Mineral makeup promises a "flawless face" by creating a natural appearance without the heavy, cakey look of traditional liquid foundation and the mess of old school powder. BareMinerals, a mineral makeup line by Bare Escentuals, features all-natural products made without chemicals that the company says are so good for the skin that users can even get away with wearing them to bed (something that usually guarantees a breakout).

The product line is popular because of its high quality and also because the foundation comes in a large number of shade options, and that helps users achieve a perfect, natural look that best matches each individual's skin tone. It can be costly, though. An 8 ounce jar of the original bareMinerals foundation is around $27. The good news? A little goes a long way. When applied correctly, an 8 ounce jar should last about three months. In addition to applying the makeup with a light hand, there are other ways to save money on this hot product. Here's how:

Start with the trial size kit

Get sample sizes of the basic line, plus some very nice extras, by purchasing a bareMinerals Get Started Kit. Prices of this kit vary because shoppers can choose from a variety of sizes and contents, but the general price range is $20 to $64. The $20 kit is plenty to learn about the product and will give you enough makeup to last about a month. It comes with two small jars of the foundation (one in matte and the other in the original formula), Mineral Veil finishing powder, concealer, a mini-application brush and a mini-concealer brush. One of the perks to ordering the kit directly from the Bare Escentuals site is that you can customize the kit to match your skin tone. It's one of the best features of this makeup line and the key to achieving that natural look, so take advantage of the opportunity to choose a custom shade.

Get the TV offer

Another way to sample bareMinerals is to buy the TV offer when it is featured on QVC or on the infomercial, which is frequently shown on late-night television and ends with an offer to get a generous assortment of the brand's best sellers for under $29.99. It differs from the Get Started Kit because it offers more products for a comparable price and also comes with automatic enrollment in the Friends and Benefits club, a free rewards program for bareMinerals shoppers, along with the bareMinerals Club (more on these clubs below).

If you don't catch the infomercial, don't worry. The offer can also be found on the Bare Escentuals site for the same price. It includes:

  • A 0.07 ounce jar of the original foundation
  • A 0.03 ounce jar of Mineral Veil finishing powder
  • A 0.02 ounce jar of Warmth all-over face color
  • Flawless Face application brush
  • Mascara
  • Concealer brush
  • How-to DVD

Join the bareMinerals Club

After sampling the products and deciding to make it part of your regular beauty routine, the best way to save money on this product is to join the bareMinerals Club.

The basic price is $39.98 and includes a choice of three bareMinerals items (options include foundation, mascara and Mineral Veil finishing powder). Members also choose the frequency of delivery and can have it shipped every 30 days or as infrequently as every six months. The money is automatically deducted from the credit or debit card you choose to place on file with the company. One of the best perks of club membership is the generously-sized samples that come with each shipment. They can include anything that is part of the Bare Escentuals product line. I once received a full size of a Bare Escentuals face wash with my regular order! It's a great way to try something new that would otherwise be overlooked because of price limitations. I became a fan of primer after receiving a generous sample of the bareMinerals Prime Time product years ago.

How to make the most of the membership:

  • Don't get monthly shipments. As part of the signup process, Bare Escentuals offers a handy guide to determine how much makeup you'll need. It's unlikely you’ll need the product each month, especially if you follow tips on how to apply properly and don't waste any. If you don't wear makeup on weekends (or go for lighter coverage), for example, then delivery every three months or longer will be sufficient.
  • Mix it up. Members can change the settings on their standard order at any time. Choose different products to get more from the membership, adapt to changing needs for different seasons and more. Consider choosing two foundations: one in a lighter shade and one in a darker shade in order to customize a look even further. One jar of the Mineral Veil finishing powder can last several months (or might not even be needed), so don't get locked in to having this as part of the regular rotation.
  • Don't be afraid to negotiate. If the commitment of a club membership becomes a burden because of changes in the budget, call to cancel and be prepared to negotiate some lesser-known options. It is possible to continue enjoying the benefits of a club membership with deliveries as infrequently as twice a year (every six months). You'll receive three products of your choice and the other perks that come with those shipments, including generous and free product samples.

Friends and Benefits Club

Avoid the regular commitment that comes with the bareMinerals Club and join the free Friends and Benefits Club instead. The club works like most rewards programs, offering perks like free treats on your birthday, along with a special sale day (members choose the day and can save an additional 15 percent) and invitations for special offers.

Make it last

The Bare Escentuals site offers tutorials on proper application and easy-to-follow directions, videos and photos. So it's easy to get the application process down to a science using their suggestions. Here are some additional tips:

  • Start off small. Tab just a dash of powder onto the lid, then swirl the application brush into the powder and tap off any excess. It's better to add more powder than start off with too much and end up wasting it.
  • Use primer to extend the life of the powder foundation. A think application of primer applied after moisturizing helps the powder adhere to the face and makes it less likely you'll need to reapply later in the day. A bottle of primer can easily last four months, so it's a good investment. The Bare Escentuals Prime Time primer is $23 for one ounce, but it's easy to find deals on primer at Amazon, Walgreens and Target and pay much less (under $8 for the one ounce size).
  • Make custom blends. The trademark product Warmth is included in the sample kits and can be a handy add-in for extra color. Add just a dash into foundation for a sun-kissed glow instead of buying bronzer. Try a light application of Mineral Veil (also included in the sample kit) in place of primer to give the foundation extra staying power.
How to Save on bareMinerals Makeup