Walgreens has been tinkering with their loyalty programs pretty regularly over the past few years. Now, they’ve straight-up overhauled the system.

Say goodbye to Balance Rewards and Beauty Enthusiast — myWalgreens has taken their place as of Nov. 19.

Here’s what we know:


Join myWalgreens by Jan. 31 or lose your Balance Rewards points.

Although myWalgreens is replacing the Balance Rewards system, Walgreens promises that existing Balance Rewards points will be able to transfer over to the new program.

You will have to sign up, though; there’s no automatic rollover. When Jan. 31, 2021 hits, Balance Rewards members who haven’t signed up for myWalgreens will see their accounts — and their Balance Rewards points — disappear forever. No exceptions.

To sign up, you’ll need to provide your first/last name, zip code and phone number; an email address is required to redeem rewards.


MyWalgreens members can pickup orders within 30 minutes.

With the new program, Walgreens introduces the fastest store pickup turnaround time in retail.

But really, for no extra charge, you can place a pickup order on Walgreens.com or in the Walgreens app and get it from the store 30 minutes later. INSANE.


Instead of points, myWalgreens members earn ‘Walgreens Cash.’

We’ve gotten used to earning Balance Rewards points, either on special promotions (like buy 2 deodorants, get 2,000 points) or to the tune of 10 points per $1 spent.

Now you’re gonna see something more like CVS’s ExtraBucks with myWalgreens, called “Walgreens Cash.”

Instead of having to calculate that 1,000 points equals $1 in Walgreens credit, Walgreens Cash will be a simple dollar amount you’ll be able to use on everyday purchases — similar to CVS ExtraBucks or RiteAid’s BonusCash.

The accumulation is pretty much the same as Balance Rewards; shoppers get 1% back in Walgreens Cash with myWalgreens. (Previously, spending $100 would get you 1,000 points, which would equal $1 in Balance Rewards. . . 1%.)

Walgreens says that myWalgreens members will, for the first time, be able to redeem rewards instantly at checkout.


Shoppers can earn Walgreens Cash faster by purchasing Walgreens brands.

Walgreens is giving 5% Walgreens Cash back when myWalgreens members buy their store branded products — from over-the-counter medicines, to beauty products like facial cleansers or nail polish remover, to health products like heat wraps and thermometers.



myWalgreens also has real-time health forecasts.

How’s the pollen today? Are you at higher risk for the flu in your city?

myWalgreens promises real-time environmental and health forecasts via the Walgreens app.


The future of Register Rewards and ‘rolling’ is uncertain.

Walgreens hasn’t mentioned Register Rewards at all in their limited information about myWalgreens, which could mean one of three things:

  1. Register Rewards will disappear (not likely)
  2. Register Rewards will keep going as normal
  3. Register Rewards will be lumped into myWalgreens, where there will be less emphasis on advertised Register Rewards, and more on the surprise personalized coupons earned at checkout.

Rolling — which is spending Balance Rewards or Register Rewards credit on purchases that will earn you additional in-store credit — may be affected by these changes.

You’ll still be able to stack Walgreens Cash with manufacturers’ coupons, and possibly store coupons.


The Beauty Enthusiast program ended Oct. 31, 2020.

The popular Beauty Rewards program earned customers 10% back on all beauty, women’s skin and women’s hair care purchases, to the tune of 5,000 Balance Rewards points for every $50 spent — that was 100 points for every $1 spent, compared to the rate of 10 points per $1 on “everyday purchases.”

Walgreens promises “a beautiful new experience” with myWalgreens that will make it possible for shoppers to “continue to earn rewards on … favorite beauty purchases.”


Expect personalized offers at Walgreens moving forward (like CVS).

While we’ll definitely continue to see product- or spend-based promotions with myWalgreens, the new program will introduce offers tailored to members’ individual spending habits.

Like with the coupon machine at CVS, expect to see some discounts/offers through myWalgreens that aren’t accessible for everyone.

Walgreens has said that myWalgreens members will be able to earn bonus rewards for reaching health goals.



Walgreens Plus is going away, but myWalgreens will introduce something similar.

Walgreens has announced that as of Nov. 5, they’ll no longer accept any new enrollments or renewals for Walgreens Plus — the $25/year membership that gets customers a $5 monthly reward, up to 60% off prescriptions, and free same-day prescription delivery.

If you’re a Walgreens Plus member, you’ll keep your benefits until your subscription runs out.

Otherwise, there’s a good chance that many of these perks — plus additional personalized coupons and savings — will be included in a paid tier of myWalgreens.


The Walgreens app is a major part of the myWalgreens program.

All of the Walgreens Cash, coupons, personalized offers, and more is housed within the updated Walgreens app.

In a more touchless world, expect fewer paper coupons/receipts and more of a digitally managed experience.


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