equal parts baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar until it forms a loose paste.
  • Use rubber gloves to manually apply to the dirty oven, adding more water as needed for coating.
  • Spray down with plain vinegar (the best vinegar for cleaning is white distilled), and wipe with a damp sponge for a final shine.
  • For a final (but optional) step, slice a couple of lemons in half and place them on a baking sheet. Pour enough water over them to coat the bottom of the pan. Bake at 350℉ for 60 minutes.


6. How to deep clean baseboards

someone putting a rubberband around a cloth on a broom

Baseboards get overlooked, but they’re an easy way to make a huge impact. There are all sorts of baseboard cleaning hacks, but most of them require you to kneel for long periods of time. As part of your home deep cleaning project, you can tackle it without having to be on your hands and knees!

Attach a microfiber cloth to a broom with twine or a large rubber band. Dampen the cloth with warm soapy water, and drag it along your baseboards.



7. How to deep clean bathroom tiles

someone scrubbing tile with baking soda

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so there’s likely lots of spaces that we miss in our everyday cleanups. The baking soda and water combo is among the best bathroom cleaning hacks, because the items are readily available and very effective — especially when it comes to home deep cleaning.

To make your bathtub grout sparkle again, make a paste with baking soda and warm water, and apply it to your grout. Soak a microfiber cloth in warm water and a few drops of mild soap then wipe off the baking soda mixture.


8. How to deep clean a bathtub

someone scrubbing bathtub with soap and baking soda

As long as you’re in the bathroom cleaning your grout (see tip 7), here are a few more cleaning tips to make your bathroom look and smell fresh. Fill your soap-dispensing sponge with Dawn dish soap, warm water, and baking soda.

Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil (peppermint is the best!) in the sponge can really transform your bathroom experience for days to come. Next, scour your wet bathtub until the dirt is removed and rinse with fresh water.


9. How to deep clean a showerhead and remove hard water stains

someone holding a showerhead next to a bucket of vinegar and water

So, you’ve finally given in to deep cleaning that darn showerhead, huh? In the world of deep cleaning house tasks, this one won’t take too long and you’ll be happy you did it.

You can either remove your showerhead or create a vinegar shower cap by filling a quart-size plastic bag (or larger depending on the size of the showerhead) with equal parts vinegar and water. Submerge the showerhead in the bag and secure it with a rubber band. Soak for 15-20 minutes, depending on the level of hard water stains and mineral deposits. Rinse well.

In addition to the vinegar method, you can try these other deep cleaning solutions:

  • Apply baking soda to an old toothbrush or sponge, add water, and scrub the showerhead until the stains are gone.
  • Scrub the showerhead with equal amounts of dish soap and vinegar.

Just in case you’re wondering, the best vinegar for cleaning is white distilled vinegar. No need to break out the rice wine vinegar!


10. How to deep clean bathroom toilets

someone using a screwdriver and wipe to clean toilet

No matter how many toilet cleaning hacks there are, it’s probably still not a job that you’ll want to volunteer for. At least this deep cleaning tip provides some distance between you and the stains!

Put a disinfectant wipe on the tip of a flathead screwdriver, then push it between the edge of the toilet seat and the base of your toilet tank. You’ll get rid of so many germs and built-up grime.


11. How to deep clean washing machines

someone using a rag to clean washing machine

If you’ve started to notice a funky smell coming from your washing machine, it’s time to give it a good deep cleaning. You could buy one of those expensive washing machine cleaning kits, or you could use a couple of household items to get the job done and save money.

Be sure to check your manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning the machine, as vinegar may damage the rubber parts if used too frequently. Rinse your washer with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water regularly. It will help get rid of that mildewy smell that can build up in there.

For periodic deep cleaning, you can fill a spray bottle with the same mixture for a quick wiping down.


12. How to make kitchen deep cleaning easier for high-touch areas

someone cleaning cabinet handles with wipe

When it comes to kitchen deep cleaning, there are lots of touch surfaces that are probably not cleaned frequently enough. The handles and drawer pulls on your cabinets and the buttons on your microwave are breeding grounds for germs and should be disinfected regularly. Use an antibacterial spray or wipe to keep the germs at bay at least once a day — especially during the dreaded cold and flu season.


13. How to deep clean mold and mildew in a shower or kitchen

someone pouring vodka into spray bottle and spraying tile

Apparently, vodka is booze you can use all over your house! If you happen to have extra vodka lying around, mix it with an equal amount of water in a spray bottle. Now you can tackle grease, soap scum, or mildew in your shower, kitchen sink, mirrors, cutting boards, or linens (mix it with an essential oil).

You’ll want to use a vodka with a high alcohol content so the degreaser and disinfectant properties actually work. For a shower cleaning hack, vodka is pretty effective in a pinch. It’s also a great alternative for individuals who are sensitive to the smell of harsh chemicals.



14. How to use foam craft brushes for car deep cleaning

Dust auto A/C vents with a foam craft brush.

For part two of car deep cleaning tips, you’ll need a foam craft brush. Car air conditioning vents can form mold and trap dust, but vinegar is an excellent disinfectant. Mix equal parts of warm water and vinegar, dip your brush (removing excess), and clean each vent individually. You could even add lemon juice or an essential oil to the mixture to freshen your vents.

Plan to do this twice a month to remove excess dust from polluting you and your guests.


15. How to deep clean home vent covers

someone putting their air conditioning vent covers in the dishwasher.

Yes, we know dishwashers are for dishes, but cleaning tips like these save you time and money. Using the machine’s power washing and sanitizing features can do wonders for air conditioning vents.

