I’m a huge advocate of earning money without ever needing to leave my couch. Toluna.com allows me to do just that. Like Inbox Dollars, Toluna is a site that works for companies seeking consumer opinions, making it the perfect platform for you to share your thoughts regarding products on the market. Whenever you take a survey, you’re helping Toluna provide consumer data to big brands, and in return, Toluna will thank you with gift cards and freebies.

Here are 10 reasons why I love Toluna, and why you might like them too:


1. You get free gift cards.


Fill out surveys about your household, shopping habits or even workout schedule, and collect points. Those points turn into great gift cards that can be used at some of your favorite shops. We’re talking Kohl’s, Redbox, Starbucks, and Target just to name a few. Check out all the possible rewards here.


2. You can earn extra cash without leaving your couch.

So you like gift cards, but are more into cash, eh? You can totally earn both on Toluna! The minimum payout for cash is $30 via PayPal, which is the equivalent of 90,000 points. For me, in about 15 minutes time (time I could have spent on Facebook, but didn’t), I earned 1,500 points—not bad!

Surveys will tell you roughly how long they’ll take to complete, and how many points they’re worth right off the bat so you don’t feel like you’re wasting time. Make sure when you sign up for Toluna, you answer the preliminary questions. This will help Toluna connect you to more surveys.


3. You can hear other people’s opinions on the topics that matter to you.

Earn points when you create your own polls and surveys on Toluna. It can be super interesting to see the feedback on the polls you create. So if you really want to end the argument you’re currently having with your bestie about which is most popular—The Bachelor or The Bachelorette—ask away and earn points in the process!


4. You get to try new products—including lipstick and BB cream!

I love trying new products, but even a drugstore lipstick can be as much as eating out. With Toluna, you can try new products for free! Not a sample—we’re talking full-size products from brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Rimmel and Nivea.

Insider Tip: The more you participate on the site, the more likely you’ll receive a free product to try. The more detailed your review is, the better.


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5. You’ll feel more productive during your free time.

When you need a break from whatever you’re doing but don’t want to waste time on social media, take a Toluna survey. It mixes up your day and keeps you productive because you’re earning points at the same time. By the end of the week, you may even have enough points for a gift card. (You’ll also feel happy knowing you didn’t waste time Facebook stalking your ex. Now that’s success!)

Insider Tip: Your points won’t show up right after a survey is completed—it may take a day.


6. You can easily earn points on the go.

Use the Toluna app while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, waiting for friends, parked and waiting for the kids to finish school, or while you’re getting gas. Every five extra minutes can now be time spent earning points that lead to gift cards.


7. You don’t have to worry about them sending you junk mail.

By filling out surveys, Toluna is getting a lot of info on you, but it’s reassuring to know that that private info is confidential, and it won’t be used to send you spam.


8. You can enter drawings for cash prizes and products.

There’s always a monthly drawing for $4,500! It’s 500 points to enter—so instead of saving your points for gift cards, you have the option to enter the drawing. Or, there are ‘gifties.’ Gifties are virtual gifts that can become real, and cost about 75-500 points per drawing. Right now, one of the gifties is a Sony 4k video recorder. It takes just 500 points (which can be less than one survey), to enter the drawing.


9. You can meet new friends.

Get points when you answer other users’ questions, and before you know it, those users have struck up a conversation with you. Follow each other, and keep up on each other’s activities. The more friends/followers you have, the more helpful it will be when you create (and earn points on) polls and opinion topics.

Insider Tip: When answering new friends’ polls and quizzes, write at least a 100-word response for more points.

Sign up and start earning with Toluna now!


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9 Reasons You're Gonna Love Toluna (Free Makeup Included!)