Your kids’ classmates, teachers and friends will be cracking up when they receive one of these “punny” Valentines.

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1. You’re the “balm.”


2. “Yoda” best Valentine.


3. Life would “succ” without you.


4. I was “soapin'” you’d be mine.



5. I’ve got a “Crush” on you.


6. You’re a “cutie.”


7. Our class would “knot” be the same without you.


8. I think you are just “write!”


9. So glad we’re in the same “school.”


10. I “chews” you.



11. Hey Valentine! I think you’re a “star.”


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12. “Sprinkled” with love.


13. “Donut” go breaking my heart.


14. I’m “cerealsly” glad you’re in my class.


15. You “krack” me up.


16. Just another “cheesy” Valentine.


17. We might as well be “nerds” together.



18. You are one in a “melon.”


19. You’re “kool.”


20. “Orange” you glad we’re friends.

21. You are a “gem” of a friend.


22. Valentine, I think you are “a-doh-able.”


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