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20 Valentine Puns for Kids That Will Crack You Up

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These Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are puns that’ll have your kids (and their classmates!) cracking up.

Not only that, they serve as a little Valentine’s Day craft project for kids too! How “punny” can you and your child be?

Print these cards by following the link to each one’s Valentine’s Day craft printable. And then check out the tips I’ve included to help you save money buying the treats, candy, or other items to go along with the Valentine’s Day pun. You can get most of these items for much less than regular price when you use coupons or my savings tips.

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1. You’re the “balm.”

Who doesn’t need lip balm during winter? Watch CVS for sales and deals on lip balm brands like ChapStick and Burt’s Bees. You can always use CVS ExtraBucks to purchase anything that’s not on sale (or if there’s no coupon available). Consider using your ExtraBucks from other coupon deals you’re doing to get lip balm for super cheap.

See all ChapStick deals.
See all Burt’s Bees deals.


2. “Yoda” best Valentine.

hand holding yoda themed valentines

Get glow sticks for this Valentine’s Day craft for kids at the dollar store. Glow sticks are a constant staple, and over the years I’ve been shopping Dollar Tree specifically, I’ve always seen them on the shelves!

Get the cute printable from Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


3. Life would “succ” without you.

paper bags with succulents

Aim to spend less than $2.50 on mini succulents for this Valentine’s Day gift idea. Amazon succulents fall in this price range, and you could buy two sets and (hopefully!) have enough for an entire class.

Handwrite messages on paper bags, or use this free KCL Valentine’s Day printable and attach it. Add a ribbon for extra love.


4. I was “soapin'” you’d be mine.

Shop Bath & Body Works’ Semi-Annual sale during the first weeks of January to get $3 hand soap (reg. $8) for this Valentine’s Day craft! If you’d rather stock up all year, you can catch the summer Semi-Annual sale in June too. These are the two times of year when Bath & Body Works hand soaps hit the super-low price of $3.

Learn how to never pay full price at Bath & Body Works.



5. I’ve got a “Crush” on you.

One way to save on Crush soda pop is through Target Circle offers. In the past, I’ve seen Circle offers for up to 50% off Crush soda. Since it’s not perishable, start buying soda for Valentine’s Day well in advance so you’re not rushing to the store the night before (and paying full price, which is what always happens when I buy things last-minute!).

See all soda coupons.


6. You’re a “cutie.”

Clementine oranges like “Cutie” or “Halo” brand are a great idea for Valentine’s Day crafts for kids, because they’re in season during the winter. Aim to spend no more than a dollar per pound at stores like Target and Walmart.

Learn where to shop for cheap produce.

See all produce coupons.


7. I think you are just “write!”

To create this little DIY Valentine’s Day card for kids, look no further than the dollar store where you can stock up on cheap pens and pencils!

If you like to stock up all year on items for your Valentine’s Day gifts, back-to-school season is the best time to get deals on pens and pencils from big-box stores like Walmart or Target. The best deals show up in late August, and you won’t have to spend more than $0.10 per mechanical pencil or $0.50 per stick pen. The deals are that good!

See all Dollar Tree deals.


8. So glad we’re in the same “school.”

If your “school” requires pre-packaged treats, you can convert a lot of the ideas here into a more sanitary version. For this one, order individual packages of Goldfish crackers on Amazon and tape the printable to the packages. It’s not as cute, but it’ll pass muster, and it’ll only cost you $0.38 per bag.

You could do this idea with a small bag of Swedish fish too! It’ll be a bit pricier at $0.63 per bag.


9. I “chews” you.

Ditto the Goldfish idea: if your school doesn’t allow loose treats, fill a bag with individually-wrapped gum balls from Amazon for $1 per ounce. Otherwise, get a bag of gum ball machine refills and spend much less — only $0.53 per ounce!



10. Hey Valentine! I think you’re a “star.”

Look for deals on Starburst candy at Amazon or the dollar store. You can use manufacturer coupons at Dollar Tree if the item matches the size requirements on the coupon. (Sometimes dollar store quantities are different than retail stores’ and if it’s too small, the coupon may not apply.) For example, if you had a Mars brand coupon, you could use it on a bag of Starburst candy at Dollar Tree.

See all candy coupons.
See all Mars coupons.


11. “Sprinkled” with love.

Consider buying donuts at Krispy Kreme if you don’t have time to make your own! Krispy Kreme will have Valentine’s themed donuts, or you can just go with regular sprinkles donuts!

Find out how to save money on Krispy Kreme donuts!


12. “Donut” go breaking my heart.

Same as above, if you don’t have time to make donuts, there’s no shame in buying them!


13. I’m “cerealsly” glad you’re in my class.

individual cereal made into valentines

Amazon is a great place to look for mini-cereal boxes. In fact, you could buy enough for two classrooms and come out spending $0.61 per box.

Or you could use cereal coupons to jump on deals at stores like Kroger!

Use this free KCL Valentine’s Day printable for the tags!


14. You “krack” me up.

In addition to jumping on candy deals and using manufacturer coupons at dollar stores, try stocking up on candy during Halloween. I know this won’t help you much this year, but you should know that Halloween is the best time of year to get up to 70% savings on mini candy bars. Since chocolate is good for at least eight months, four months later when Valentine’s Day rolls around, those krackel bars will be in their prime.


15. Just another “cheesy” Valentine.

Grab a box of individually wrapped Cheez-Its on Amazon and pay $0.35 per Valentine! Win.

See all cracker coupons.



16. You are one in a “melon.”

Buy watermelon candies on Amazon to do this Valentine’s Day craft for kids, or for an individually-wrapped option, load up on small bags of watermelon Sour Patch kids ($0.63 per bag) and tape the card to the package.


17. You’re “kool.”

Buy Kool-Aid singles on Amazon and you’ll pay $0.80 each. I compared this price with Walmart to make sure it was cheapest, and Amazon beats out Kool-Aid singles at Walmart by a few pennies per single. You’d pay $0.82 each at Walmart.

See Kool-Aid coupons.


18. “Orange” you glad we’re friends.

Buy orange slice candies on Amazon and you’ll pay $0.24 per ounce. These Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are trickier to get individually wrapped and still keep it affordable, but one idea is to use a Cutie orange instead of candies.


19. You are a “gem” of a friend.

Pro tip: buy Ring Pops at Dollar Tree! You’ll get four for $1, bringing them to $0.25 each, compared to Amazon’s Ring Pop price of $0.35 each.


20. Valentine, I think you are “a-doh-able.”

Nothing beats Play-Doh in terms of affordable, non-candy treats! You can get canisters of Play-Doh at Target for $0.47 each when you use your Target RedCard to save an extra 5%. Compare this with Amazon’s Play-Doh price of $0.80 per canister!

(Also, compare both of these prices with some of the other candy ideas. Play-doh might be cheaper than a lot of the less healthy ideas I’ve mentioned!)


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