If you want to save money at Six Flags, you need to avoid all the extra costs. In addition to paying for entrance fees to the park, you’ll need to pay for parking, food and drinks, line-skipping passes, lockers and more. And it ain’t even close to reasonable prices.

Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Over Georgia are owned independently. The rest are owned corporately but prices vary across the board, and Six Flags discounts are comparable, but not identical. So, if these aren’t the exact Six Flags deals at your location, that’s why.

Get ready to become a professional at outsmarting Six Flags and saving money.


1. Save $25 on Six Flags tickets by committing to a specific date.

General admission Six Flags tickets are anywhere between $41.99 – $89.99 (depending on location) — this is the price you’d pay online or at the park if you don’t want to choose an exact day to visit.

A ticket at this price is good for any single day of the week, all season. I recommend getting over any commitment issues, plan out the exact day(s) you’ll visit the park, and get your Six Flags tickets deal by buying tickets online. Just committing to a particular date for your visit will save you $25 per ticket.


2. Get the Six Flags Coke discount by bringing a can of Coca-Cola to get $3-$20 off your general admission ticket.

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Of the 18 Six Flags locations, 16 parks offer a discount when you bring a can of Coke with you. The amount of money you save varies by park, though. Bring one can of Coke per general admission ticket. This is a great way to get Six Flags discount tickets if you can’t commit to a day and buy tickets online.

  • America, Baltimore/Washington DC: Save $15
  • Discovery Kingdom, San Francisco, CA: $15 off
  • Fiesta Texas, San Antonio, TX: $10 off
  • Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ: $15 off
  • Great America, Chicago: $15 off
  • Hurricane Harbor, Arlington, TX: everyone pays the kids price ($5 off)
  • Hurricane Harbor, Concord, CA: $4 off
  • Hurricane Harbor, Los Angeles, CA: $8 off
  • Hurricane Harbor, Jackson, NJ: $4 off
  • Magic Mountain, Los Angeles, CA: $20 off
  • New England, Springfield, MA: $15 off
  • Over Georgia, Atlanta, GA: $15 off
  • Over Texas, Arlington, TX: $20 off
  • St. Louis, MO: $15 off
  • White Water, Atlanta, GA: $3 off
  • The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor, Lake George, NY: everyone pays the kids price ($16 off)
  • Magic Waters, near Rockford, IL: $4 off

Find deals on our CocaCola deals page.


3. Six Flags tickets for children under two years old are free.

Get this Six Flags discount with no proof of age required!


4. Kids in grades K-6 can earn a free Six Flags ticket through the Read to Succeed program.

To earn a free Six Flags ticket, kids must read recreationally for a certain amount of hours, based on age. If your child’s school already participates, get details from your child’s teacher. If your school doesn’t yet participate, just talk to your school administrators and volunteer to represent your school to get them signed up for the program.

Your kids can earn this ticket even if you don’t live anywhere near a Six Flags!


5. Save with the seasonal pass Six Flags discount.

Since the cost of a single-day ticket is $31.99 – $59.99 (depending on location), and the cost of a season pass is $59.99 – $118.00, you only have to use it twice to feel confident you’ve saved money — and you’ll benefit from other Six Flags season pass perks. Every adrenaline rush you get on a roller coaster is free after that.



6. Use your season pass at 13 of the 18 Six Flags park locations.

These are only five parks you can’t use your season pass to get into (assuming your season pass isn’t for one of these locations):

  • Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark, Lake George, NY
  • Hurricane Harbor, Arlington, TX
  • Hurricane Harbor, Los Angeles, CA
  • Hurricane Harbor, New Jersey
  • White Water, Atlanta, GA

Otherwise, as long as you’ve used your pass at your home park first, you can use it to get into any of the other parks.


7. Get 70% off Six Flags season passes over Labor Day weekend.

Every year, Six Flags has a flash sale over Labor Day weekend — up to 70% off season passes. If you can’t wait that long, the second best time to buy is in February just before the season starts when passes are up to 55% off.


8. Get cheap Six Flags tickets when you go to the park Tuesday-Thursday during April, May, September and October.

Six Flags tickets have varying prices based on day of the week and month of the year.

Go to parks during the middle of the week in April, May, September and October, or during the warmer months and get cheap Six Flags tickets. You may pay up to $10 more per day, per ticket to go during the weekend or the days closest to the weekend.

Parks in cities with colder winters don’t tend to open until March or April — stick to the weekdays if possible.


9. Stay at a hotel near the park and use Uber or Lyft to avoid paying $25/day for parking.

It’ll cost you $25 per day to park your car at Six Flags. Depending on where you’re staying, you could get an Uber or Lyft for closer to $15. If you’re close enough to the park to simply walk, that’s even better. Consider walking back during the busy time of day to take naps and eat lunch. (Prices change by location.)

Be sure to ask your hotel about Six Flags discount tickets too! Many Choice hotels (Think: Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, Clarion, etc.) or Marriott hotels offer this perk and are within walking distance to parks.


