Instead of: Fairy Lights by Butter London, $15

Try: Pink Satin by Sally Hansen, $3.19

Butter London's Fairy Lights is not your average pink nail polish. Sure, it's pinkish rose in color, but it has an edgy twist—it's metallic! I always feel like I should accessorize with combat boots and a leather jacket when I wear Fairy Lights. It glides on smoothly and is the perfect shade after just two coats. Although this polish is gorgeous, it does have a couple downsides: it chips after a day or two and it costs $15!

Sally Hansen's Pink Satin is a dead ringer for Fairy Lights. Not only is it identical in color, Pink Satin applies the same and gives the same shiny, metallic finish as its costlier twin. The only detectable difference: Sally Hansen's version is $3! Although I’m a sucker for high-end nail polish, Pink Satin actually lasts longer on my nails than Fairy Lights—even through multiple loads of laundry and a sink full of dishes!

Get Butter London Fairy Lights in Sally Hansen Pink Satin for Only $3.19!