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101 Free Love Coupons for Your Partner

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What are love coupons? They’re like IOUs to give to your loved one so they can “cash them in” whenever they want. They’re great for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, or honestly just for whenever. Who needs a reason to show your partner you love them?

The basic idea here is that the person who typically isn’t into doing the thing on the coupon is the one who gives it away. The coupons are supposed to be for the recipient. So however that looks in your relationship. I know not everyone has the same roles in a family or in a relationship, so I tried to keep it gender-neutral.

Download this FREE Love Coupons printable to fill in and give to your love.


1. 24 hours of uninterrupted childcare love coupons

A parent sitting in a nursery holding a baby

In most families, there’s the partner who does the bulk of the childcare. In our family, we call it the “flexible” parent. Even if they work a job too, they still make all the kid appointments and do all the school things.

If you know this is not you in your family, give this coupon to the one who most likely needs a break from daily home life!


2. I’ll do your chores

A coupon that means what it says. The giver will do all of the receiver’s chores for a day or two. Maybe a week. Up to you!


3. You win the argument

Give the gift of a win to your partner during an argument. Warning: this love coupon seems like a generous and wonderful idea when you’re creating it. It won’t feel as fun when your partner cashes it in.


4. Agree to disagree

You can’t maintain a healthy relationship this way, but most of us have certain arguments that just always come up and aren’t really solvable (sometimes they’re not even important). That’s the best time to use this coupon.


5. Redbox rental of your choice

They get to pick the movie! No questions asked.


6. … Or “Your turn to choose the show”

Not all of us have the same tastes in shows as our partners. So if you usually watch thrillers because that’s what you like, why not give this one to your partner and agree to sit through “The Crown?”


7. Takeout night of your choice

Best for the partner who never gets to choose where you eat.


8. “I’ll plan date night” (or “You plan date night”).

This one has two possibilities. Either one of you always plans date night and it’s a chore, and the other just has to show up. Or you fight over who gets to plan date night because you both want to do it. If the former, give this coupon so your partner can have a break for Pete’s sake! If the latter, give in and let your partner plan a date night.

Here are some cheap date night ideas.


9. Breakfast in bed

A couple sitting in bed with a tray of breakfast laughing together

This one is a cousin to the free childcare love coupon. Let the person who always has to get up and cook have a break!


10. Cuddling love coupons

If you both like to cuddle, this one may not be for you. But if you’re in a relationship with a cuddler and you’re not, this is a great option. Give them a certain amount of cuddle time to cash in.



11. A weekend away camping

This love coupon idea is for the one who is always turning down invitations to get outdoors with friends because the spouse wants them home more often. Send them camping!


12. Go to a sporting event

Coupon holder chooses the event!

Check out StubHub for cheap resale tickets.


13. Go to a ballet or opera event

Rinse and repeat sporting event love coupon.


14. A relaxing day at the spa

When this love coupon gets cashed in, whoever gave it will schedule a spa day for their partner. No questions asked!


15. A weekend home alone

Maybe your partner just wants to be home without the rest of y’all around. In that case, you take the kids camping or for a hotel staycation and let them have the house for a weekend.


16. Ice cream run love coupons

Give this to the partner who always has ice cream cravings!

Plus, there’s no need to pay full price when you can use ice cream coupons (the real kind that get you a discount on the sweet stuff).


17. … Or a booze run

Does your partner want something a bit harder than ice cream? You know what to do. Don’t forget the alcohol coupons.


18. Mixologist for a night

The giver of this coupon mixes drinks for a stay-at-home date night.


19. Take a cooking class together

A couple taking an online cooking class and getting ready to try the recipe

Try a new dish and get your hands dirty together.


20. A day of no complaints

C’mon, every relationship has at least one Debby Downer. Give this to your partner if it’s you.


21. A day of no reminders

If you’re prone to over-reminding (possibly leaning into the realm of nagging), give this to your partner.


22. A day of no asks

The giver of this coupon doesn’t ask for anything from the receiver for a whole day.


23. Dinner and a movie

Guess who picks both? Yep, the holder of this love coupon.

See all dining and restaurant deals.


24. Spend a night stargazing

Two people together on a roof looking at stars

Bundle up and go outside.


25. A weekend getaway

While this one will require a quick budget check before you offer it, there are a lot of ways to save on travel.


26. Fill-in-the-blank love coupons

Receiver gets to craft their own love coupon.


