If you’re a couponer, you know how important it is to stay organized if you want to see maximum savings. But how, though?

Here are some of the top ways for coupon organization on the go to save your precious time.


Use the Krazy Coupon Lady app to find the best coupons while you’re out.

You can even set alerts for your favorite stores and create a digital shopping list based on those deals.

TIP: Check the freebies section if you don’t have time to get all of the deals.


Keep a dedicated email account just for coupons and store promotions.

Use this account to link rewards programs, too, so that you only need to check one place if you need something when you’re out and about.

TIP: Make sure you link Paribus to this account so that it can monitor the online receipts for certain stores and notify you when there’s a price drop on something you bought. Once you know your items went on sale, if it’s still during the price adjustment period for that store, you can request the difference.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.


Use the RetailMeNot app to check for extra store coupons.

Search for the store you’re shopping in to see if there are additional store rebates or coupons offered.

These can usually be stacked with other coupons, so don’t skip this step!


Screenshot digital coupons in case your wifi isn’t working.

We all have stores that just seem to be a black hole for phone service. Avoid scrambling to download coupons by taking a screenshot of them before you go in.



Download store apps and coupons ahead of time.

If your store has an app, then chances are you have the ability to load manufacturer coupons directly to it.

This will cut down on any paper coupons that you’ll need to clip and cart around with you.

NOTE: You can’t stack a digital manufacturer coupon with a paper one, so choose the one that will get you the biggest savings.


Organize all of your couponing apps into a digital folder on your phone.

Apps are an important part of couponing, but the sheer volume of them can be overwhelming. Create a digital folder for rebate apps, like Ibotta, and another for store couponing apps, like Cartwheel, to make your life easier.


Use zippered pouches to store your receipts.

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This will keep them all in one place (that isn’t the bottom of your purse).

TIP: Use different colors for different categories. One for receipts that need to be scanned for rebates, one for receipts that need to be filed, etc.


Use a key ring to keep all of your rewards cards together.

You can link most rewards cards to your phone number or email, but if that isn’t your thing then use this method to keep them all together.


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Keep a mini accordion file in your car or purse.

Think of this as a travel version of the system you have in place at home. Transfer all the coupons you plan to use on your shopping trip from your larger system at home to your mini file.



Repurpose an old baby wipes container into a travel file box for coupons.

If you want something a little more sturdy than an accordion file, consider repurposing an old wipes case with index dividers.

This will keep any paper coupons you have organized and contained (and not spilling all over the back seat of your car).


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Label clothespins with different stores.

Keep the coupons you plan to use in each store clipped separately.


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Use a dollar store photo album to make a travel coupon binder.

This is basically a smaller version of the traditional coupon binder. Use sticky tabs to create your own sections.


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