Instead of: Chanel Rouge Noir, $27

Try: Revlon Vixen, $5.79

I always feel like a vampire's girlfriend when I wear Chanel's Rouge Noir. It's a sexy, blood-red nail polish that really stands out against my pale skin. This polish really is a classic—it was first released in the 90s and reached cult status when Uma Thurman sported it in Pulp Fiction. The polish goes on like butter, is super smooth and extremely pigmented. In fact, I recommend wearing a basecoat to prevent nail staining. Although Chanel Rouge Noir is a classic—the price is a frightening $27!

Revlon's Vixen looks just like Chanel's Rouge Noir but is a fraction of the price! The only difference I noticed is the consistency of each polish. Revlon's polish is a lot thinner and a tad bit streakier than Chanel's version, but it looks identical (and streak-free) after just two coats.

Get Chanel Rouge Noir in Revlon Vixen for Only $5.79!