Home & Garden Savings Guide
Home & Garden Savings Guide
Get easy tips and deals to grow more than just your savings.

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Make your home your own.

Whether your home needs a full overhaul or just some light touch-ups, this is your guide to doing it at a discount. DIY home fixes? Check. Finding paint for cheap? Check. Gardening hacks and landscaping deals? Check, check.
Our home and garden savings guide has literally everything in it — so you can update your space for SO MUCH LESS. Bookmark this page for your next home project, or poke around to pile up inspo.
When spring is in full swing, stores like Home Depot and Lowe's replace their snow blowers and shovels with lawn mowers and landscaping goods. Why? Because it's home refresh season — a.k.a. the perfect time to level up your indoor and outdoor areas. Even better, it's a great time to find deals on all things home and garden.
We dug into the best ways to save so you can cut costs on tools, landscaping, outdoor decor, and more.
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Garden-to-Go Kits
Prepare for the perfect family project. Every Thursday in April, Lowe's gives out these adorable Garden-to-Go Kits, like take-home tree saplings and DIY butterfly gardens. The best part? They're totally free. But these guys go FAST — so be prepared and find out when, where, and how to get your hands on one.
Spring Sale 4/7-5/4
Mark your calendars, friends: Lowe's usually kicks off their Spring Sale (aka SpringFest) the first week of April and it's one of their best sales all year. For four weeks, you'll see deep discounts on DIY projects, gardening materials, grills, and patio decor. Wanna know what to look for? Take a peek at some of the best deals right here.
Kids Workshops
Lowe's paused their in-store workshops when the pandemic hit. But every month, you get the chance to grab a take-home kit for free. These DIY kits show kids how to build things like time capsules, letter holders, basketball hoops, and birdhouses. You'll have to register ahead of time to pick one up for free. But we'll show you how and when to make your move.
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Garden Center
Get ready to grow big. The Home Depot Garden Center has deals like “buy more, save more” on seeds and $5 off $50 when you sign up for Garden Club emails. And did you know about Home Depot's Garden Center Guarantee? You can return dead trees, perennials, houseplants, and shrubs for up to a year (just hold onto your receipts). Dig deeper into the greatest Garden Center deals right here.
Spring Sale 4/7-4/21
Looking for landscaping goods? Home Depot's Spring Sale is THE place to be. Starting the first week in April, deals on mulch, vegetable planters, and annual flowers are pretty much the best you'll get. Find out the dates, deets, and how to get the biggest bang for your buck.
Kids Workshops
Home Depot customers go crazy for these kids workshops — and it's not just cause they're free. The kits usually teach kids to build little toy vehicles like trucks and tractors, and each comes with a youth-sized Home Depot apron. You can take home a kids workshop every month, but you'll have to act fast (they usually run out by noon the same day).
Here's the dirt on gardening: it's supposed to be fun — not frustrating. So let's take the pain away and make it peaceful again, shall we?
First off, you can easily dupe pricey products with DIY solutions. Stop houseplants from dying with homemade fertilizer. Keep pests away from outdoor plants with citrus peels and crushed eggshells.
Whatever's stopping your plants from reaching their full potential, you'll find clever and affordable remedies right here. Prepare to spend less time at the garden center and more time getting your hands dirty. After all, life's too short for clean fingernails.
What if we said you DON'T need a contractor to create your dream home? It's true: DIYing your way to a fresh and functional space is totally possible — and you'll save thousands of dollars in the process.
When your walls need a fresh coat of paint, it doesn't have to cost you hundreds. And you know those repairs you've been putting off for too long? Cross them off your list in seconds with a few simple fixes.
If you don't think you can handle home projects without the pros, forget everything you know — these handy hacks will help you master any task.
This Week's Best Deals
Ready to start your home refresh like, right now? Round up all the savings you can with the latest deals on landscaping, power tools, patio essentials, and more.
Home & Garden Deals
Bring your indoor/outdoor ideas to life with the latest home and garden deals. Save on: landscaping essentials, patio decor, paint, and more materials for your home project.
Patio Furniture Deals
Create a dreamy outdoor space with the hottest deals on patio furniture. Save on: conversation sets, outdoor dining, umbrellas, and other essentials to perfect your patio.
Power Tool Deals
This is not a drill — grab super low prices on power tools for any project. Save on: power tool combo kits, drills, saws, sanders, and so much more.
Garden Tool Deals
Dig a little deeper with great deals on garden tools. Save on: garden hoes, rakes, gloves, trowels, cultivators, and other grow-friendly tools for your garden.
Flower Deals
Grab the best deals on blooms for every mood. Save on: annuals, perennials, rose bushes, shrubs, trees, and tons more.
Pest Control Deals
Intruders beware. Say goodbye to unwanted guests with the latest pest control deals. Save on: bug spray, insect killers, bait stations, rodent traps, and more pest control products.
Coupons and Deals by Brand
Gear up for warmer weather with bigger discounts on these most loved brands.
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