Instead of: MAC Up the Amp, $16

Try: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Berry Haute, $4.99

Up the Amp by MAC is a breathtaking dark rose/purple lip color that looks amazing on any complexion. The formula is creamy and super-opaque—don't wear it if you don't want to draw some positive attention to your lips! I find that it actually lasts me up to 6 hours, even after eating and drinking! There’s only one thing that I don't like about this lipstick: its shocking $16 price tag!

Revlon's Berry Haute is the same purplish berry color as Up the Amp but will only set you back $5! The application is creamy and lasts for hours just like MAC's version. When Berry Haute finally does wear off, it leaves behind a berry-colored stain that looks super pretty and natural. Although I’m a MAC girl at heart, Berry Haute wins this battle.

MAC Up the Amp Lipstick Dupe for Only $4.99!