Instead of: MAC Mulch Eye Shadow, $15

Try: CoverGirl Swiss Chocolate Eye Shadow, $3.09

Mulch is a beautiful medium-brown eye shadow with reddish undertones and a hint of gold shimmer. I love this shadow! It applies smoothly, has little fallout and is easy to blend. Mulch is my go-to eye shadow whenever I need to do a smoky eye look. It really makes my light eyes pop and lasts most of the day. Be warned, this eye shadow is super pigmented and if you aren't careful you might end up looking more "raccoon" than "sultry." Although I’m in love with Mulch, it's a little too expensive for my makeup budget.

Swiss Chocolate by CoverGirl is the perfect dupe for Mulch. It’s the same pigmented teddy bear brown color for a fraction of the price. Swiss Chocolate applies like a dream and has amazing staying power. In fact, it lasts all day long—even through a grueling Zumba class! Even though I adore MAC eye shadows, Swiss Chocolate wins this battle!

Get MAC Mulch Eye Shadow in CoverGirl Swiss Chocolate for Just $3.09!