Fourth of July party decor is one of the easiest to DIY because the red, white and blue color scheme is a no-brainer! Plus, it’s easy to let your kids help make all the patriotic flare.

Get inspired with our 15 Fourth of July party decorations:


1. Decorate any table with an edible centerpiece.

Fill vases with red, white, and blue candy for an easy and edible centerpiece.


2. Use ribbon and an embroidery hoop to make a windsock.

You’ll need a six-inch embroidery hoop, patriotic ribbon, hot glue and a glue gun, rope or cord, a swivel lobster clasp and scissors.

Cut your ribbon to varying lengths then use a dab of hot glue to attach each ribbon to the solid inner ring of the embroidery hoop. Once the ribbons are attached, string two pieces of rope or cord through the lobster clasp, and glue the ends evenly around the hoop.

Attach the outer hoop and tighten it into place securing the ribbon and cord while giving your windsock a finished look!


3. Create custom American flag lighting with Mason jars.

Use Mod Podge (found at the dollar store) to glue small American flags to Mason jars. Illuminate them with tea lights or battery operated candles and you’re set!


4. Make an American flag clothespin wreath to hang on your front door.

You’ll need a 12-inch box wreath frame, clothespins, red, white and blue spray paint, wooden stars, white craft paint, foam paint brushes, rubber gloves and a string or ribbon for hanging your finished wreath.

Spray paint your clothespins by attaching them to the flaps of a cardboard box. I used three boxes — one for each color — then set them aside to allow the pins to fully dry.

Then, I painted the box wreath frame blue to match my theme.

While the clothespins and wreath frame dry, use white craft paint and a foam brush to paint the wooden stars.

Once your pieces are fully dried, you can begin the assembly. Start by clipping one pin to the two center “bars,” or bar two and three of the frame. Then place the next pin on the two bars closest to the center of the frame, or bars three and four.

Use a hot glue gun to attach the white stars to the blue clothespins, and hang it with a wreath hook or ribbon!

Note: For this size wreath frame it took 14 blue clothespins, 24 red clothespins and 24 white clothespins (62 total).


5. Use paper straws to make 4th of July jewelry.

Keep your kids entertained with this easy DIY jewelry. All you need to do is cut patriotic paper straws into “beads” and string them to make necklaces or bracelets!

We found these straws for only $1 in the Target Dollar Spot.


6. Decorate your driveway and sidewalks with red and blue driveway stars.

Using an X-acto knife, make stencils by cutting stars out of poster board. Pick up some sidewalk chalk paint, and let your kids go to town decorating your driveway and sidewalks.


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7. Create a flag photo backdrop.

You’ll need a long wooden dowel, red, white and blue fabric, fabric scissors, white craft paint, wooden stars, hot glue and a glue gun.

Felt comes in wide widths, which will cut down on your overall cost — just be sure to use a coupon!

Begin by cutting varying width stripes of red and white fabric. Tie one end of the fabric to the wooden dowel (alternating between red and white to create your stripes.) Using white craft paint, paint the wooden stars, and hot glue them to a rectangle of blue fabric.

Use safety pins to attach the blue star-covered fabric to the red and white fabric, then hang it on a wall or fence.



8. Play giant tic-tac-toe in your backyard.

You’ll need four wooden O’s, four wooden X’s, red and blue spray paint, painter’s tape, star paper punch (or an X-acto knife and stencil to make painter’s tape stars), wooden dowels and a 50-foot clothesline.

First, use painter’s tape to create stars and stripes on your wooden X’s and O’s. I purchased letters that were already white from Michaels.

Tap wooden dowels into the ground, and tie clothesline rope onto them. The dowels will save you from having to readjust the rope each new game.


9. Make a rustic American flower pot.

You’ll need a terra-cotta flower pot; painter’s tape; star-shaped stickers (found at the craft store); red, white and blue craft paint; plaster of paris (for making DIY chalk paint); plastic cups; spoons for mixing paint; and a foam brush.

To make DIY chalk paint, mix one cup of acrylic craft paint with four tablespoons of plaster of paris and two tablespoons of warm water.

Next, paint the entire terra-cotta pot white. When it’s fully dry, apply the painter’s tape. Its okay if it’s not perfect — that’ll help you achieve more of a rustic look.

Paint the bottom stripes red, leaving the stripe at the top for blue paint. Once the red paint is dry, place star-shaped stickers around the top, and paint over them with the blue paint.

After you remove the tape and stickers, you can make it a bit more rustic by sanding it down lightly with sandpaper.

Plant your favorite summer flowers and enjoy!


10. Make red, white and blue rice centerpieces.

Measure out long grain white rice into two plastic zip bags. Add blue food coloring to one and red food coloring to the other.

Using your hands, mix the rice with food coloring in the bags. Poor the red rice first, then white (uncolored rice) and then blue into Mason jars. Top it off with a tea light or sparklers!


11. Make twirlers out of red and blue solo cups.

Start by cutting the lip off of the cup. Once the lip is gone, begin cutting the cup at a slight angle while rotating it to create a spiral. When you reach the bottom of the cup, go ahead and cut it off.

Use a hole punch to make a hole through each strip.

Thread a piece of string through the hole, and display your twirly cups as a decorative banner — or bring the ends together and make a fun cluster that’ll blow in the wind.



12. Use bandanas from the dollar store to wrap utensils.


13. Make red, white and blue string lights with yarn.

You’ll need water balloons; Vaseline; gloves; red, white and blue yarn; white school glue; water; rope or twine to hang the wet balloons while drying; string lights; and wire.

Cover each balloon in Vaseline to prevent the glue from drying to the balloon. Then, pour white school glue into a disposable container and gradually stir in a little water (you don’t want too much water — the goal is just to thin out the glue a little bit).

Cut off the desired length of yarn, and coil it around your hand before adding it to the glue. Cover the yarn in glue then wring it out to remove the excess.

Gently wrap the yarn around the Vaseline-covered balloon, and when you’ve achieved your desired pattern, use clothespins to hang your balloons from string to dry.

Once completely dry, pop the balloons, and pull the deflated balloon out from inside the yarn. Attach the balls to a string of lights and enjoy!


14. Fill clear jars with star twine.


15. String up your own patriotic garland.

Using a star punch, cut star shapes from red, blue, and white craft paper. Attach the stars to string with hot glue by sandwiching the string between two stars of the same color.

Hang it from a mantel, light fixture or around your yard for a quick patriotic touch!


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15 Fourth of July Decor Ideas Even Your Kids Can Help Make