1. Stay in with a date night subscription box.

Who doesn’t love a subscription box? Did you know they make ones now specifically for date nights? These boxes contain games, recipes to make, and questionnaires that get delivered to you on a monthly basis. No need for planning–just open the box and your date night begins!

Check out these different date night boxes to get started: Datebox, Datelivery, Crated With Love, Unbox Love


2. Dine out for half the cost with Restaurant.com.

There’s no need to spend a fortune on date night dinners thanks to Restaurant.com. This website will give you a list of restaurants based on your zip code that offer CHEAP gift certificates. We see deals all the time, like a $25 gift card for $10, or a $50 gift card for $25.

Just remember that most of these require that a minimum be spent. For a $25 gift card for $10, you’ll most likely have to spend at least $50. This all depends on the individual restaurant, however.

Tip: Keep your eye out for specials and discounted certificates. We often see a $25 gift card for as low as $4! Find the latest deals here.


3. Go on a geocaching scavenger hunt.

Geocaching is an awesome way to get outdoors and go on an adventure; it’s basically a nature scavenger hunt. Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes—some are small or large boxes, tubes, or even logs that open up. They’re hidden all over the world.

Pick the ones you want to find through the Geocache website or mobile app (available for iOS and Android). Then use the coordinates they give you with a GPS device to find the geocache, and sign the ‘log book’ that’s inside.



4. Get a couples massage with Groupon.

Do something relaxing with your partner by getting a couples massage with a Groupon deal! Their deals are usually 50-80% off, so you won’t need to be stressing about the price during your date.

Also, get $10 off your first order with the promo code ‘Welcome’!

Tip: Find Groupon’s latest deals here.


5. Cook a meal together with Chef’d.

Instead of going out to eat, why not get a recipe with ingredients delivered to you and make a meal together? Pick out a Chef’d box of your choosing and get cooking!


6. Use Recreation.gov to find a camping spot.

Pack your bags and get out of town for a night or even a weekend to camp! Put in your location at Recreation.gov, and it’ll show you campsites, RV sites, and even cabins you can rent (normally for very cheap).

Don’t have camping gear? Rent it! Check out Rentything and see if anyone in your area is renting camping gear.


7. Get discounted movie tickets with Raise.com.

Going to the movies isn’t cheap like it used to be, but thanks to Raise.com, you can land discounted movie gift cards! Raise will save you at least 6% on purchases, sometimes even up to 20% off.

We found Fandango gift cards for 11% off, making our $25 purchase only $22.25.


8. Use Tablespoon to find cocktail recipes.

Nobody likes paying $12 for a cocktail, so make a date out of it instead! Grab a couple of cocktail recipes from Tablespoon by searching ‘cocktails’ in the search bar, get the ingredients, and see who can make a better drink!

You’ll also get more drinks for your money this way.


9. Drive a fancy car for a day with LivingSocial.

Use LivingSocial to find your dream car (like a Ferrari or Lamborghini) to drive for a day! LivingSocial is similar to Groupon in terms of finding deals in your city; however, LivingSocial’s deals tend to be more selective.

Tip: Find all of LivingSocial’s latest deals here.



10. Pick a bike route with MapMyRide.

Bike rides are a great way to enjoy the sun and get outdoors, so why not find a great bike path to ride along? There are tons of websites that have bike routes people have uploaded.

Also check out Plotaroute and Ride with GPS to find more routes and even upload your own!

Note: All of these websites/apps are free to use but have paid ‘upgraded’ versions as well.


11. Use Heavens Above to find constellations.

Go stargazing! Pick a night where it’s going to be clear by checking out the forecast, and do some research to find an area with very minimal artificial light and trees.

Use Heavens Above (an interactive sky chart) to print off constellations, grab a blanket, and see if you can point any of them out!


12. Hit up your local bar for trivia night.

There are always bars in local areas that offer trivia night on a certain day of the week. Make a habit of date night by hitting up your local trivia night! You’ll learn things along the way and figure out which categories each of you dominates.

This also makes a great double-date night option!


13. Find a hiking trail with Backpacker.com.

Find hiking trails through websites like Backpacker.com or Trails.com, or go get lost! Bring your pup along for added fun.


14. Get cheap baseball tickets with StubHub.

Nothing says summer like baseball. Have an MLB team nearby? Hit up a ballgame! You can normally land outfield or standing room seats for pretty cheap. Try a site like StubHub where people re-sell their tickets or even Craigslist.

No MLB team nearby? See if you have any minor league teams you can go watch. Plus, the beer is cheaper!


15. Grab a cheap fishing pole and go catch some fish.

Have a couple fishing poles lying around or can borrow some from a friend? Go to your favorite watering hole and fish! Bring some bait and sandwiches, and compete to see how many each of you can catch. Even bring one home to cook for dinner.

Tip: Amazon has tons of cheap, starter fishing poles.


16. Find a farm near you to pick your own berries.

Summertime means sweet fruits like strawberries, raspberries, cherries—you name it. Instead of going to the store to buy them, why don’t you pick them yourself and make a date out of it?

Check out PickYourOwn.org to find a farm near you that allows you to pick your own fruits! The website even has a crop calendar for each state, so you’ll know what’s in season.



17. Train for The Color Run together.

If you and your partner are striving towards certain fitness goals, try training for something together. Pick something shorter and fun like The Color Run, or if you’re feeling ambitious try a half or full marathon!


18. Find a local beer festival or do your own beer tasting.

If both of you are into beer, why not do some beer tasting? Use BeerFests.com to find a beer festival near you! Or if you want to taste beer for really cheap, most specialty beer stores have the option to create your own six pack. Pick six beers you haven’t tried before, split them into glasses, and see which ones pique your tastebuds.


19. Head to your local farmers market.

Instead of getting your produce from a grocery store and making a chore out of it, head to your local farmers market! Get veggies for the week here with your date while browsing other local vendors with handmade items.


20. Go explore with a cheap disposable camera.

Grab a disposable camera and spend a day taking photos downtown, or pick a city nearby to explore! Get the photos developed and scanned at your nearest drugstore. Then use Shutterfly to upload your pictures and get them printed on mugs, a calendar, or make an album with them!

Tip: Get a cheap two-pack of disposable cameras here.


21. Set up an outdoor game.

Just like the board games you have lying around, you’re sure to have some outdoor ones as well. Badminton, boccie ball, croquet, corn hole—all of these make excellent date ideas.

Set up a couple of games to make your own ‘Olympics,’ or just pick one to play casually. You can’t go wrong either way.

Tip: Amazon has an entire ‘Outdoor Games & Activities‘ section!


22. Find hidden gems at the flea market.

Similarly to farmers markets, flea markets also make a great date option (for even cheaper). Set a certain amount of cash each of you can spend, like 5 or 10 bucks, and see who can land the coolest stuff!

Tip: Find a local flea market here.


23. Find a volunteer opportunity to donate your time together.

If both of you have a cause you’re particularly drawn to, set up a time to go volunteer! If you each support a different cause, donate your time at each other’s. Learn more about the cause and your partner.

Not only will this be rewarding to your relationship but personally as well.

Tip: Check out VolunteerMatch and Idealist for volunteer opportunities in your area.


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