It’s Easter again, and unlike last year, I won’t be writing about getting creative during a lockdown. That’s the good news. But, this last year has been brutal on the finances for most people. No need to cancel Easter, though. These DIY Dollar Tree Easter Baskets are something my kids go bananas for, without even knowing that I only spent around $20 on each. I gotta say, they look super expensive and are game changers around my house.

Here’s how to make your own:

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1. Save money by buying items you can split between multiple baskets.

If you have more than one kiddo, this is genius. And little toys like bubbles, putty or clay, and sidewalk chalk are easy enough to split among several baskets.


2. Forget about actual Easter baskets. Use fun storage bins or buckets!

This way, your kids can re-use their “baskets” for toys or homework. No need to buy a straw basket that just ends up in the trash anyway.


3. Remove the packaging so you can fit more stuff in there.

I know, I know. For some of you this is a no-brainer. But I’ve been guilty of late night, sleepy Easter basket assembly where I don’t even remove the tags. If you take everything out of the packaging, it’s easier to move things around and arrange them in the basket.


4. Split candy into plastic Easter Eggs.

This is kind of like the first tip. Trust me, they’ll be eating candy all day, so the last thing they need is an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids.


5. Fill the bottom of your basket with newspaper or shopping bags.

You can use the same bags they put your items in at the Dollar Tree. The reason for this is twofold: 1. This will allow you to get away with using less “grass” per basket; and 2. The grass doesn’t support heavy items and they sink. You can cover the bags or newspapers with grass. I was able to use one bag, cut in two, for both my baskets. If you’re concerned about the newspapers showing, use the comics section.



6. Tape tall items to the back of your basket.

Nothing worse than floppy things tipping over the basket. Don’t skip this step, or you will hear a crash in the middle of the night and see candy/toys all over your kitchen. Yes, this happened. Not the kind of hunting I want to do again at 3 a.m.


7. Put smaller, heavier items toward the front.

Yeah. Extra insurance that Tip 6 doesn’t happen to you.


8. Put your basket inside an Easter bag.

These cute bags are sold in a two-pack at the Dollar Tree. Why do I need one, you may ask? Well, there’s Tip 6. Plus, if you have pets, this is extra-extra disaster insurance. And, it looks cute and give the kids something to unwrap, which is fun. Presentation is everything.


9. Tie it off with ribbon.

Presentation. Everything.


10. Stand back and admire your hard work.


11. Here Are Your Dollar Tree Easter Basket Item Lists

Hulk Easter Basket: $16.50 total

Foam Glider Plane
Marshmallow Peeps
Bubble Wand (2-pack split)
Marvel Activity Book
Sidewalk Chalk
Washable colored glue
Foam Putty
Mad Libs
Marvel Puzzle
Silly Putty
Silly String
Hulk Mask
Plastic Baseball bat/ball
Container of Lay’s Chips
Spider-Man Suncatcher Paint Kit

Fairy Easter Basket: $15.50 total

Boom Chicka Pop
Marshmallow Peeps
Bubble Wand (2-pack split)
Disney Frozen Activity Coloring Book
Disney Frozen Puzzle
Container of Lay’s Chips
Disney Princess Suncatcher Paint Kit
Wall Stickers
Trolls Hair Hugger
Paintable Wooden Rainbow Decor
Disney Princess Colorforms
Fairy Wings
Daisy Wind Spinner
Nail Polish
Barbie Kitten Toy

Items for both baskets: $10 total

Starburst, Skittles, Nerds, Gummies
Storage containers
Grass (2 bags)

Total for each basket: $21.50/$21.50



12. Other Dollar Tree Easter Basket Ideas



Super Cheap Freakin' Amazing DIY Dollar Tree Easter Baskets!