Everyone knows women love beauty products. From makeup and cleanser to moisturizers and exfoliators, it's nice to pamper ourselves and feel beautiful. What’s even better is when these products don't put a major dent in our wallets, and actually work as well (if not better) than more expensive products. Every year, major magazines like Allure, Cosmopolitan and InStyle award various beauty products with the distinction of "best" in their category. Here are a select few that aren't just award winners, but are also under $15 and perform at the top of their class. The icing on the cake is that many of the celebrated items below are available at your local drugstore, Walmart and Target, meaning you can use coupons to save even more!

1. Award-Winning Face Cleanser

Biore Steam Activated Cleanser. How does a steam-activated cooling cleanser infused with menthol sound? Expensive, right? Not if it’s Biore's Steam Activated Cleanser. This product was named best in its category thanks to Cosmopolitan. The product removes every trace of makeup and feels incredible on the skin, especially when used in a steamy shower. It contains cooling mint and green tea extracts, known for their invigorating and detoxifying properties. For only $5.47 for a 5-ounce bottle, you can’t pick a better cleanser to wipe the day's grime away.

2. Award-Winning Frizz Tamer

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution. This shake-activated dual elixir contains part liquid lotion and part silicone-based serum, helping hydrate hair and fight major frizz. This InStyle favorite doesn't leave hair heavy or sticky and is great for fine or medium-textured hair. With a 2-ounce bottle costing only $7.98, fighting frizz doesn’t have to put you in a hairy situation any longer!

3. Award-Winning Razor

Schick Hydro Silk Razor. Your skin's moisture is depleted as you shave, but thanks to this trailblazing razor lined with a serum-depositing strip made from shea butter and marine extracts, you can say goodbye to dry legs. The moisturizing serum is water-activated and leaves skin silky smooth. Nothing is worse than razor burn or an unsmooth shave on your legs or underarms due to a cheap razor. Do your skin a favor and pick up a starter-pack of this Cosmopolitan reader favorite for just $11.99.

4. Award-Winning Deep Moisturizing Body Lotion

Jergens Crema Deep Conditioning Oatmeal Lotion. Does your skin remind you of sandpaper? Do you have dry spots, ashy tones, or lizard-like patchy areas? If so, then pamper your dry skin with Jergens Crema Deep Conditioning Oatmeal, infused with shea, mango, and cocoa butters. Specifically made for use on both men and women, you'll be amazed at how silky your skin feels after using this Allure "best." And, an 8-ounce jar comes with a price tag of just $5.59.

5. Award-Winning Daytime Facial Moisturizer

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM. Daytime moisturizers should be made with lightweight formulas that don't clog pores, and CeraVe has perfected this with their AM Facial Lotion. In addition to using a combination of hyaluronic acid, ceramides and niacinamide to add moisture, they have also added SPF 30 for sun protection. This formula is made with CeraVe's patented multivesicular emulsion technology, which slowly releases ingredients over time, offering non-stop nourishment. You can't beat the price of this Allure winner at just $9.66 for 3 ounces.

6. Award-Winning Concealer

Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer. Lacking in the sleep department? Fake a great night's sleep and cover dark circles with this gel-based concealer that illuminates and highlights, offering eyes a well-rested look. It’s available in six shades for only $7.99 (for a 0.05-ounce tube) and considered the "best" according to Cosmopolitan.

7. Award-Winning Eyelash Curler

Sally Hansen Sexy Curls Precision Eyelash Curler. The "control freak" of curlers according to Allure Magazine, this handy beauty gadget offers a steady plastic grip and tighter crimping action. It even comes with a replacement pad and a price tag of only $3.79.

8. Award-Winning Hair Color

L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Color & Shine System. At-home hair coloring can be an anxiety-laden experience, but L'Oreal's product is an award winner, again thanks to Allure readers, because it takes the worry out of the entire process. This coloring system, infused with Vitamin E and a UV filter, produces even color, covers roots and grays and stays glossy for weeks. The fade-defying colorants ensure true tones for eight weeks and prevent dullness and brassy color. The multiuse conditioning tube is an added perk, considering this fabulous product (available in 39 shades) will only set you back $9.99.

Award-Winning Beauty Products Under $15