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10. Or, buy the Season Parking Pass if you’re a season pass holder.

The Season Parking Pass costs about $80 per year (compared to $25 per day to park). The parking pass will pay for itself after three trips to the park, so if you’re only planning on spending two days at the park, skip the pass.

You have to have a Season Pass in order to buy the Season Parking Pass.



11. Pack your lunch and eat it in the parking lot.

You can’t bring food into the park unless you have a food allergy or medical condition.

Just like you, I don’t like the inconvenience of this. But hear me when I say that Six Flags is looking for all the ways to gouge you, and food is the big kahuna of gouging. This is a key way to save money at Six Flags.


12. Or get the Basic Dining Pass if you’re a season pass holder.

The Basic Dining Pass includes lunch and a snack every day for the whole season. If you buy when it hits at least 50% off (before opening season starts), it’s around $54.99 (may be different at other locations) per pass holder. You’d recover your cost after about four visits to the park if you assume at least $15 spent inside the park on lunch and a snack each visit.


13. Only bring what can fit into your (zippered) pockets.

Six Flags won’t allow you to take a backpack on rides, and the cost of a day locker inside the park averages $13.00 – $20.00, depending on which park you’re visiting.

Only bring whatever fits into zippered pockets. Because, roller coasters. Leave the rest in your car.


14. Don’t buy bottled water.

You can get free cups of water at concession stands. But if waiting in line every time your 8-year-old says he’s thirsty is a nope for you, consider bringing a sealed bottle of water that you can refill inside the park and share, if your park allows this. If not, bring a water bottle with a built-in filter, and fill it at water fountains.

You can find water bottles like this on Amazon for $7.99 — more if you want the Brita version.


15. Buy a Premium Season Sports Bottle in the fall and share it with your family.

The Season Sport Bottle is a bottle that you can fill with unlimited amounts of Coke products. You still have to carry a drink bottle around with you, and you still have to wait in lines to get it filled. But if you know you’ll want soda and you know you’ll visit the park at least a dozen times, it can be a great buy at $25.99 (depending on location).

To get the most value, buy next season’s bottle in the fall, because you can use it the rest of that year and the entire following year.


16. Use your AAA Six Flags discount to get $5 off general admission tickets at the gate or up to 30% off when you buy online.

The AAA Six Flags discount is good for up to six tickets. Remember discounts vary depending on specific Six Flags parks. Also get 10% off merchandise purchases of $15 or more. Buy your tickets online through AAA to get this deal.



17. Check RetailMeNot for up to 35% off tickets to certain parks.

RetailMeNot runs periodic Six Flags discounts offers like “Get 35% off admission prices” or “Get 50% off when you bring a friend and buy a season pass.”


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18. Save $17 per ticket when you go with a group of 15 or more people.

If you can’t get your hands on any other Six Flags discounts, call up friends, and go together as a group. You can get a group rate if you have 10-20 people minimum at most parks. Get your group tickets online.


19. Download the Six Flags app to see ride wait times when you’re in the park.

Enable location services when you’re in the park, and you’ll be able to see expected wait times for rides in the Six Flags app under “Rides.”


20. Skip THE FLASH pass unless you’re visiting Six Flags on a summer weekend.

Just like paying to enter, paying to park and paying to eat, THE FLASH pass has multiple tiers of paying possibility. The more you’re willing to pay, the more freely you get to bypass lines. At the lowest tier, THE FLASH pass holds your spot in a real line and alerts you when it’s your turn to return and ride. At its highest tier, you basically don’t have to wait in line.

The lowest-priced pass is almost the price of your entrance ticket, though, so save this expense for when it’s most crucial — in the busy summer months.

  • Regular: average $45 per day (prices differ by location)
  • Gold (up to 50% less wait): average $75 per day
  • Platinum (up to 90% less wait): average $120 per day


21. Instead, ride the most popular attractions earliest in the morning.

Open the park and run to the most popular rides. I’m not kidding. If you want to save yourself the cost of THE FLASH pass and also not stand in lines all day, this is the way to go.


22. Buy souvenirs on Amazon, and surprise your kids with them at the end of your day at the park.

Six Flags souvenirs include everything from Looney Tunes merch to DC Comics merch. If you want to outsmart Six Flags by avoiding this cost, but you still want to get your kids something, plan ahead and buy Six-Flags themed items on Amazon. Choose one souvenir per kid per day, and give it to them when they’re tired at the end of the day. Some ideas:

  • Bugs Bunny stuffed animal
  • Superhero toy figurines
  • Justice League T-shirt
  • Wonder Woman T-shirt
  • Justice League hats


23. Get a Six Flags military discount and save up to 20% off regular ticket prices.

Where to get the Six Flags military discount will depend on which park you go to. Some, like the Chicago Six Flags, offer a discount at the park with your military ID. Otherwise, most military bases offer discounted tickets in their offices.


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