1. Turn clothespins into candy butterflies with washi tape and googly eyes.

Adhere washi tape to the top of each clothespin, then fill dollar store Valentine’s bags with M&M’s or another favorite candy. Make your butterfly wings by twisting the bag in the center, evenly distributing the candy on each side, then clipping it with the clothespin. Finish it off with googly eyes and pipe cleaners for the antenna.


2. Win over your valentine with a game of tic-tac-toe.

Make your kids’ class valentines with boxes of Tic Tac mints, festive dollar store treat bags and two free printables from The Krazy Coupon Lady.

Insert the “game board” and Tic Tacs into a small treat bag. Fold the valentine label over the top of the bag and seal it with double-sided tape.

Click HERE to download the Tic Tac Toe board printable.

Click HERE to download the Tic Tac Toe bag label printable.

3. Use bath toys and a craft bottle to make a dry frog prince snowglobe.

Avoid spills, leaks and broken glass by helping your kids make a waterless (aka dry) snowglobe. Use a shatterproof craft bottle, sequins, Valentine’s Day confetti, frog bath toy, bakeable clay, red sharpie paint pen and hot glue.

Begin by transforming your bath toy frog into a Price.

Draw on a heart “kiss” with a Sharpie, then use bakeable clay from the dollar store, or purchase it with a coupon at Michaels. Sculpt a crown for your frog prince. Bake the clay to harden it. Once the crown has cooled, attach it to your frog with hot glue.

Fill your shatterproof craft jar, found in the Valentine’s Day section at Dollar Tree, with sequins and Valentine’s Day confetti. To give my frog a little more height in the jar I used a second block of bakeable clay formed to fit inside the lid of my jar, then baked. With hot glue, attach the clay to the lid and the frog to the clay.

Insert your frog and secure the lid. To prevent kids from opening the jar and making a confetti mess, add a few drops of super glue to the lid.



4. Make valentines with dinosaur toys and a free printable.

Use string to attach dollar store dinosaurs or erasers to the free printable provided below.

Click HERE to download the free dinosaur valentine printable.


5. Use yarn and mini cups to bring Valentine Love Monsters to life.

You’ll need: yarn, mini red cups, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, foam hearts, cardboard, hot glue, and scissors to make these monsters.

To create the main hair poof for your monster, cut a piece of cardboard 3 x 1 3/4 inches. Begin by wrapping yarn, long ways around the cardboard approximately 200 times. Tie the yarn in the center on one side of the cardboard. Flip the cardboard over and cut through the middle of the yarn.

Repeat this process for the top hair poof by wrapping the yarn — short ways — around the cardboard approximately 30 times. Tie, and cut through the center on the opposite side.

Turn a mini red cup (found at Dollar Tree) upside down, and use hot glue to attach the large poof, followed by the smaller, to the cup.

Now the fun begins! Give your monster personality by decorating it with googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and foam hearts.


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6. Turn a bubble wand into a heart-popping valentine.

Use string and a hole punch to attach each printed valentine to red or pink bubble wands found in packs at Dollar Tree.

Click HERE to download this free valentine printable.


7. Count down to Valentine’s Day with Hershey’s Kisses.

Grab a roll of cellophane (from the gift-wrap section), a bag of Hershey’s kisses and a roll of string from the dollar store. Cut a strip of cellophane longways, approximately 4 inches wide.

Tie your first bow about 1- 2 inches from the top of the cellophane. Add a kiss and tie a second bow. Repeat this process until you have 14 days of kisses — including one for Valentine’s Day!

Click HERE to download the Kisses Countdown free printable tag.


8. Dress up your Valentine’s Day party with a doily photo backdrop and festive lighting.

Make a festive photo backdrop from several packs of doilies in varying sizes and colors found at Dollar Tree and by reusing white Christmas lights. Gently puncture the center of each doily by pushing the light through. If you need some help getting the hole started, use a wooden skewer or a pair of sharp scissors.

Fill the string of lights as much or as little as you like. Then, hang them vertically on your wall with tape or Command hooks.


9. Tell your friends they’re “o-fish-ally the best” with a Goldfish cracker valentine.

Put this valentine together for your child’s classmates by picking up boxes of Goldfish crackers from the dollar store. Using a piece of doubled sided tape, adhere the printed valentine to the front of each box.

Click HERE to download the free valentine printable!


10. Use baking cups to make an edible lollipop flower arrangement.

Instead of spending money on an expensive floral arrangement, use baking cups and your valentine’s favorite kind of lollipop to make your own!

Begin by laying out six regular size baking cups. Fold four of them in half displaying the colorful side on the outside, and leave two lying flat.

Hole punch the center of each of the four folded baking cups approximately 1/4 inch from the folded edge.

Punch one hole in the middle of the two remaining baking cups.

Take one small candy size baking cup, and punch a single hole in its center.

Insert the small baking cup onto the stick of your lollipop, colorful side facing up. Follow that with four folded papers, overlapping a fourth of the baking cup each time to form “petals.” Finish by adding the two open baking cups, colored side up.

Using dollar store foam, cut out two leaves, then wrap the “leaf stem” around the lollipop stick, and secure it with hot glue.



11. Use a bag of microwave popcorn as a ”poppin’ good” valentine.

Click HERE to download the Free “Poppin’ Good” popcorn valentine printable.


12. Create “Cupid’s Arrow” valentines with dollar store hearts and pencils.

These are great for your kids’ classmates or fun decor your little ones can use. Transform dollar store glittery foam hearts, pencils and red tape into Cupid’s arrows.

First, use a ruler and craft knife to cut two slits in the glittery foam heart, large enough to fit a pencil through. Insert the pencil through the slits.

Use hot glue to attach two small foam hearts together creating the point of the arrow. Make sure to leave a gap large enough to slip the tip of the pencil in.

Protect the eraser and the end of the pencil by wrapping a small piece of paper around it. Fold a piece of red tape over the paper at the end of the pencil. Use scissors to cut the tape and make the “feather” on the end.


13. Help your kids make lovebugs out of hearts and googly eyes.

Purchase a pack of foam hearts with the adhesive back and googly eyes from Dollar Tree. Stick them onto cardstock. Use a Sharpie to add legs, antennae, and a smile.


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Top 13 Dollar Store DIYs for Valentine's Day