You are a pampered princess.

You enjoy long, lazy days luxuriating in your spacious home where you indulge in one pampering treatment after another.

And then you wake up.

Who has hours of “me” time?

A soothing soak in the tub is the go-to method for relaxation for good reason. It guarantees a few precious minutes of isolation behind closed doors. The warm water is soothing and relaxing. And it doesn’t require a large bank account.

No need to spend a small fortune on high-end bath products in order to have a spa-like experience at home.

There are plenty of ways to add luxury to a bath-time ritual without spending big bucks.

Here’s how to enjoy a blissful bath with just a few household ingredients:

  1. Add two cups of dry milk while filling the tub. It soothes and moisturizes the skin and adds a creamy texture to the water. Egyptians were known to add milk to their baths often!
  2. Don’t be an ice princess. Keep the bathwater on a slow, warm trickle to maintain the temperature.
  3. Rub a little apple cider vinegar onto aching muscles while in the tub to put the brakes on any lingering tension.
  4. Add a few cups of dried oatmeal to calm irritated and itchy skin. It’s a trick Mom used as a home treatment for chicken pox, but it works for basic skin irritation, too.
  5. Add a few drops of lavender oil or a handful of dried lavender to bath water. Lavender is known to promote a restful sleep and is a natural stress-reliever, so it is an ideal way to settle down before bed.
  6. Place a smear of Vicks near the faucet head. As the steam rises from the hot water it will warm the vapor gel and fill the tub area with sinus clearing menthol.
  7. Add fresh ingredients such as flower petals or dried herbs. They all have therapeutic properties and can induce calm and serenity. You don't need to buy new flowers to do this; just take the wilted petals you would normally throw away and toss them in.
  8. Explore the dollar store for bath scrubbies, exfoliating gloves, and even bath beads. These tools and products are just as effective from dollar stores as they are from high-end bath boutiques.
  9. Dim the lights and add some mood lighting with battery-operated votive candles. These are available at most dollar stores and can add a safe ambiance to a relaxing bath.
  10. Enforce a privacy policy with a Do Not Disturb sign. Make one with paper found around the house, if necessary, to make sure others get the message that this is a worry-free zone.



Ahhhh for Less: Enjoy a Blissful Bath Without Breaking the Bank