1. Store toothbrushes and toothpaste in a cutlery organizer.


2. Use a magnetic strip to keep bobby pins easily accessible.

3. Create non-slip hangers with hot glue.

4. Store cords in empty toilet paper rolls.

5. Make more room in a freezer by clipping opened bags underneath a shelf.

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6. Keep cables neat with binder clips.

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7. Store sheets inside matching pillowcases.

8. Use a clear plastic shoe organizer to hold snacks.

Not only are snacks easily accessible and organized, but you’ll quickly be able to see what needs replenishment.

9. Store wrapping paper in a clear garment bag and hang in a closet.

10. Keep hair ties in one place with a carabiner.

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11. Use a tension rod to organize the spray cleaners under a sink.

12. Keep a cereal box container in the car and use it as a mini-trash can.

13. Place eyeshadow singles in an ice cube tray to easily see all the shades at once.

14. Store hot tools in a magazine holder.

15. Keep scarves neat by tying them to a hanger.


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15 Ridiculously Smart Organization Hacks