Prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor when you see the new Ibotta app today. It’s a Joanna Gaines-esque makeover success, and it’s packed with improvements. Our prediction: you’re about to drool on your iPhone.

In case you haven’t heard, here’s a little Ibotta review: Ibotta is an app that’s full of money-saving rebates for nearly every store you can think of. Instead of coupons that save you money before your purchase, Ibotta rebates give you cash back after you swipe your card. Check the app for rebates before you shop and pay normally at checkout. Upload a photo of your receipt from home to get credit for each rebate. Then you can cash out via Paypal, Venmo or gift card.


1. Ibotta has more rebate offers than or anyone else.

For real. Ibotta is the number one source for manufacturer coupons…er…rebates in the country. No one has more offers — not even the Sunday newspaper. Attempting to save money without Ibotta would be like going to an eighties costume party without a fanny pack. Why would you do that?


2. Ibotta is eliminating the barcode scan.

In the beginning, to get an Ibotta rebate, you had to load the offer, buy the product, upload receipt pic, and scan the item’s barcode to prove you bought it. The process has steadily evolved to become easier over time.

The goal at Ibotta is to eliminate the need to scan a product barcode entirely. In the new Ibotta app, nearly 75% of offers don’t require a barcode scan.

From a technical perspective, Ibotta’s ability to skip the scan is all dependent on how much detail is shown on the receipt. For retailers where the receipt code is specific enough, barcode scan is no longer required.


3. Some retailers don’t even require you to upload a receipt.

Ibotta is actively looking for ways to move away from receipt-uploading. Walmart and Best Buy use QR codes to make rebating even easier. At Best Buy, you actually present your QR code at checkout!

Other supermarkets and drugstores connect with your store loyalty account (Rite Aid Plenti, Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards), so as long as your rebates are loaded before you shop, they’ll be credited to your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

Other supermarkets with Ibotta integrated into their store loyalty cards include: Giant, Food Lion, Raley’s, Hannaford and Pick ‘n Save.



4. The new Ibotta has more coupons you can redeem two or three times per receipt.

Historically, Ibotta rebates have been limited to one rebate per customer. But, in the latest release, more offers than ever allow for multiple redemptions. Wish you could buy three packs of Trident gum with a $0.50 rebate on each? Now you can! Want to stock up on Sargento cheese? No problem. Just look under “details” on any Ibotta offer screen to see if the rebate can be redeemed more than once per device.


5. Ibotta personalizes your offers based on where you live and what you buy.

With thousands of rebates, finding the ones you need was once a time-suck. The new Ibotta app homescreen features rows and rows of rebates you’re likely to love. My feed is full of cheese…and chocolate…and all the carbs. Well played, Ibotta.


6. But you still have access to all the national rebates.

Some supermarkets and apps have made their coupons so personalized, it can be frustrating when KCL publishes a deal featuring an offer that only 30% of users can access.

Ibotta is still full of nationally available, frustration-free rebates. The order in which they appear in your feed is the only thing that varies from shopper to shopper.


7. Ibotta is still one of the only ways to “coupon” at Costco and Sam’s Club.

Costco and Sam’s Club don’t take manufacturer coupons, so Ibotta rebates are one of the only ways to stack savings on top of in-store sales! With approximately 200 rebates per store, there are a lot of potential dollars to save! You can even get a rebate on the membership. How ’bout that?


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8. Adding Ibotta rebates before you shop is soooooooo easy.

To use the new Ibotta, start by selecting the store(s) where you shop, then browse rebates for those retailers and save them to “My Rebates.” Your hand-selected stores will hang out at the top of the screen, making it about a thousand times easier than it used to be to add and view the rebates.

This is the thing you never knew you wanted…but you totally want it.


9. Plus, you can scan products as you shop to find rebates that way.

So, you forgot to load the Ibotta offers from your Krazy Coupon Lady grocery list before you left home? Welcome to the club.

Just scan the barcode on each planned purchase or impulse buy before you put it in the cart, and Ibotta will tell you straight-up if it matches a rebate or not.

Got an obnoxious kid or three? Delegate this task for an easy parenting win.



10. And even if you do none of that, you can still add and redeem rebates up to a week after you shop.

Even if the thought of using Ibotta never crossed your mind before you shopped, if you’ve got a receipt for a purchase completed within the last week, you can still save with Ibotta.


11. Bless their hearts — the new Ibotta notifies you when rebates you’ve saved are about to expire.

Tap the “plus” sign next to any offer to add it to your “My Rebates” list. When your saved rebates are approaching expiration, Ibotta will send you a sweet little notification telling you to hurry the heck up if you want to save money. I love when people operate under the assumption that I will forget everything. Those are my people. Ibotta, you get me.


12. Ibotta is the best app for alcohol rebates at the liquor store or local restaurants.

Know something? I like Ibotta for beer, wine and liquor rebates better than apps that feature alcohol-only offers. I find that Ibotta has rebates for the brands I like to order.

Look for rebates like $1.00 off one bottle of Fat Tire beer. You can redeem it twice per receipt. Upload your restaurant or bar receipt, including receipts from your local liquor store, to get credit for your purchase!


13. You can even get a 4% rebate back from

Book with and get cash back through Ibotta! Just locate the rebate, tap “Shop,” then you’ll be prompted to download the app or continue to Book through and after your purchase, you’ll get a confirmation that your rebate is pending.

Stack this cash back savings with the ongoing “Collect 10 nights, get 1 night free” promotion!


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14. Plus, get a staggering $11 bonus just for redeeming your first offer in 7 days.

Ibotta basically gives you free money just for signing up. They’ll load $10 to your account if you redeem just one offer in the first seven days after you download the app. Want to make that $11? Use this link with referral code: KCL and you’ll get an extra dollar!


15. And earn $30 cash back when you refer three friends.

Get $5 for each friend you refer, plus a $15 bonus after the third friend. That means there’s $30 waiting for you if you refer just three friends.

Good grief, you could get there with just the phones of your spouse and those entitled, phone-wielding tweens you’re raising. They’ll each have to redeem an offer on their accounts for you to get paid, but hey, look at you teaching frugality like a responsible parent! #winning


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15 Things You're Going to Freaking Love About the New Ibotta App