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16 DIY Teacher Gifts for End of the Year Thanks

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DIY teacher gifts are a great alternative to spending big money on something your child’s teacher may not even like. They’re also a great option outside of the traditional apple. Does anyone even give teachers apples anymore? It’s kind of 1832. These DIY teacher gifts are so easy, it’s almost a crime.

Whether you’re looking for Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas, which started May 6, 2024, or DIY teacher end of the year gifts, these are easy to put together and cheap too! Best part? They look anything but cheap. Oh, also check out all the freebies for teachers and various teacher discounts (I’m talking cool stuff, like discounted cell phone service). We also created free printable teacher gift tags for your presents. Plus, here’s all the special Teacher Appreciation Week 2024 deals offered for teachers.

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1. Nothing says “Thanks a Latte” like DIY teacher gifts that include a Starbucks gift card.

diy a starbucks coffee teacher gift

I mean, what teacher doesn’t want free coffee?

What you’ll need:

a preson holding a starbucks gift card to make a diy a starbucks coffee teacher gift


  1. Place some filler and the gift card inside the cup.

  2. Create or print the gift tag, and punch a hole through the top of the card.

  3. Pull one end of the ribbon through the tag and tie in a bow around the straw.

Print the free Coffee On Me Gift Tag

Print the free Thanks A Latte Gift Tag

2. Show your teacher appreciation with a teacher gift basket and poem.

diy teacher gift basket with poem

Put your coupon stockpile to work! Use this free printable as a card for a teacher gift basket, which includes all the items from the poem.

What you’ll need:

supplies for diy teacher gift basket with poem


  1. Line your basket with tissue paper, and fill it with all of the items.

  2. Print and cut out the poem, and punch a hole in the upper corner of the poem.

  3. Pull ribbon through the hole and tie to the basket.

diy teacher gift basket with poem steps

3. Personalize hand sanitizer for useful DIY teacher gifts.

a person holding a tag on a personalized hand sanitizer

Now more than ever, teachers will appreciate hand sanitizer, as it goes fast and is still so necessary. Download the KCL app to find hand sanitizer deals and soap coupons. Then cut a hole in a note you can either design on your computer and print. Or you can handwrite something clever. Honestly though? Just “Best Teacher Ever” works too.

Psst … ever wondered how to make hand sanitizer? Make it yourself and save some cash!

4. Serve up a school-supply cake to your teacher.

a diy supply cake teacher gift

Another great reason to stock up on school supplies comes late July when back-to-school sales are in full swing!

A school supply cake is a bit more involved as far as DIY teacher gifts go. But if you’ve got the desire and energy, it’s a lovely way to show your teacher your appreciation.

What you’ll need:

items on a counter to make a diy supply cake teacher gift


  1. Put a rubber band around the Clorox wipes.

  2. Insert the five packs of pencils into the rubber band so they’re held against the wipes.

  3. Wrap a second rubber band around the base of the pencil packs.

  4. Insert the packs of crayons and the liquid glue alternately.

  5. Slip the glue sticks in between the pencil packs so they sit on top of the crayon packs.

  6. Wrap ribbon around the rubber bands to cover them up.

Note: If you’d like a little more height for your Clorox wipes, you can prop it up with a container of more school supplies or candy. Here are some easy school supply storage ideas too.

5. Create a framed crayon monogram as a sweet teacher appreciation gift.

a diy framed crayon art teacher gift

Another slightly more time-consuming DIY teacher gift, but it’s super cheap because I bet you’ll have a lot of this on hand already.

What you’ll need:

items on a counter to make a framed crayon art teacher gift


  1. Print or draw the first letter of your teacher’s last name on the cardstock, which you’ve already sized for your frame. You’ll want it to be a block letter since you’re filling it with crayon remnants.

  2. Arrange crayons in the colors you want them and then score the crayons where they need cut. You’ll snap them at the score instead of cutting all the way through. This creates a clean edge.

  3. As you score and snap, you might run into a crayon that needs a curved cut (for example, if you’re making the letter “S”). Make pencil marks on the crayon and then heat the knife with the blow dryer and slowly melt as you cut.

  4. Once all the crayons are cut and lined out how you want them, start gluing them together.

  5. Glue the whole crayon letter to the paper and place it inside the frame.

6. Dress up the teacher’s desk with a DIY pencil vase.

a pencil flower vase teacher gift

This one is easy and a mix of useful (pencils), along with thoughtful (flowers).

What you’ll need:

items on a counter to make a pencil flower vase teacher gift


  1. Stand the pencils with the eraser at the bottom against the vase.

  2. Glue the pencils to the glass.

  3. Keep going until the vase is covered in pencils.

  4. Add a ribbon around the middle, and fill your pencil vase with flowers.

7. Transform a terra-cotta pot into a teacher’s candy dish.

Person grabbing a small candy out of one if two small terra cotta pots painted red with a leaf and pencil end glued to the lids to ...

