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14 Creepy Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Nothing beats finding cheap spooky Halloween decorations each year, especially when you can get creative with just a few items. And it shouldn’t cost you a fortune either. That’s why I’ve made a list of fun ways to get your entire family into the spirit of Halloween and rounded up my favorite DIY Halloween decoration ideas.

How about a Hocus Pocus theme to go along with the premiere of the sequel? Decorate your space with everything Sanderson Sisters as you watch Hocus Pocus 2 for free and sing along with your friends. As long as we’re talking about spirit, did you know that there are ways to save on Spirit Halloween costumes? An affordable costume and one-of-a-kind Halloween decorations sound like a doable party to me. Most of the spooky looks are a combination of Dollar Tree finds, so these Halloween decorations shouldn’t cost more than $20 each.

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1. Get fun and cheap Halloween decoration ideas at Dollar Tree.

a beware, go back halloween yard stake

Decorate all your doors, inside and out, with a 10-foot roll of crime scene tape from Dollar Tree:

Buy 1 Caution – Do Not Enter Tape 10 feet: $1.25

Final Price: $1.25

Place creepy and fun signs warning visitors of danger, like these:

Buy 1 Halloween Spooky Yard Signs: $1.25

Final Price: $1.25

Decorate your doors and windows with these Halloween decorations, like ghosts and large skeletons:

Buy 1 Halloween Door and Window Decorations: $1.25

Final Price: $1.25


2. Dress up glass candy jars with pumpkin or skeleton toppers for a fun Halloween decoration idea.

A diy tri of glass candy jars for halloween

Hot glue your favorite Halloween decor on top of square glass jars with metal lids. Try these themed toppers from Dollar Tree:

Add loose or wrapped candy and display them as a group on a tray. Decorate the corners of the tray with bat clips or giant glitter spiders.


3. Add glowing patio steps to your list of Halloween decoration ideas.

A staircase decorated with glow in the dark tape.

Attach glow-in-the dark tape along each step to give you a standout look that’s also useful for lighting. Try glow-in-dark colors other than green to add some variety. Use the tape for indoor or outdoor use.


4. Upgrade your candy bowl with an embedded plastic skull.

a skull inside a basket with candy in basket sitting on a table

Create a creepy display for your candy bowl with the addition of a faux skull. Insert a plastic skull in the center of a web-shaped bowl from Dollar Tree. Hot glue it so that it doesn’t move. It’s as simple as that! Add candy around the skull to fill up the bowl. Try it with a glitter skull with light-up eyes to scare your trick-or-treaters when they reach for candy.


5. Turn a boring wood haunted house into an eerie scene with the help of a flameless candle.

A fake candle being placed beside a diy black haunted house good cut out.

All of the items needed for your DIY haunted house shadow candle holder can be found at Dollar Tree.



two images of a diy haunted house silhouette with glowing candle behind

Paint the house black or orange or just leave it natural. Add more details like glow-in-the-dark ribbon and colorful Halloween tinsel stems for a scary effect.


6. Create a DIY skull fake flower vase for a Halloween decoration idea.

A black skull vase with black and red flowers inside sitting alongside other Halloween decor.

Pair a stemless drinking glass and faux or real flowers to create an inexpensive and frightening centerpiece.

a plastic skull, drinking glass, and fake flowers ready for a diy project sitting on a counter

Use a knife to hollow out the top of the plastic skull from Dollar Tree, insert the glass, and spray paint both. Add the flowers and wrap the skull vase with colorful cobwebs.

A plastic skull with a glass in the top being spray painted outside on a cardboard piece

Tip: Add a small piece of dry floral foam so the flowers don’t move around in the glass. Use the glass to add weight instead of just dry foam inside.


7. Make Halloween table decor with red and white candles.

Two photos side-by-side; A person using a lighter to melt a red crayon all over the outside of a red white candle making drips down the side that look like blood. A person using a lighter to light one of the candles with crayon melted down the sides. Two other candles are already lit.

Since some surfaces or materials are flammable (i.e. wax paper, parchment paper), use a heat-resistant surface (i.e. glass, tile, granite) to absorb the candle wax. Grab some votive candles and drip red Crayola crayon wax onto the white candles to add new creepy decor to your tables.

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8. With a mirror candle holder and a plastic skull, create your own homemade decoration.
a homemade skull candle holder sitting on a counter with a candle on top

Add some Halloween-worthy flair to your countertop that’s as easy as eating a mini pumpkin pie. Smash the top of a plastic skull with your favorite glass candleholder to make an even surface. Hot glue the skull to a mirror candleholder.

a plastic skull, mirrored candle holder, candle, and spray paint sitting on the counter ready for a diy project

To create a textured, ceramic look, use a white or gray spray paint. Top your creation with a candle and you’re done.


9. Halloween decoration idea: make your doorways more ominous with cut black plastic bags.

Take black plastic bags, cut them into strips, stretch each piece, and hang them in your doorways. Add “No Trespassing” or “Caution” tape in front of the hanging bags along with spider webbing. Create this covering to rooms guests shouldn’t enter like laundry rooms or bedrooms.



10. Attach bat cutouts to lampshades to decorate your rooms.


Take heavy cardstock and make bat cutouts to attach onto the inside of your lampshades. Another option is to use removable glue dots to attach a pattern of bats on your wall. Cutouts of black cats, skulls, and witch hats will also do the trick. Lots of free printable cutout patterns are available online through a basic image search.


11. Freeze a rubber glove filled with water or juice for cool Halloween decorations.

someone holding a plastic glove of water and a ice hand in punch bowl

Need a hand amping up your boring punch bowl? Use a disposable glove and fill it with water or juice. Freeze it for at least two hours. Add it to your punch bowl and watch the surprised faces of your guests. Make a few backups to replace it as it melts.


12. Use spider ice cubes for your Halloween party decorations.
Fill an ice cube tray, add plastic spiders, and freeze.

Fill an ice cube tray with water or any clear liquid, add plastic spiders, freeze, and voila! A spooky detail fit for any Halloween get together — big or small. You may want to tell your guests ahead of time in case they don’t find this prank as funny as you do.


13. Build skeleton candy baskets with just three items.
a skeleton candy basket with candy inside sitting on an end table

Create a themed scene for your indoor candy table for under $4. Buy all of the items from Dollar Tree:

Hot glue the skeleton around the bowl as if it’s hugging it. Let it harden, then bunch the cloth underneath, and fill the bowl with candy. Try spray painting the skeleton to match the bowl or use a glow-in-the-dark skeleton.


A plastic skeleton glued to a spider web candy bowl being spray painted outside on a piece of cardboard

Wondering what to do with all of your leftover Halloween candy? We’ve got creative solutions for you.


14. Draw faces on plastic party cups for easy DIY Halloween decorations.

Spooky felt faces and googly eyes attached to a cup with colorful beverages and Halloween paper straws inside.

This tip is for everyone who can’t remember which cup was theirs at a party. Draw faces on plastic party cups with a Sharpie and add self-adhesive googly eyes. Or just add funny face stickers and names. Another idea is to place battery-operated tea lights in them on your food table to illuminate the space.

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