I absolutely love buying nail polish. I'm usually the first in line when my favorite brand comes out with a new collection! Unfortunately, my bank account doesn't like my obsession. It tends to go all Negative Nancy on me when I go overboard at the beauty store. Luckily, most of those expensive high-end polishes (which can cost more than $20!) have identical colors that can be found at the drugstores for a lot less money! Here are eight more nail polish dupes:

Instead of: Bubble Bath by OPI, $9

Try: Pink Slip by Sally Hansen, $6.49

OPI's "Bubble Bath" is a subtle, pale, creamy pink color. It is a semi-sheer, almost nude shade that adds a touch of sophistication to almost any outfit. "Pink Slip" by Sally Hansen is an almost exact dupe in color and quality for about a third of the price! Both polishes are a bit streaky but become opaque and smooth after three coats. In fact, I prefer the Sally Hansen polish because it is a bit thicker and creamier. I find that both nail polishes remain chip-free for about five days, even after multiple hand washings, diaper changes and cleaning sessions.

Instead of: Ate Berries in the Canaries by OPI, $8.50

Try: VaVa Voom by Confetti for $2.99

"Ate Berries in the Canaries" is a common staple in every polish lover's collection. It is a simple creamy raspberry color with deep purple tones. You can get the same shade for less than $3 with "VaVa Voom" by Confetti. Both colors apply nicely and are opaque after just one or two coats. Confetti's version does chip a little easier than "Ate Berries in the Canaries," so be sure to use a good top coat to keep your manicure lasting for a week or more.

Instead of: Lucky Lucky Lavender by OPI, $9

Try: Flirt by Revlon, $3.99

"Lucky Lucky Lavender" is another one of those staple colors. It is a creamy pink with purple and blue undertones. Score the same color (and quality) for less with Revlon's "Flirt." Both lacquers only require one application to reach opaque, but two really makes the color pop. With a good top coat, both polishes should last almost a week.

Instead of: Wicked Game by Deborah Lippmann, $17

Try: Gray's Anatomy by Wet n Wild, $1.99

"Wicked Game" is a duo-chrome swirling lavender/gray/green color. It changes colors based on your lighting and angle—sometimes it appears silvery green, other times it looks murky purple. "Gray's Anatomy" by Wet n Wild provides the same metallic shimmer for a fraction of the price! Both polishes require three coats to reach the bottle color. Brush strokes are sometimes noticeable, even with Deborah Lippmann's version. But I find that applying polish slowly and with a steady hand helps reduce the appearance of brush strokes. Expect about a week of wear with both polishes (again, after applying a decent top coat).

Instead of: Some Enchanted Evening by Deborah Lippmann, $19

Try: Sparkling by Revlon, $3.99

Deborah Lippmann's polishes are all amazing, and "Some Enchanted Evening" doesn't disappoint. It is a shimmery pink salmon color comprised of hexagonal and micro glitters. But you don't have to fork over $20! Revlon's "Sparkling" offers the same glittery color for around $3. Because they contain glitter, both polishes require about three coats to reach the full effect. I actually preferred "Sparkling" because the larger brush spreads the glitter out more evenly. As with many glitter polishes, chipping is common after only three days, so be sure to apply a top coat.

Instead of: Glitter in the Air by Deborah Lippmann, $19

Try: Whimsical by Revlon, $3.99

Deborah Lippmann's "Glitter in the Air" is a milky sea foam blue colored polish infused with pink and blue glitter. Revlon yet again comes to the rescue with a dupe for a fraction of the cost! "Whimsical" matches the color of "Glitter in the Air" almost exactly—in fact, I couldn't tell the difference between the two after I applied both polishes to opposite hands. Both lacquers take a bit of work to reach full coverage—"Glitter in the Air" is opaque after about four coats, "Whimsical" after five. They both last almost a week with a good top coat.

Instead of: Turquoise and Caicos by Essie, $8

Try: For Audrey by China Glaze, $3.50

In love with the creamy turquoise color of Essie's "Turquoise and Caicos”? Pick up "For Audrey" by China Glaze, which provides the same color payoff (in fact, the shade was inspired by the Tiffany box) for about half the price. Both polishes are creamy and glossy after a few coats (only two with "For Audrey," up to five coats with "Turquoise and Caicos"). I actually prefer the formulation of "For Audrey" because it goes on a lot smoother and is less streaky than Essie's version. Both polishes remain chip-free for almost a week.

Instead of: Pop Art Pink by Essie, $8 (Choose from the drop-down menu)

Try: Tickled Pink by Wet n Wild, $.99

Essie's "Pop Art Pink" is a delicate baby pink shade that is perfect for almost any occasion. What's not so perfect? The price! But don't worry, Wet n Wild offers an almost identical shade, "Tickled Pink," for under $1. I'll admit, I expected bad results when I found out that Wet n Wild offered a dupe. But I was pleasantly surprised! "Tickled Pink" went on smoothly and only took two coats to reach opaque, while Essie took three. Both polishes were a bit watery but had a nice shine. I found that both varieties lasted almost a week with a decent top coat.


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