Chanel's Paradoxal nail polish is a dusky dark gray and purple color. It looks sort of like melted chocolate with a hint of grape Kool-Aid mixed in. It's the perfect shade for these cold months. The polish glides on nicely and is opaque after just two coats. It dries fast and lasts about two or three days for me without any chipping. Although this polish is amazing, it costs $27! I could get three packs of diapers for that price!

Instead of Paradoxal, try Perplex by Revlon. Although the photo doesn’t do it justice, it's virtually the same color—but only costs $1.99! Perplex is opaque after just one coat and it dries super fast. It lasts for about four days before I notice any chipping, which is about twice as long as the Chanel version. If you are a frugalista like me, opt for Revlon's polish—you won't be disappointed.


Choose Revlon's Perplex Polish for Just $1.99 Over Chanel's $27 Paradoxal