Gifting your favorite teacher an apple is so 1712. No worries, you can bring your gift-giving into the 21st century with DIY gifts teachers will love.

The best part about these ideas is they are easy to put together and cheap too! (Although they don’t look it.)

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1. Say “Thanks a Latte” to your favorite teacher with a Starbucks gift card.

via Just Add Confetti

Materials needed:

To recreate this gift, ask for an empty Starbucks cup with a straw when you buy the gift card.

Place some filler and the gift card inside the cup. Either create the gift tag or print a premade one and punch a hole through the top of it. Pull one end of the ribbon through the tag and tie in a bow around the straw.


2. Brighten your teacher’s desk with a bouquet of pencil flowers.

via My Mommy World

Such a great idea, and you can buy pretty much everything from the dollar store! For full instructions visit


3. Tell your teacher how great they are with a stockpile gift basket & poem.

Include the common stockpile items in the poem below, and attach the free printable to your teacher’s gift basket.

Materials needed:


  1. Grab a basket.
  2. Line with tissue paper.
  3. Fill with all the items.
  4. Print out the poem below.
  5. Cut the poem out.
  6. Punch a hole in the upper corner of the poem.
  7. Pull ribbon through the hole and tie to the basket.


4. Buy “Best Teacher” hand sanitizer as a practical gift.

Use KCL Deals to find hand sanitizer and soap deals and add premade printable tags or make your own!


5. Serve up a school supply cake to your beloved teacher.

Another great reason to stock up on school supplies come late July when back-to-school sales are in full swing!

Materials needed:

The folks at have step-by-step instructions.

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6. Create a framed crayon monogram gift for your favorite teacher.

This gift may be a little time-consuming compared to some of my other teacher gifts, but the whole thing will cost you less than $2!

Materials needed:

For detailed directions visit


7. Dress up the teacher’s desk with a DIY pencil vase.

This gift is sure to brighten any teacher’s day!

Materials needed:

For step-by-step instructions visit And, for pencil and pen coupons and deals check here!


8. Transform a terra-cotta pot into a teacher’s candy dish.

This makes an adorable teacher gift!

Materials needed:

And of course, some kind of treat for inside (I used Hershey’s kisses).

  1. Paint your pot and saucer red.
  2. While that’s drying, cut the eraser end off your pencil with the knife.
  3. Cut your felt into a leaf shape with scissors.
  4. Add a small dot of hot glue to the center at one end of each “leaf” and pinch to make it more three dimensional.
  5. Use glue to attach the pencil and leaves to the saucer then fill with candy!
  6. Apply chalkboard paint to a terracotta pot, and you can write a message to your favorite teacher!


9. Tell your teacher they stand out with a chalkboard crayon wreath.

It may look complicated but with a few items, you can easily make this pretty thoughtful gift!

Materials needed:

Visit for complete instructions.


10. Show your teacher appreciation with an apple and caramel sauce.


Giving a teacher a regular apple = boring.

Giving a teacher an apple with caramel sauce wrapped with a bow = an irresistible (and inexpensive) throwback gift! For full instructions and free printables visit

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11. Create a “thank you” jar with small gifts from Target’s Dollar Spot.

To keep this cute teacher gift idea cheap grab your materials at Target’s Dollar Spot or dollar store.

Materials needed:


  1. Fill the jar with items.
  2. Cut the ribbon long enough to go around the jar and pull one end through the hole in the tag.
  3. Tie around the jar.
  4. Curl ribbon with the edge of the scissors.


12. Tell your teacher they are Tea-rific with a tea appreciation gift.

Hit up Target’s Dollar Spot (the discount-bin area in the front of the store) for cheap double-wall straw cups and add some filler, tea bags, bow, and tag!


13. Say “thank you” to your teacher or teacher’s aide with lemonade cups.

Here’s another awesome cup idea. Fill it with some lemonade packets and a thank you note. Attach a “thank you” message to the straw for your teacher or teacher’s aide.

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14. Remind your teacher how important they are with a DIY succulent garden.

Remind a teacher how important they are with this quick and easy succulent garden.

Materials needed:


  1. Turn the jar upside and spray paint a couple of coats (follow spray can directions).
  2. Let dry.
  3. Sand areas around the jar like the words to give it a distressed look.
  4. Add rocks or gravel to the bottom of your jar for drainage or filler.
  5. Plant succulents (or use fake ones).
  6. Add a gift tag saying, “Thank you for helping me grow.”


15. Create a practical gift with a teacher emergency kit.

via The 36th Avenue

You can put just about anything in a teacher emergency kit. Grab a small box and fill it up.

Materials (suggested) needed:

Or, you can select other various items.



16. Make DIY Bath and Body Works Foaming Soap

Need a quick, easy gift? Make your teacher a bottle of foaming soap with these easy to follow directions.

Materials needed:


17. Tell your teacher they are “one smart cookie” with your favorite cookie recipe.

via Building Our Story

Share one of your favorite recipes with a teacher, and include all the dry ingredients in a mason jar. Don’t forget the sweet message!


18. Surprise your teacher with a homemade crayon holder.

Here’s a clever crayon or pencil holder for your teacher’s classroom. Look at hardware stores or craft stores for small decorative log pieces. You may be able to pick them up for free if you live near a wooded area or know someone who does.

Materials needed:


  1. Measure how deep you want your crayons to sit, then mark your drill bit with tape.
  2. Drill into the log, stopping when you reach the tape.
  3. Blow out sawdust and fill with crayons.
  4. Repeat for however many crayons you want in each log.


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