27. “I’ll go clubbing with you”

Not for everyone, but if your partner is a party animal and they usually go out with friends, why not offer up yourself to the night life for one night?


28. Home-cooked meal

Give the cook a night off, for the love! This includes shopping for the meal too.

See all grocery deals.


29. Listen to a podcast or audiobook together

Might take a few days to get through a whole audiobook, but this is a great way to carve out time together that’s not centered on watching TV.


30. Play video games together

A couple sitting on bean bag chairs playing a video game together

Whoever hates video games gives this coupon.


31. Half-hour back rub

Everyone loves a back rub they don’t have to return. Give this freebie, and be ready for it to be redeemed when you least feel like giving a back rub.


32. “I’ll mow the lawn” (or shovel the walk)

If this isn’t your typical chore, it’s a perfect coupon to give to your partner.


33. Surprise lunch hour date

If your partner gets a break for lunch, why not use this coupon to show up and take them out?


34. Trip to an amusement park

It doesn’t have to be spendy! Find out how to do Disney on a budget, or learn how to get Six Flags discounts.


35. Plant a flower together

This can be as big or as small as you want it to be. You can plant a flower in a pot, you could plant a tree, you could plant a small garden …


36. One morning to sleep in

This is the option without breakfast in bed. I’m sure your partner won’t miss breakfast if they’re used to getting up early!


37. “I’ll tell you a secret”

A coupon that divulges a secret with no strings attached.


38. Control of the remote

Two people sitting on a couch, one holding the TV remote away from the other who is reaching for it

We’ve all got that one person in the family who dominates the remote. Give this coupon to the other person!



39. Play one round of strip poker

Most of us know which partner in our relationship this coupon is for.


40. Fun with edible body paint

Chocolate, strawberry, champagne flavor, you name it, the Internet’s got it.


41. Go through old pictures together

Either pictures from your childhood, telling new stories your partner doesn’t know, or pictures of your past together, recalling memories.


42. An uninterrupted nap

I’m not a napper, but my partner is. I’m giving him this love coupon.


43. “I’m your servant for the day”

Don’t blame me if this goes sideways, but if your partner is usually doing things for you, this would be a good one.


44. One veto

Receiver gets to use this coupon to shoot down one of your ideas or decisions.


45. Dropping it, no questions asked

Use these love coupons to avoid an argument.


46. AMA

Ask me anything. Simple as that.


47. Dessert of your choice

Gourmet cupcakes in a plastic container of 6

Make it cheaper and offer to split the dessert of their choice. Or just let them have it all and watch them eat it!


48. A day at the museum

Best for the partner who is always trying to talk the other one into a museum visit.


49. A night out on the town

Best for the extrovert, given by the introvert.


50. Game night

Many families have a weekly or monthly game night already, but there’s always the one partner who makes it like pulling teeth to get to play.

See all the best game deals.


51. A foot rub

Not ready to offer up a whole back rub? Foot rub love coupons are a nice toe in the water. (Pun intended.)


52. Uninterrupted reading time

One partner gets to relax on the couch to read, while the other runs interference with the kids.


53. Netflix and wine night at home

For the introvert, from the extrovert.

See all wine deals and how to save on wine.


54. Picnic in the park

Lunches packed by the giver of the coupon, of course.


55. Spend a day at the beach

Two people sitting together on a blanket at the beach and taking a selfie

Ditto this love coupon — all prep work is to be done by the giver of the coupon.


56. Skiing or snowboarding trip

If you both love to hit the slopes, this coupon is a no-brainer. But if one of you doesn’t, consider creating a complement to this coupon that they can use on the trip: “Sit in the lodge and drink all day.”


57. Watch the sun rise

Night owls, show your love by getting out of bed early with this love coupon! Your early bird partner would love to watch a sunrise with you instead of by themselves.


58. Or … watch the sun set

Sunsets tend to happen right in the middle of dinner during the winter. If you’re usually bustling around, refusing to sit down because there’s too much to do, give this coupon to your more laid-back partner who wishes you’d stop and watch a sunset with them.


59. Take dance lessons together

Given by the partner who is reluctant to get out on the dance floor.


60. Create a time capsule together

The giver of this coupon will lead the charge to make the event special. One idea is to do a time capsule of the past year in your relationship.


