With COVID-19 and everyone staying home — even for school — getting your house in order when it comes to school supplies is essential. Follow these 18 tips to make your life, and your kids’ lives, a little easier when it comes to school, homeschool, homework, and keeping those supplies in check.

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1. Transform a dish rack into a file and supply organizer.


2. Store paper clips, rubber bands, and erasers in an old spice rack.


3. Repurpose food tins and hang them up on a wall.


Glue hanger plates to the back of the tins, or use magnets for an easy project.


4. Or, leave the tins on a desk painted and decorated with washi tape.


5. Hang homework and important papers from clothespins.


Hot glue tacks or magnets to the back of clothespins and hang school paperwork, making it easy for kids to grab and go in the morning. Leave notes like your child’s name or a message for the day.


6. Put chalkboard labels on jars and fill with supplies.

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Or, use chalkboard paint on the jars.


7. Decorate shoeboxes and house your notebooks inside.





8. Chalk-paint a filing cabinet.

Label each drawer on the front, and keep a weekly calendar on the side.


9. Organize pencils, markers, and crayons in a tackle box.


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10. Fill a bath caddy with supplies to create easy access during homework time.


11. File school papers in a bin.


12. Or, organize your kids’ papers with binder clips.

Clearly label the binder clips and be specific like when papers are due, what papers need to be signed or reviewed. Hang them from nails near your organization station so homework is ready to go.


13. Use a muffin tin to organize smaller school supplies.


14. Or, reuse cleaned out K-Cups.



15. Separate supplies with drawer dividers and box tops.


16. Fill a shoe holder with supplies and hang over a door.

While you’re at it, label the pockets.


17. Use a cabinet filled with easily accessible labeled bins, supplies, and folders.

This will make it easy for you and the kids to find the supplies you need.


18. Establish a command center for backpacks, books, and assignments.

Having everything in one place is a good solution to getting the kids out the door and on the bus, on time.


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18 Clever Ways to Organize School Supplies