Close the vents before adding them to the dishwasher so there’s more surface area that gets cleaned. Then, blow dry any remaining water from the covers on the cool setting before installing covers back over your vents.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, you could soak the vents in a large container of hot, soapy water and rinse until clear. Air dry thoroughly before re-installing. When you make your spring cleaning tips list, add this idea when tackling your central heat vents.


16. How to deep clean kitchen sinks

someone holding vinegar and baking soda and mix going down a drain

Kitchen sinks can take a lot of daily wear and tear, but after a while old food and germs creep in and can start to make it stink.

Pour a cup of baking soda down your drain, then follow with two cups of vinegar. Let sit for at least 30 minutes, then rinse with boiling water. Do this at least once a week to keep everything smelling fresh. Boom — kitchen deep cleaning just got easy!

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17. How to deep clean a water and ice dispenser

someone cleaning their refrigerator's water and ice dispenser with a vinegar-water solution.

You might want to pull up a chair for this tip. Or better yet, why not divide your deep cleaning house checklist among your family members or roommates? Your refrigerator water and ice dispenser nozzles can hold on to the tiniest of germs. Surely, you don’t want to drink (or smell) funky ice cubes or water.

For this task, create a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, and use an old toothbrush to get into the crevices of your fridge’s water dispenser. Clean monthly!


18. How to deep clean your cleaning tools — like a broom

someone vacuuming a broom.

Vacuuming your broom may seem like an odd deep cleaning house task, but just imagine how much your broom has to put up with – dust, food, hair, miscellaneous toys, and germs.

This may not be a weekly requirement, but a good vacuuming can restore it back to life.

You’ll want to manually remove any obvious balls of hair or dust before using your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to clean in between the bristles. See the next step for more broom cleaning tips.


19. How to deep clean brooms (part 2)

broom in a bucket of warm water and dish soap.

Add a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of warm water, and soak your broom for an hour. Rinse and let it dry completely before storing it away. And don’t forget the dustpan! Spray it with disinfectant, or use a bleach wipe.


20. How to deep clean light switch plates

someone cleaning light switches and plates with rubbing alcohol.

Light switches are truly the unsung heroes of the house. They take on food stains and germs like a pro, but they’re about to get a deep cleaning facelift courtesy of rubbing alcohol.

Spray a cleaning cloth with regular household cleaner or rubbing alcohol, and wipe the surface of your light switches (don’t apply cleaning solution directly on the switch!). Get into the crevices with a Q-Tip.



21. How to deep clean lampshades

Use a lint remover to dust lampshades.

Lint rollers are pretty cool cleaning hacks for clothes, but for lamps — who knew? You’ll want to use the roller on fabric lampshades to be able to thoroughly collect the dust in crevices. Given the simplicity, this could be a great introductory weekly chore for small kids.


22. How to deep clean a mattress

A person pulling back the sheets and mattress pad from a mattress

As you make your way through your biannual deep cleaning checklist, keep your mattress in mind. Mattresses can harbor dead skin cells, pet hair, dust mites, bacteria, and allergens. After you toss your sheets in the wash, start by vacuuming your mattress with the upholstery tool. Liberally (and evenly) sprinkle baking soda and let sit for several hours before vacuuming again. You can then spray an essential oil to make it smell fresh again.


23. How to deep clean hardwood floors.

someone putting tea bag in bucket of water and mopping

Here’s the tea on deep cleaning (and shining) your hardwood floors — using actual tea bags. The compounds in black tea can inhibit microbial growth. This tip is most useful on medium-colored hardwood floors; lighter colored floors would need half of the number of tea bags.

Boil 7-8 black tea bags in 1/2 gallon of water, and steep for 10-15 minutes. Let cool. Fill your mop bucket up with the hot black tea, and use a rag to test a small area for any discoloration. Continue to mop as usual if no discoloration appears.


24. How to deep clean carpet

someone spraying carpet and using rag

Stains and spills happen. Most carpet cleaning tips involve expensive and strongly scented name-brand products, but you can make your own. To tackle your carpet stains, mix equal parts dish soap, warm water, baking soda, and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes, then blot with a damp sponge or scrub brush. Vacuum to remove any remaining liquid.


25. How to deep clean a dishwasher

someone pouring vinegar in a measuring cup in dishwasher

Deep clean the dishwasher by placing a measuring cup filled with 2 cups of vinegar in the top rack. Just as vinegar can clean and descale a coffee maker, it can also remove grime from your dishwasher when you run a normal cycle with two cups of vinegar. Don’t use detergent or heat dry when you do this.

Learn more unexpected dishwasher hacks to clean everything!


26. How to deep clean a couch

someone wiping couch with rag next to olive oil

Rub a rag with olive oil on it over any scratched-up spots on your leather furniture. Let sit for about an hour, then wipe down with a damp cloth. Your leather will be clean and shiny again.

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27. How to deep clean the underside of your furniture

someone vacuuming chair legs

Ideally, deep cleaning the underside of your furniture should occur every six months. No, not underneath your furniture (though you should be doing that, too) but the underside. Dust, mites, and spider eggs all collect in those cool, dark spaces. Make sure to use the hose attachment of your vacuum to clean the bottoms of your furniture at least twice a year.


28. How to deep clean a closet

someone wiping wall with rag

Sure, you wash your clothes, but what about your closet? Remove everything from your closet, wipe down the walls with a mixture of mild soap, water, and essential oil. Be sure not to forget the clothes rod!


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