61. Bubble bath

A person in a bubble bath holding a glass of champagne

An hour or two where your partner can watch their show in the bathtub with not a single knock on the door!


62. A night in a hotel

Gimme, gimme. This one would be amazing for any partner who mostly stays at home.


63. Attend a concert of your choice

And your partner has to come along!


64. A day fishing, hunting, or hiking

This is another one for the partner who doesn’t get to do their hobbies as much as they’d like to.


65. Getting your car washed

This is an easy one to offer since all you have to do during the winter is drive the car through a car wash. Pick a clear day so your loved one can enjoy a clean car for at least 24 hours if your weather is gross.


66. Day of compliments

This one is best if you set a minimum amount of compliments, you know, to make sure your partner feels like they’re getting their “coupon’s worth.”


67. “Load of laundry on me”

Laundry is a 2-day affair at my house, so you can bet I’d be cashing this love coupon in.

(Did you know you can save big money using laundry coupons? It’ll make doing the wash for your partner more palatable.)


68. One striptease

No explanation necessary.


69. One fantasy fulfilled

Only for the brave.


70. Go to church together

Or temple, or synagogue. This one is for the partner who is more spiritual and who wishes the other would accompany them to their chosen house of worship.


71. Photoshoot

A person taking a photo of another person posing in front of some greenery

Dress up and go outside. Take pictures of each other or ask strangers to take your picture.


72. Go on a long drive

Give these love coupons to the least fidgety and antsy of the two of you. Chances are they like being in the car more than the other one and would enjoy a long drive together.


73. Talk about the future

Whatever floats your partner’s boat. Maybe they want to talk about their dream house, ideal vacation, or heck, maybe they want to talk about retirement. Time for you to make time!


74. Tight hug

Literal love coupons for the one who always hangs on longer in an embrace.


75. No tech day

An entire day of no screens. Just focusing on each other.


76. Read a book together

Two people laying down next to each other reading books

Same book or separate books. Nothing better than sitting in the same room with someone you love while reading.


77. Your wish is my command

Receiver gets to make one wish of the giver. Giver must do it.


78. Ten things I love about you

Best to have these ten things top of mind before you give this coupon because when your partner cashes it in, you want to spout them off, not hesitate and try to come up with something.


79. Say I love you a hundred times today

Challenge accepted.


80. A compliment a day for a week

You probably don’t need love coupons for this, but if you made the compliments really mean something, it could totally work.


81. Dance in the rain

For the less spontaneous of the two of you to give to the spontaneous one.



82. Hold hands on command for the day

Whenever the recipient wants to hold hands, the giver will.


83. Shopping spree

Can be solo or together, depending on what the recipient would prefer.


84. Remember when?

A whole conversation, with or without a time limit, where you talk about the good things from the years of your relationship.


85. An evening by candlelight

Sure, dinner, but also, the rest of the evening too. Good things happen by candlelight.


86. Do a puzzle together

For the partner who loves to do puzzles.


87. Play hooky for the day

Call in sick or otherwise detach yourself from all responsibility and spend the day with the recipient of these love coupons.


88. Night out with friends

Girls’ night out? Guys’ night out? Whoever receives this coupon gets to decide.


89. Surprise me with flowers today

If you often forget to bring home flowers, give your partner this coupon. Just make sure you do it that day.

Here are some ways to get cheap flowers.


90. I’ll make your store returns for you

woman standing in returns line with bag and receipt

Somebody give me this coupon! Surely I’m not the only one out there who puts off making store returns.


91. Karaoke night

For the singer, from the non-singer.


92. Go play mini-golf

Another option for a day date.


93. Dance party in the living room

For the dancer, from the non-dancer.


94. “Give me a kiss — a real kiss”

This coupon is for one passionate kiss, no pecking allowed.


95. Stay in bed all day

Together or solo, let the recipient decide!


96. 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to talk

For the talker, from the non-talker.


97. Go on a walk together

Two people holding hands and taking a walk in a park

Rain or shine, when the recipient presents the giver with this coupon, out you go!


98. A visit to the local animal shelter to hold cats

Who doesn’t want a coupon to hold cats?


99. “I’ll organize something for you”

It can be a drawer, a room, or a whole garage, it’s up to the giver to specify on the coupon.


100. One free repair

Not a honey-do list but a coupon for one repair to be given by the repair-person.


101. “I’ve got grocery shopping covered this week”

Give the regular grocery shopper in the relationship a break.

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