There’s nothing wrong with embracing the cheesiness on Valentine’s Day. IMO the cheesier, the better.

Check out these 44 Valentine’s Day love coupon ideas:


1. 24 hours of uninterrupted child care


2. One free “let it go” coupon (even when you really want to keep ranting about it)


3. Redbox rental of your choice


4. Have professional photos taken


5. Breakfast in bed

6. A weekend away camping


7. Takeout night of your choice


8. Go to a sporting event


9. A relaxing day at the spa


10. Ice cream run

11. Take a cooking class together


12. Dinner and a movie



13. A weekend getaway


14. Home-cooked meal


15. Half-hour back rub

16. Trip to an amusement park


17. One morning to sleep in


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18. You win the argument


19. Control of the remote


20. An uninterrupted nap

21. Dessert of your choice


22. A day at the museum


23. A night out on the town


24. Game night


25. A foot rub

26. One day with the house entirely to yourself


27. Netflix and wine night at home


28. Cocktail party for two



29. Picnic in the park


30. Spend a day at the beach

31. Skiing or snowboarding trip


32. A trip to the zoo


33. Watch the sunrise


34. Or… watch the sunset


35. Take dance lessons together

36. Create a time capsule together


37. Bubble bath


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38. One day of golf on me


39. A night in a hotel


40. Attend a concert of your choice

41. A day fishing, hunting or hiking


42. Getting your car washed


43. Day of compliments


44. Load of laundry on me



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44 Valentine's Love Coupon Ideas That Are Awesomely Cheesy