Instead of:  Mean and Green by MAC is a flashy purple and green duo-chrome nail polish. I get tons of compliments whenever I wear it—mostly because it changes from gold to green to purple depending on the lighting! It's also super pigmented and glides on opaque with just one coat. Like other MAC polishes, it does tend to chip after two days (you can prevent this with a good top coat). Although Mean and Green is  a great polish, it costs $16—mean, just like the polish’s title says!

Try:  Orly's Space Cadet looks exactly like Mean and Green and is only about $8 (even cheaper if you find it at a local store). Space Cadet is easy to apply and turns opaque after just one coat. It also lasts longer on my nails. I went five days before the tips of my nails started to chip! I love Space Cadet so much, I have a backup bottle in my closet, just in case.

MAC Mean and Green Nail Polish Look-Alike for Half the Price!