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12 Expert Tips to Help you Save Money on Wine

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Love a good glass or bottle of wine?

Well you should never pay full price, ever. If you have a glass of vino with dinner or when you eat out, you’re missing an opportunity to save money on wine, every time.


1. Buy a case of wine at World Market during their case sale and save 30% on your purchase.

Cost Plus: World Market has a fantastic selection of international wines. In the spring and fall during their semi-annual case sale, you can score 30% off when you mix and match any 12 bottles of wine.

You can get some quality wine at great prices! For example:

Gruet Brut:

  • Sale price: $0.47/oz
  • Average Price: $0.62/oz

Roederer Estate Brut Anderson Valley:

  • Sale price: $0.65/oz
  • Average Price: $0.79/oz

Segura Viudas Brut

  • Sale price: $0.25/oz
  • Average Price: $0.40/oz

Be prepared, though; this sale is usually only in stores and not online.

They do run 10% off sales for members of their card loyalty program much more frequently, so check in stores regularly!


2. Buy in bulk at Albertsons during their one-day wine sale to save 30% off of six bottles or more.

Albertsons gives their customers a huge discount on wine every eight weeks.

They offer 30% off any six bottles of wine, and it can save you tons on the more expensive bottles. The sale lasts only one to two days at a time, but if you’re smart you can save big bucks on your vino.

For example: LaMarca Prosecco (from Veneto, Italy) is normally priced at $14.99. With this sale you can get a bottle for only $10.49 — a savings of over $4.50!

Want to save even more? Shop smart and combine Ibotta rebates with your wine purchase!

Here’s an example:


Buy 1 bottle of Sutter Home Chardonnay

Regular price: $7.99 – 30% off when you buy six bottles = $5.33

Use the $1.00 Ibotta rebate for any 1 bottle of Sutter Home wine

Final price: $4.33

If you combine Ibotta deals with all six bottles you purchase, you can save tons of money on your final purchase!



3. Combine Ibotta rebates with sales to get major discounts.

For example, right now Ibotta has a rebate for $3 off a bottle of Artesa Los Carneros wine.

Combine that with a sale price to score big.


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4. Buy wine from Costco to save up to 50% per ounce.

If you’re a regular wine drinker, you can save hundreds on wine by buying at Costco and up to 50% off per ounce. Check it out:

  • Costco: 1.5 liter (51 oz.) bottle of Kirkland Pino Grigio is $7.99 ($0.15 per oz.)
  • Kroger: 25 oz. bottle of Pino Grigio is $10.00 ($0.39 per oz.)

TIP: You can also use wine rebates from apps like Ibotta at Costco to save even more per oz.


5. Subscribe to Winc and get a $20 discount + free shipping on your first case of wine.

If you like being surprised and want a regular supply of great quality wine delivered to your doorstep monthly, Winc is your jam.

And right now you can get $20 off your first shipment.


6. Buy at Trader Joe’s for their “Two Buck Chuck.”

The Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s is legendary, and they’ve been selling it consistently for over 10 years.

While it’s not the most impressive wine in the world, it gets consistently good reviews and runs between $1.99 – $3.59 per bottle.



7. Think outside the wine bottle. Buy boxed wine to save money and make wine last longer.

All of us have daydreams about wine being romantically poured from a gorgeous bottle during important life moments. And for those kinds of moments, a bottle may be best.

But If you’re a regular wine drinker looking to save a few bucks, boxed wine can be the way to go. Boxed wine can be insanely cheap, with three liters of good wine costing around $30. That’s as much wine as four regular bottles!

Need another reason to buy boxed wine? It lasts a lot longer than wine in bottles.

Boxed wine doesn’t allow the wine to touch the air. Air quickly destroys the flavor of a good wine, which is why most bottles must be consumed within two days of opening them.

It gets grosser the longer you take to finish it, but boxed wine can be safely stored for up to six weeks.


8. Keep your eyes peeled for hang-tag coupons that offer mail-in rebates.

If you keep your eyes open, you’ll see some brands offer even more savings by featuring mail-in rebates for buying multiple bottles of their brand.

For example: We found this mail-in rebate for $18 off 12 bottles of Yellow Tail wine at WinCo.

The normal price for a bottle of Yellow Tail is between $5.99 – $7.99. . . that’s a savings of over $1 a bottle and can also be combined with Ibotta rebates!


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9. Don’t buy wine from the store on a Saturday; buy it on a Tuesday instead.

You will actually pay 6% more for wine on Saturday than you will on a Tuesday.

So next time you’re planning a party for Saturday night, plan ahead and buy your wine on Tuesday.


10. Use Wine Searcher to find and price wine across the internet.

Looking at a bottle on sale and wondering if you’re really getting a deal? Plug the info into Wine Searcher and you can see what that bottle costs across multiple websites and retailers.

For example, if you’re looking at a bottle of wine on sale for $13.79 at Cost Plus: World Market, you can easily look it up and see that the average cost per bottle is $13.99, or in other words, not a great deal.

TIP: If you’re looking to make sure you get a quality glass of wine, check that it’s produced and bottled in the same place. Vineyards that are proud of their product and have a good reputation will often bottle it themselves.



11. When eating out, skip buying wine by the glass and split a bottle instead.

If you split a bottle of wine at the table instead of ordering individual glasses, it ends up being almost 30% cheaper per pour (and you’re more popular with your friends!)

Check it out: A single glass of Sycamore Lane Chardonnay wine at a local restaurant was $6.

A bottle of the same wine was $20.00, and split four ways at the table ended up being $5 per glass. That’s a savings of $4 overall!


12. Buy the cheapest wine on the menu to avoid getting overcharged.

Restaurants know that you don’t want to look cheap when you order a glass while eating out, so they’ll often get you hard on price of the second-cheapest wine on the menu.

That means the cheapest or third-cheapest wines may actually be the better value in terms of the quality of the wine.


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