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The cheesy police take Valentine’s Day off, so you’ll be happy to know any love coupon ideas are good ideas. Plus, your partner won’t care when they’re cashing these coupons in!

What are love coupons? They’re like IOUs you give to your loved one and they can “cash them in” whenever they want.

Download this FREE Love Coupons printable to fill in and gift to your lover.

Here are a few more articles to help you rock Valentine’s Day:


1. 24 hours of uninterrupted childcare

Love coupon book


In most families, there’s the partner who does the bulk of the childcare. In our family, we call it the “flexible” parent. Even if they work a job too, they still make all the kid appointments and do all the school things.

If you know this is not you in your family, give this coupon to the one who most likely needs a break from daily home life!


2. You win the argument

Give the gift of a win to your partner during an argument. Warning, this love coupon seems like a generous and wonderful idea when you’re creating it. It won’t feel as fun when your partner cashes it in.


3. Redbox rental of your choice

They get to pick the movie! No questions asked.


4. Takeout night of your choice

Best for the partner who never gets to choose where you eat.


5. Breakfast in bed

This one is a cousin to the free childcare love coupon. Let the person who always has to get up early have a break!


6. A weekend away camping

This love coupon idea is for the one who is always turning down invitations to get outdoors with friends because the spouse wants them home more often. Send them camping!


7. Go to a sporting event

Coupon holder chooses the event!

Check out StubHub for cheap resale tickets.


8. A relaxing day at the spa

When this love coupon gets cashed in, whoever gave it will schedule a spa day for their partner. No questions asked!


9. Ice cream run

Give this to the partner who always has the ice cream cravings!

Plus, there’s no need to pay full price when you can use ice cream coupons (the real kind that get you a discount on the sweet stuff).


10. Take a cooking class together

Try a new dish and get your hands dirty together.


11. Dinner and a movie

Guess who picks both? Yep, the holder of this love coupon.

See all dining and restaurant deals.



12. A weekend getaway

While this one will require a quick budget check before you offer it, there are a lot of ways to save on travel.


13. Home-cooked meal

Give the cook a night off, for the love! This includes shopping for the meal too.

See all grocery deals.


14. Half-hour back rub

Everyone loves a back rub they don’t have to return. Give this freebie and be ready for it to be redeemed when you least feel like giving a back rub.


15. Trip to an amusement park

It doesn’t have to be spendy! Find out how to do Disney on a budget, or learn how to get Six Flags discounts.


16. One morning to sleep in

This is the option without breakfast in bed. I’m sure your partner won’t miss breakfast if they’re used to getting up early!


17. Control of the remote

We’ve all got that one person in the family who dominates the remote. Give this coupon to the other person!


18. An uninterrupted nap

I’m not a napper, but my husband is. I’m giving him this love coupon.


19. Dessert of your choice

Make it cheaper and offer to split the dessert of their choice. Or just let them have it all and watch them eat it!


20. A day at the museum

Best for the partner who is always trying to talk the other one into a museum visit.


21. A night out on the town

Best for the extrovert, given by the introvert.


22. Game night

Many families have a weekly or monthly game night already, but in my family, it’s like pulling teeth to get my husband to do a game night. I’d love to receive this coupon! (Somebody tell him for me, k thanks.)

See all the best game deals.


23. A foot rub

Not ready to offer up a whole back rub? The foot rub is a nice toe in the water. (Pun intended.)


24. One day with the house entirely to yourself

This love coupon was perhaps more appealing before the pandemic, but still, there’s something about being home alone, being able to watch your show on the big TV as loud as you want, and being free to eat all the Cheez-Its.


25. Netflix and wine night at home

For the introvert, from the extrovert.

See all wine deals and how to save on wine.


26. Cocktail party for two

The giver of this coupon promises to play bartender for the night. All cocktails are chosen by the recipient.



27. Picnic in the park

Lunches packed by the giver of the coupon, of course.


28. Spend a day at the beach

Ditto this love coupon — all prep work is to be done by the giver of the coupon.


29. Skiing or snowboarding trip

If you both love to hit the slopes, this coupon is a no-brainer. But if one of you doesn’t, consider creating a complement to this coupon that they can use on the trip: “Sit in the lodge and drink all day.”


30. Watch the sunrise

Night owls, show your love by getting out of bed early with this love coupon! Your early bird partner would love to watch a sunrise with you instead of by themselves.


31. Or… watch the sunset

Sunsets tend to happen right in the middle of dinner during the winter. If you’re usually bustling around, refusing to sit down because there’s too much to do, give this coupon to your more laid-back partner who wishes you’d stop and watch a sunset with them.


32. Take dance lessons together

Given by the partner who is reluctant to get out on the dance floor.


33. Create a time capsule together

The giver of this coupon will lead the charge to make the event special. One idea is to do a time capsule of the past year in your relationship.


34. Bubble bath

An hour or two where your partner can watch their show in the bathtub with not a single knock on the door!


35. A night in a hotel

Gimme, gimme. This one would be amazing for any partner who mostly stays at home.

Buy a hotel bond that grows in value over time. When you pay $100, in 60 days it’d be worth $150!


36. Attend a concert of your choice

And your partner has to come along!


37. A day fishing, hunting, or hiking

This is another one for the partner who doesn’t get to do their hobbies as much as they’d like to.


38. Getting your car washed

This is an easy one to offer since all you have to do during the winter is drive the car through a car wash. Pick a clear day so your loved one can enjoy a clean car for at least 24 hours if your weather is gross.


39. Day of compliments

This one is best if you set a minimum amount of compliments, you know, to make sure your partner feels like they’re getting their “coupon’s worth.”


40. Load of laundry on me

Laundry is a two-day affair at my house, so you can bet I’d be cashing this love coupon in.

(Did you know you can save big money using laundry coupons? It’ll make doing the wash for your partner more palatable.)


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40 Valentine's Love Coupon Ideas That Are Awesomely Cheesy