This makes an adorable teacher gift, perfect for back to school or Teacher Appreciation Day!

What you’ll need:

Person painting and gluing a felt leaf and pencil piece to make the pots resemble apples.


  1. Paint your pot and saucer red.

  2. While that’s drying, cut the eraser end off a pencil with the knife.

  3. Cut the felt into a leaf shape.

  4. Add a small dot of hot glue to the center at one end of each “leaf” and pinch to make it more three dimensional.

  5. Use glue to attach the pencil and leaves to the saucer, then fill with candy.

  6. Apply chalkboard paint to the pot, and you can write a little message with chalk.

8. Inform your teacher that they’re “the bomb,” and encourage self-care.

diy a bath bomb teacher gift

Any of the many DIY teacher gifts that communicate that you see your child’s teacher as a whole human being are good options. Like this one. Wrap one (or more!) bath bombs in tissue paper by gathering it at the top and tying it off with a little ribbon. Then attach a little note that says “you’re the bomb.”

items on a counter to make a bath bomb teacher gift

9. Give them a homemade foot soak.

a person adding essential oils to a mason jar full of epsom salts

It’s easy to make a relaxing foot soak, and teachers of all people deserve to relax! Magnesium inside Epsom salt can really do the trick.

What you’ll need:


  1. Fill jar with Epsom salt.

  2. Add a few drops to the salt and seal the jar; shake it.

  3. Include instructions for a half a cup of foot soak to enough water in the bath to cover ankles.

10. Show your teacher appreciation with an apple and peanut butter.

apples and individual peanut butters as a teacher gift on counter

Giving a teacher a regular apple = boring and old fashioned. Giving a teacher an apple with peanut butter or caramel wrapped with a bow = an irresistible (and inexpensive) gift!

What you’ll need:


  1. Wash the apple.

  2. Place the peanut butter or caramel sauce dip cup on top.

  3. Wrap the whole thing in cellophane.

  4. Tie it off with a piece of string or ribbon.

  5. Add a personalized note with our free printable apple gift tag.

Print the free Apple Gift Tag

11. Create a “thank you” jar with small gifts from Target’s Dollar Spot.

Two images; one with a jar and pencils, small notepad and dinosaur erasers, the second image has a person holding the jar with all of ...

To keep some of these DIY teacher gifts cheap, buy your materials at Target’s Dollar Spot or the dollar store. I’m linking to Amazon because inventory can be so variable at dollar stores, but if you can get any of this for less money, you know my vote is to do it!

What you’ll need:


  1. Fill the jar with items.

  2. Add a ribbon around the top of the jar.

  3. Curl ribbon with the edge of the scissors.

  4. Add a tag if you’d like to.

Print the free Right on Target Gift Tag

12. Tell your teacher they’re “tea-rific” with this DIY teacher gift.

a person holding a tea time teacher gift

Hit up the dollar store for cheap double-wall straw cups and add some filler, tea bags, bow, and tag!

Print the free TEA-riffic Gift Tag

13. Say “thank you” with lemonade cups.

a person holding a tumbler drink teacher gift

Not sure if your teacher drinks tea? Fill your dollar-store tumbler with some lemonade packets and a thank you note. Attach a “thank you” message to the straw and voila!

14. Remind your teacher how important they are with a DIY succulent garden.

Two images side by side; one a person spray painting an upside down mason jar in a box and the second image is a person holding a ...

Plants and succulents make a great gift, and if you’re nervous about your teacher not having a green thumb, get them fake succulents or air plants for this one.

What you’ll need:

Note: If you use real succulents, you’ll want to include some dirt to plant them in.


  1. Follow spray paint directions and coat the jar with paint twice.

  2. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

  3. Sand areas around the jar to give it a distressed look.

  4. Add rocks to the bottom of your jar for drainage or filler.

  5. Plant succulents (or use fake ones).

  6. Add a gift tag saying something punny like, “Thank you for helping me grow.”

Print the free Helping Me Grow Gift Tag

15. Make a teacher emergency kit.

a person putting tic tacs into a box with other items

You can put just about anything in a teacher emergency kit. It’s super easy too. Just grab a small box or jar and fill it up. Here are a few suggestions, but really, it’s up to you:

What you’ll need:

16. Tell your teacher they are “one smart cookie” with your favorite cookie recipe.

a diy cookie jar teacher gift

Share one of your favorite recipes with a teacher, and include all the dry ingredients in a mason jar. Don’t forget to include the punny message in your card.

items on a counter to make a cookie jar teacher gift

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