Target is one of our favorite places to shop and score awesome deals, but some things you can find at Dollar Tree for less than half the price.

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1. Plastic Woven Basket

If you’re looking for a small storage basket to organize your crafts, I suggest picking up one at Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree cost is 25% less than a comparable basket from Target.


2. Plastic Book Bins

Target’s book bins are a bit wider than Dollar Tree’s, but they’re also $1.87 more.


3. Storage tray with three compartments

These inexpensive trays can help you quickly organize any drawer and you save a buck when you grab them at Dollar Tree.



4. Daily pill organizer

Find pill organizers at Dollar Tree to use for packing your earrings. They work just as well as the Target ones but are way less expensive.


5. Three-ring binder

If you need more than three color options, I suggest buying these at Target; otherwise, you’ll save $2.49 per binder by picking these up at Dollar Tree.


6. Over-the-door hooks

You 100% should be getting these at Dollar Tree. If not, you’re going to spend $15 more at Target to get a very similar product.

Some reviews showed concerns for the ability of the rack to hold up heavier items, while others said they had no problems with it. The Target hooks claim to hold up to 15 pounds.


7. Mason jars

Mason jars make great containers to hold things like cotton balls, muffin cups, or even loose change. Although Target’s price is $0.08 cheaper a jar if you buy all your organizational goodies at Dollar Tree you will save enough to make up the dollar difference.



8. Storage cubes

If you’re looking for a basic storage cube, I suggest buying them at Dollar Tree. They’re simple but efficient and work just as well as the Target ones.


9. Vacuum storage bags

These are so handy for storing bulky sweaters and bedding. Buy them at Dollar Tree to save 85% per bag.


9 Organization Solutions You Should Buy at Dollar Tree — Not Target