Couponing can seem super complicated when you first try it out.

From newspaper inserts to rewards programs and coupon stacking, we get it!

I have good news, though: To get started couponing right away with almost no effort, all you need is your smartphone.

Here’s how to coupon from your smartphone (no newspaper necessary!)


1. Check the “Smartphone-Only Deals” section of the Krazy Coupon Lady website.

We make it super easy to find all the best deals that you don’t need to print a single coupon for, saving you valuable coffee-drinking time. From your computer, select deals from the nav bar, then “smartphone-only“.


2. Print coupons directly from your smartphone.

Printing your first coupon is so easy!

Remember, manufacturer coupons almost always come with a print limit, usually two.

Each “device” (read: phone or computer) will only print your coupon the number of times allowed by the manufacturer, but…each phone in your house counts!

This is where stealing your husband’s/partner’s/friend’s/kid’s phones for printing is totally justified, even encouraged.

Once your phone is connected to your printer, all you have to do is print!

Get more in-depth instructions about how to print coupons from your smartphone.



3. Let the Krazy Coupon Lady app find you the best deals.

The Krazy Coupon Lady app is your couponing best friend!

We keep track of the deals and your couponing list and put it at your fingertips while you’re shopping.

Find coupon stacks, search for deals at your favorite stores and more without fumbling with a giant coupon binder.



4. Use rebate apps to get cash back after your purchase.

Rebate apps allow you to get cash back after you make a purchase. Just scan your receipt and product barcode to earn money, and cash out via PayPal.

Here are a few of our favorite rebate apps:


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5. Download the Target app.

The Target app allows you to combine manufacturer coupons with even more discounts from Target and use coupons right from your phone with no coupon clipping needed.

You just load the deals you want to your in-app “cart” and scan a barcode straight from your phone at checkout!

Read how to use Target’s Cartwheel program.


6. Sign up for loyalty programs through each store’s app.

Earning rewards and free products is even easier when you have a smartphone.

Just download your favorite store’s apps and earn without breaking a sweat.

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Starbucks: The Starbucks app gives you access to exclusive discounts and allows you to earn points towards free drinks.
  • McDonald’s: Earn free food by using the McDonald’s app when you eat at McDonald’s.
  • Kroger/Fred Meyer: Get in-store offers through the Kroger app you can scan from your phone to save money. Sometimes even freebies!


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7. Sign up for text coupons.

Most retailers offer coupons via text. Sign up for these to get exclusive store coupons.



8. Price match from your smartphone.

There are two ways to do this.

First, shop retailers who offer competitor price matching. Next, use apps that price match. Like these:

  • Amazon app: Use the Amazon app (iOS) (Android) to scan barcodes of products to see if you could get it cheaper on Amazon.
  • Walmart Savings Catcher: Use the Savings Catcher app to scan your Walmart receipt and instantly get cash back if Walmart finds a cheaper price on any of your items within 50 miles.

Tip: If you’re using other coupons as well as price matching, have your checker price match and then hand over the coupons afterwards for the most savings!



9. Post your coupon brag and connect with other couponers.

Posting a quick smartphone picture of your couponing haul is a great way to get in touch with other couponers just like you.

The Krazy Coupon Lady app makes it super simple to snap a pic, upload it, and share with all your new couponing friends.

You can even comment on other brags, ask questions and cheer each other on directly!

Check out the impressive brag above from Walgreens posted directly to the Krazy Coupon Lady app by user Tisa6686. $13.84 for all that? Awesome job!


10. Sign up for email newsletters to get exclusive offers like $10 off your first purchase.

What’s easier than getting coupons sent to your email inbox? Answer: Nothing.

We have a list of 32 companies that send instant coupons via email as soon as you sign up.

Tip: Don’t like a cluttered inbox? You can use to unsubscribe from multiple emails at once! Just make sure to wait until after you get the coupon!


While we do have affiliate links in this article, we can assure you no one’s gettin’ rich over here. Just trying to pay the bills, people.


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How to Coupon with Just a Smartphone (for Real)