As a seasoned KCL, it’s easy to forget how I used to be one of those people who spent way too much for items I can now get for free! I was recently on vacation with my two nieces and wanted to brag about the cute trial sizes of the personal hygiene items I had brought with me. I took the bottles into their bedroom to show them how I had saved money with these purchases, and was not prepared for what they brought out to show me! My dear nieces had used water bottles filled with their shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and had even labeled the bottles with permanent marker! I’ll give them credit for creativity, but there’s a much easier (and cheaper) way.

They informed me that before the trip, they had filled the bottles with product from their bulk bottle purchases. What’s funny is that I used to do this too! I honestly never bought a trial size product before I began couponing! But now, they are my favorite items to get free and to take on vacation. I like that they’re disposable, take up less space, and that I can get them for free! If you’re unfamiliar with how to save on trial size products, read on to start enjoying miniature versions of your favorite items!

1. Contact your favorite retailers and manufacturers offers a free, full sized Signature CK One mascara on your birthday just for signing up for their emails. Visit and click on Ultimate Rewards. Walmart frequently offers free samples on their Free Samples and Savings page, and offers occasional samples in their Sample Spot.

2. Use manufacturer and store coupons

My favorite coupon is the one with no size restrictions. I recently purchased a trial size bottle of Herbal Essences Body Wash with a store coupon from CVS. The coupon featured $1 off of any Herbal Essences Body Wash and didn’t specify a certain size requirement, so I grabbed the trial size and got it for free!

3. Look for samples that are attached to larger size bottles

This is a great way to stock up on trial size items for traveling. For example, I recently scored a trial size Dove Men’s Body Wash that was attached to a bigger bottle that I purchased for less than a dollar with a coupon and store sale. One of my favorite free samples is the 20-pack of Q-tips that comes attached to a full size box. It’s perfect for traveling, and you can always refill the little plastic container!

4. Get free mail samples

I feel like it’s Christmas whenever I check my mailbox and have a tiny package of trial size products. Check KCL frequently for free sample offers. I click on every free item sample and order it—even if I don’t plan to use it. I can donate it or give it to family members as stocking stuffers during the holidays. Plus, many trial size product promotions also come with high-value coupons!

Here are some articles we’ve published on ways to get trial-size products:

5. Use up those expiring coupons

The end of the month comes too fast for me, and I never get to use all of my coupons. Check your expiring coupons to see if they prohibit trial sizes. If not, grab them and head to the nearest store for great savings. Procter & Gamble products typically have an exclusion for trial sizes listed on their coupons. However, I did find a Centrum Flavor Burst coupon and several other vitamin coupons with no size limitations in my current binder, so it’s worth looking through them. Pay specific attention to your personal hygiene coupons, and remember to carry the store policy with you in case there are any questions!


5 Tips for Saving on Trial Size Products