Are you looking to organize your space but don’t want to spend a lot? When it comes to Dollar Tree organization solutions, the discount chain is an affordable and convenient choice for items like plastic containers, organizers, and stackable bins.

Despite the price increase on most products, the savings at Dollar Tree can’t be beat, and it’s still one of our favorite places to shop and score awesome deals. With a little creativity, now is the time to make over your bathroom, bedroom, office, or wherever you need a better view.

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Here are some Dollar Tree organization ideas you should consider:


1. Use Dollar Tree bins for towels or linens.

If you’re looking for a small storage basket to organize your towels, linens, or crafts, I suggest picking up one at Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree storage bins cost 25% less than a comparable basket from big-box stores.

2. Fill Dollar Tree book bins with school supplies.

If you think outside of the box (like that storage humor?), you can really maximize your money by using colorful Dollar Tree book bins to hold homeschool supplies, toys, folders, and even textbooks. These bins could easily run several dollars each, so picking one up at the dollar store is your best value solution.

While you’re in the spirit of saving money, did you know that these stores accept manufacturer coupons? Yep — and you may even score free stuff at Dollar Tree if you play your coupons right.


3. Make a Dollar Tree DIY fast food condiment holder.

These inexpensive trays can help you quickly organize any drawer or countertop and also save you money. As far as Dollar Tree kitchen organization goes, these 3-compartment storage trays are sturdy, colorful, and easy to clean. Now you can stash those hot sauce packets and ranch sauces in a decorative tray instead of a Ziploc bag.


4. Make daily pill (or jewelry) organizing easier with a Dollar Tree pill container.

For a Dollar Tree bathroom organization idea, pill organizers are great for packing your daily medication. You could also repurpose them for earrings when you travel. They work just as well as the Target or Walmart ones but are less expensive for your everyday use.



5. Use three-ring binders for DIY cookbooks.

Buying office and desk supplies should be on your most basic Dollar Tree organization hacks agenda. Compared to other retailers, these 1-inch, 3-ring binders can run from $2 to $4 each. While you’ll probably only have a few colors to choose from, you’ll still save big by shopping at the dollar store. Use this tip to organize recipes, estate planning documents, or other general paperwork.

And speaking of looking for bargains, check out the KCL Dollar Tree weekly coupon deals page.


6. Use over-the-door Dollar Tree storage hooks to organize your broom closet.

You 100% should be getting these at a dollar store. If not, you’re going to spend $10 more at other stores to get a very similar product.

Some reviews expressed concerns about the rack’s ability to hold up heavier items like bathroom towels or robes, while others said they had no problems with it. I’m pretty sure that this Dollar Tree storage solution can handle the job.


7. Keep bathroom organization simple with Dollar Tree storage jars.

These make great containers to hold things like cotton balls, muffin cups, or even loose change. Although big-box stores and department stores may offer a more decorative jar, Dollar Tree storage jars will save you enough to make up the dollar difference.


8. Use Dollar Tree storage cubes for pantry organization.

If you’re looking for a basic storage cube, I suggest buying them at Dollar Tree. They’re simple but effective and work just as well as the ones from other stores — at a much lower price. These Dollar Tree bins often come in different sizes and colors and typically have handles.


9. Invest in Dollar Tree linen closet organization products like vacuum bags.

These are the quintessential Dollar Tree storage containers that can spruce up your closet, linen closet, seasonal clothes, shoes, or whatever needs to be out of sight. They’re also handy for storing bulky sweaters and bedding.

Depending on the size, these bags can cost up to $15! Buy them at Dollar Tree to protect your wallet.


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9 Best Dollar Tree Organization Solutions for Your Home