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No More Printing SmartSource Coupons — Here's What You Do

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In 2021 coupon distributor SmartSource quietly changed a major part of what they do. They sunset SmartSource printable coupons.

The couponing industry has always had a love-hate relationship with American consumers. As early as 1996, P&G themselves tried ending paper coupons in New York state, as they viewed them as “wasteful.” The good people of New York raised such an uproar that soon after they started sending out coupons in the weekly circulars again.

In recent years, the push towards digital coupons has industry leaders advocating for the elimination of paper coupons again. At the beginning of the pandemic, the CEO of the company that owns said the paper coupon industry itself would disappear within 18 months.

But we’re here over two years later and you can still print coupons on

And SmartSource is still available in paper format, too — just not in the format of printable coupons.

We miss the print-at-home option for SmartSource, but let’s check out your other options. While you’re at it, be sure to download the KCL app. We’ve got coupons for you out the wazoo.


1. Get more Sunday newspapers.

In the past, couponers could supplement their SmartSource coupon inserts by printing additional coupons.

Now, since SmartSource is moving toward digital coupons, you just have to buy more newspapers.

It’s not as easy as hitting “print” on your computer, but we make it pretty easy for you to get free Sunday newspaper coupons.

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2. Use KCL to print your digital coupons.

Truth is, The Krazy Coupon Lady has the best coupon database out there.

Search for the product you want and then select “printable” in the results. You’ll then see all the available coupons you can print from home.

In addition, you can still find printable coupons at and

But we cover both those sources, so your best bet is to get the free KCL app and keep it handy.

TIP: The last Proctor & Gamble brandSAVER insert with paper coupons will go out the weekend of New Years 2023. You’ll still be able to grab printable coupons on, though.


3. You can’t count on Kellogg’s Family Rewards anymore.

The last day to earn points through this decade-old program is Dec. 31, 2022. The last day you can redeem your points is Jan. 15, 2023.

The reason we bring this up is because Kellogg’s Family Rewards used to be a great place to find printable coupons with SmartSource’s printable option off the table. It’s unclear just yet if Kellogg’s will continue offering printable coupons or if everything’s just going to be a “promotion” from here on out.

They’re being real indirect about it, saying this on their website:

“Just look for fun offers and promotions from specially marked products, social media and TV commercials. Plus you’ll still get emails and news updates letting you know what’s happening directly from the brands you love.”

None of those formats sounds great for the continuance of printable coupons, but we’ll see.


4. Embrace Checkout51 digital offers.

The SmartSource website now redirects to Checkout51. Checkout51 is a rebate app akin to many other receipt scanning apps, and it’s owned by the same company as SmartSource.

Behind the scenes, SmartSource is working with brands on issuing digital coupons, but you can’t find them on the SmartSource website, as that’s no longer accessible on the web. You’ll likely find them on the brand’s platform — whatever that might be.

For example, at some stores — like CVS — you can find SmartSource barcodes next to select items. If you scan the barcode, you’ll get a digital coupon.

As a consumer, there’s no way for you to directly interface with SmartSource anymore. But for now, you can still find SmartSource coupons in the Sunday paper.

TIP: Look for a QR code on Sunday newspaper coupons that will help you add Checkout51 rebate offers to your account.